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10 Gifts For Mom That Don't Cost Money

Gift Ideas for Mom that Don't Cost Money

Free gifts have value. A free gift requires thought and time, so be confident in your decision to give Mom a gift that doesn't cost money but instead touches her heart.

Here's a Review of 10 Gifts for Mom That Don't Cost Money:

1. A Video Compilation of Her Life

This takes work. But with today's technology, it's not as hard to do as it used to be. If you have a computer with Windows 10, type "Video Editor" in your search bar, and the "Video Editor App" should show up. Once you click on the App, you can start to create your video for mom. Of course, you'll need all the photos you want in the video to be on your computer so you can upload them into the Video you're making.

2. A Jar of Wise Quotes and Sayings from the Family - For When Mom Needs an Emotional Lift

Write sayings or quotes that come from the heart on tiny pieces of paper. Fold the paper and put them in a jar for mom to pull out and read from time to time. The sayings or quotes can be funny, serious, complimentary, or inspirational. However, make them personal. Include famous quotes if you want, but the sayings should be what the family would really say to mom when she needs a pick-me-up. Put a label on the outside of the jar that says, "Here's Why Mom is Special." Or, label it with your own saying.

3. Do All the Housework for Mom While She Watches Movies All Day

Don't just give her breakfast in bed and do the dishes. Do the laundry, put the clothes away, dust, vacuum, cook dinner, and do the dinner dishes. Bring her snacks while she's watching movies, get her coffee if she wants it, or better yet, a glass or two of wine.

4. Send Her Loving Text Messages for a Defined Period, and Answer Her Texts Without Fail During That Period - Put That Promise in Writing!

If you think this is stupid, it isn't! A typical parent complaint is when a child doesn't answer their texts. Also, when we get a text from our child, sometimes we worry before answering. Why? Because a child who doesn't text often triggers the "something is wrong" warning when they do text! Give mom a card, and tell her you plan to commit to sending her a loving text message daily for a period of time, and during that time, you will also answer her texts. 

5. Write Mom a Poem and Frame It

It doesn't matter if you can't write, just do the best you can, and take the time to frame it. Granted, if you don't have a frame, you will have to buy one, and yes, that costs money. However, a trip to the dollar store will get you an affordable frame. Before you go that route, look around the house and re-use an old frame.

6. Plan a Picnic for Mom and the Family

Being cooped up during these pandemic years has been brutal. Pack a picnic lunch, take mom to the park, bring a radio, a blanket, and some fun outdoor games and spend the day with her.

7. Create a Photo Collage of All the People, and Things Mom Loves

Use a large piece of cardboard art paper, and on there, glue or tape a photo collage of every member of the family at different stages, as well as all of her favorite things in life. Spend time talking with her about each photo you selected.

8. Have Everyone in the Family Write Something Special About Mom

Get everyone in the family to write something they love and admire about mom. Put each written item in a homemade card, or tape each onto a large art paper sheet. Give this thoughtful gift to her when you're serving her breakfast in bed.

9. Read Mom a Story - One You've Written, Or Just From a Book She Loves

Sit with mom for the afternoon, serve her favorite beverage and snacks, and read to her. Take a few hours, without TV, without phones and distractions, and just spend some quality time with mom.

10. Create a Playlist on YouTube that Consists of All Her Favorite Songs

The nice thing about this gift is it's public. You can write something about Mom in the YouTube video description for the world to read and see. Don't get too personal. Just say enough that she knows she's loved and respected. 

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  1. All of these are really great ideas Barbara. I'm sure that lots of people could use this list and create something really special for the mom or mom figure in their lives. Thank you for thinking of all the possibilities and putting them together for us.

  2. All wonderful ideas to save or spend no money at all. Every one of these would be gifts to treasure for a lifetime. I especially like number one, I think this would be easy with the technology today and what a treasure it would be.

    1. We actually did number one on the list for my step-daughters birthday. It took a bit of time, but it's wonderful have saved for any other occasions that may come up. Worth the effort for sure.

  3. Lovely ideas for mom or another sweet lady you love like a mom (aunt, grandmother, etc.) Thoughtful things done from the heart are always more appreciated than even the most expensive gift.

  4. Great ideas Barbara...there should be one or more in there for everyone.

  5. As a mother, I can certainly see the real value of these gifts. With so many people out of work, or working whatever job they can get to make ends meet, finding a gift of value that costs nothing is even more important. Thanks for these wonderful and timely suggestions. There is time now to make a plan and start working on that poem, video, collage, scrapbook, playlist, or whichever idea appeals most.

    1. Good point about there being time to start making a plan to get something special and personal completed before mother's day :)

  6. Barbara, what wonderful, thoughtful gifts to give to a mother, gifts that are so much more meaningful and personal than anything money could buy. These also would be beautiful ways to honor and celebrate your close, loving relationship with your grandmother or a special aunt or sister. And a father, grandfather, or special uncle probably would be equally thrilled to receive any of these personal expressions of love and esteem. For the poem, whether repurposing an old frame you have on hand or picking one up from the dollar store or a thrift shop, painting it or decoupaging it or embellishing it with a few charms, rhinestones, ribbons or lace could make it even more special. Thanks again for these marvelous, free gift suggestions!

    1. Terrific suggestions Margaret, couldn't agree more. <3

  7. Wonderful ideas. I especially like #3 !

  8. These are really thoughtful and personal gift ideas that I think would mean so much. I think as others have said that many of these ideas can be translated and adjusted for other loved ones. I totally agree that free gifts have value. The thought that goes into them often mean such a lot. Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas.


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