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Mantis Tiller Review


Mantis Tiller ReviewSpringtime and the warmer weather will be here soon.  The warm weather will finally bring us outside to start cleaning up the yard. It's a time to get the deck or patio in shape, clean up the lawn furniture and get ready for a beautiful summer.

Once the yard is cleaned up, you’ll want to get the flower beds and garden ready to plant.

This usually requires a lot of digging, bending, and raking. I can’t think of a better tool than the Mantis Tiller/Cultivator to help you with all of this work. Well, you’re still going to have to do some work, but this tool makes it so much easier.

I’ve had my Mantis Tiller for more than 10 years now, and it still runs like it’s brand new. I’ve used it year after year to till my garden, flower beds, and around shrubs.

 We planted a brand new garden for my daughter, and it easily tilled through the untouched sod. The handles just fold down and the Mantis fits in the trunk of my car or stores easily in my garage.

Mantis Tiller Features:

Easy fast start technology.

Comes with a handy carrying handle.

Weighs only 21 pounds so it's easy to move around.

A 9-inch wide pattern for digging and weeding.

Tines dig down 10-inches for cultivating.

Reverse the tines for weeding and only dig down 2-3-inches

What I like the best is that the tines pull off of the shaft with a simple pull of a cotter pin, and can be reversed for two different jobs. One position is for cultivating and will dig about 10 inches deep for planting your flowers or plants in your vegetable garden. The other position will only dig 3 to 4 inches deep, this is really handy for easy weeding around plants and shrubs.

My Tiller also has the border edger attachment with a wheel; this makes short work of edging around walkways and the driveway for that nice clean look.

A few years ago my outside drains were clogged with mud, and not draining, causing the rainwater to just settle around the foundation of my house. 
I decided to abandon the old drain on the side of the house that was clogged and replace it with a new PVC pipe to the street. This required me to dig a trench from the edge of the house to the street a total of about 30 feet.

So, short of digging this trench with a shovel and pick, I used my  Mantis Tiller to do the digging for me. I set the tines in cultivate position and shoveled the dirt out as I went along, this made the job so much easier.

You can also buy these attachments for the Mantis Tiller for complete lawn care:

Aerator - Will cut tiny slits in your lawn to allow nutrients and water to reach roots.

Border Edger -  Make nice clean edges around sidewalks and driveways.

Dethatcher - Will remove dead grass early in the spring to promote growth.

If you have a garden, and flower beds and like to keep a neat lawn, I highly recommend The Mantis Tiller Cultivator.

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Mantis 7920 2-Cycle Plus Tiller/CultivatorMantis 7920 2-Cycle Plus Tiller/CultivatorChech the Price


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  1. Sam, sounds like the perfect tool to do double duty - for both the lawn and the garden. An invaluable gardening tool for making quick work of tilling and weeding. And the attachments for aerating and edging would be great. I know my neighbor owns an edger, and he had to actually rent an aerator last Spring for his lawn. With this Mantis Tiller, he would be able to do all of it with one tool.

    1. I don't have the attachment for aerating, but I do have the edger attachment. Cultivating, weeding, and edging is made rally easy with the Mantis tiller. Thanks Pat.

  2. For the gardener that really loves her tools, I know that this would be an amazing addition to my garden necessities. This would make quick work of any tilling, mulching and other garden activities and leave me without all the sore muscles. I think I will have to look into getting one for my garden away from home. Thanks Sam for this review!

    1. Thanks, Olivia, I'm sure you'll find this tool very useful for gardening and weeding.

  3. My husband is the gardener in our family. I’ll definitely share this review with him. I’m all for any tool that can make the job easier for him! Thanks for the great recommendation and review, Sam,

    1. For sure Margaret, My Mantis tiller has made gardening easy for me over the years. And, I love the edger attachment.

  4. Wow! I had no idea you would use a tiller for weed removal! It is awesome to discover that the blades can be set to only 3" deep. That sounds awesome and a much better solution than using a grass killer spray (which I haven't used in decades so don't worry). I do have a few small problem areas that grass just takes over in my beds that I would seriously like to eradicate. Plus, 3" deep and I wouldn't have to worry about hitting pipes, drains, or lines (like cable) or any kind. Excellent and much needed review!

    1. I even quit using mulch, the last several years. I just set the tines to weed and run around my shrubs to get rid of any weeds or grass growing around them.

  5. Sam, this sounds like a really great tool for the gardener. Thanks for all the information.

    1. It really is a great tool for gardening, and over the years I've found many other uses for it. Thanks Mary Beth.

  6. As you know I love gardening. I have never had a tool like the mantis tiller but it really does sound like a great labour saving help! Digging, bending and raking are all part of gardening and this tool would make all that significantly easier which is great! The border edge attachment and easy weeding sound wonderful! Thank you for letting us know about this very useful tool.

    1. The weeding is a great feature with the Mantis Tiller. and, the edger attachment is a huge time, and labor saver. Thanks, Jassmine.

  7. I'm not telling hubby about this one, he doesn't need another gadget! lol. If we had a garden, I would absolutely want one of these.

  8. I certainly could have done with one of these last year when I was trying to weed a bed that was surrounded by hedging. The number of roots in that ground! Great review. Sounds like a really handy tool.


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