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Kawaii Craft Life - Book Review

Kawaii Craft Life book sitting on a stand

Super-cute projects for home, work & play


The word Kawaii means “cute” in Japanese.  It has the power to make you smile. It is the precious, the cuddly, and the silly.  Kawaii is all things super-cute.

The Kawaii Craft Life Book

Kawaii Craft Life book cover

The first part of the Kawaii Craft Life craft book lists the tools you need for each craft (Needlecraft Essentials), plus materials lists and hand-stitching basics, with illustrations and directions on how-to-do each craft.  Then the book is divided into sections filled with patterns and instructions.

The sections include:


Rainbow Cloud Plushie, project in craft book

These include tiny plushies, woodland critters, coasters, pencil toppers and more.

Counted Cross-Stitch

Cross stitch crafts in Kawaii Craft Life Craft Book

Patterns include cute animals wineglass charms, gift tags, greeting cards, cupcake toppers, napkin rings, magnets and even earrings.  Color charts of a seal, a penguin, a panda and a cat, bunny, frog, acorns and mushrooms, and even designs of Sushi food, are among the cute designs to cross stitch or use in other needlework crafts.


Stitch a cheerful blooms coin purse, an apple pie apron, tea towels and and a Little Monster onesie.  Embroider a tote or a dragon bookmark.  Stitch cute veggies on napkins or create a magic unicorn wall art.  Woodland critters look darling on just about anything. 

The Authors

The authors of Kawaii Craft Life are Sosae and Dennis Caetano.  Years ago they began their crafting journey with needle and thread and found it was a wonderful way to deal with stress – a way to unwind and express their creativity.  They began to design needlecraft projects – from felt animals to cottage ornaments to Kawaii monsters. Whether they are creating a pattern or stitching it to life, needlecraft brings them happiness.  Sosae & Dennis hope that with this Kawaii Craft Life book it does the same to you.


craft examples in Kawaii Craft Life craft book

Examples of project in the Kawaii Craft Life craft book

Kawaii Craft Life is a fun crafting book filled with home d├ęcor and playtime pals, all with the  'cuteness factor'.  It will bring “adorable” and “lovable” into your crafting world. Few can resist the charm of Kawaii, so come create a cute and cuddly craft. 

Kawaii Craft Life book cover

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*Kawaii Craft Life Book Review written by

Wednesday Elf

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  1. This sounds like a book that any crafter would enjoy, especially those who sometimes are stumped with picking a project to complete. I know I get started and then find I'm missing a critical piece! With this book's list of needed items that wouldn't stop me anymore. I guess what I'm saying is that this would be a great book for me! Thanks Pat Austin!

    1. Thanks for the visit, Olivia. Yes, it is handy to have a list of materials needed for each and every project so you don't have to stop in the middle until you acquire a needed piece. I have my share of WIPS myself (works-in-progress uncompleted due to a needed item). :)

  2. I think your Amigurumi figures are extremely Kawaii, Elf, so I’m not surprised that you would be drawn to the adorable, smile-inducing needlecraft projects in this book. I, too, appreciate it when craft or DIY project books don’t automatically assume you have certain tools or supplies on hand and omit them. It’s also great that this book provides the instructions for hand-stitching basics rather than assuming that the reader has all the necessary skills, especially since the projects include multiple techniques.

    1. Thanks, Margaret. :) I think the authors enjoy their needlework crafting so much that they wanted to make sure everyone interested had all they needed in supplies and skill sets described to complete their own Kawaii Cuties.

  3. So many adorable patterns all in one place. It would be hard to decide which needlework craft project to make first. The cloud & rainbow plushie on the front cover is adorable, but I think I would have to start with that awesome narwhal

  4. So many cuties to create. I agree the narwhal is adorable. Thanks for checking out my Kawaii Crafts book review, Mouse.

  5. So adorable! What a fun book and I can see you making these super creative crafts with your fabulous skills - I see adorable food crafts in the book too!

  6. I think this book will make a gorgeous and practical gift for any crafter. It sounds well organised and inspirational and I like that there is a list of everything the person needs for that project.I can see people making so many cute and adorable craft items.

  7. It's a fun resource book for any crafter. I enjoyed it.


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