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Mega Maxx Furniture Lifter Reviewed

Furniture moving can be an issue! If you like to change up the interior decor handling the actual moving can be a chore and even more of a chore if strong family members are not available. The Mega Maxx Furniture Lifter can be the answer to make furniture moving easy!

Mega Maxx Furniture Lifter Review banner

Designed to move furniture with one person and that includes appliances! This deceptively simple looking device is a gadget worth owning. Affordable price point, easy to use and easy to move. I had read the reviews prior to purchasing and so many lauded this device to move furniture with one person. I was intrigued and after using the Mega Maxx found the reviews to be on point.


How To Use

Of course read the instructions first; always so tempting to just dive into using a gadget before reading the directions. The directions are well written and easy to understand and get an overview of how the furniture lifter works.

Mega Maxx Furniture Lifter pieces

The lifter is like a lever on a handle. The lifer is inserted under the corner of the furniture piece and a roller or slider is inserted  under each corner. The height of the lifter can be modified with the included adjustable bases capable of handling all heights of furniture and furniture legs. 

The Mega Maxx really is quick, simple and easy. It is slightly quicker to use the lifter with two people as one person can use the device to lift the corner and the second person can insert the roller or slider. But two people are absolutely not required. 


What's In The Box

Furniture Lifter


Adjustable Bases

For Hardwood Floors

Leaving marks on your hardwood floors or tile floors is always a major concern when attempting to move furniture. Pairing the Mega Maxx with felt sliders is the easy answer to move furniture safely!.

Use the furniture lifter to life one corner, insert a furniture slider under each corner/leg and you are good to move!

For tiled floors the Mega Maxx kit includes rollers for each leg. Heavy appliances can be moved with ease with the rollers under each corner. The rollers are then removed once the appliance has landed in its' new location.


For Carpet

To move furniture on carpet I found pairing the furniture lifter with sliders made specifically for carpet made moving the heaviest of furniture so easy! The sliders are removed just like the rollers once the furniture has found its' new location.

Mega Maxx Furniture Lifter pieces

Removing the Rollers or Sliders

Simply reverse the process by using the lifter to lift the corner, carefully remove the roller or slider and gently lower the furniture corner to the floor.


This will be a favorite gadget of the year! Even though I had read the very positive reviews I admit I was skeptical. This product delivers as promised and turns furniture moving into a pleasure instead of chore.

As with any product be mindful of reading the directions thoroughly as well as the safety precautions. Follow the directions to lift and glide your furniture safely and easily.

Mega Maxx Furniture Lifter Reviewed

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  1. I can think of a number of times I would have found this furniture moving aid helpful. Thanks for your review of the Mega Maxx furniture lifter.

  2. Oh, Tracey, we sure could have used this tool recently when we had to move heavy chests of drawers out of the spare bedroom I use for crafts so the walls could have insulation blown in! I will definitely show this to my husband, whose poor back and arms usually take the brunt of our furniture moving needs.

  3. What an awesome product! I certainly need this helper. Even with help in the household, why break backs when there is an easier way. Truly awesome!

  4. Wow, Tracey, what a handy tool this is. I have those furniture movers that make real easy to move your furniture around. The problem is always lifting a corner and setting them in the right place. This tool looks amazing. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. This sounds a very useful product indeed! I dread us having to move furniture for decorating or changing around rooms, even Spring cleaning.This would make it so much easier and much better for our backs!Thank you for a great review!

  6. Well I'll be darned, what a handy item to have on hand. I have heave-hoed so much furniture over this years, this is right up my alley. Until this review, I had no idea it even existed!


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