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Reviewing Handmade Kirigami Greeting Cards by Paper Love Cards

I recently received a card with a note in the mail at my new address. I was touched by the personal letter included in the card and mesmerized by the card. I opened and closed the card repeatedly, looking at the details. Throughout the day I moved the card from one shelf to another looking for the best place to display my new miniature piece of art. This card lay flat in the envelope but when I opened it I was surprised by an exquisite butterfly on a bouquet of foliage expanding into a three-dimensional paper sculpture. I was so intrigued by the card that I immediately looked up the company information.

This card was created by Paper Love Cards. Paper Love cards are exquisite pop-up cards handcrafted by origami and kirigami artists. I am familiar with origami. Origami is the art of paperfolding and making shapes (often birds, with the crane being one of the most popular. Origami utilizes folding only, no cutting or gluing.

I first learned the term kirigami when researching these cards. Kirigami is a form of origami that includes the folding and the cutting of paper that results in three-dimensional forms. I am unclear as to whether Kirigami originated in Japan or China, but all sources report that it has a very long history. By the 17th century, it was recognized as a true art form in Asian culture and became popular in America in the 1960s and 1970s. 

Paper Love Cards

The Paper Love Cards design office is based in New York, United States while the cards are made in by origami and kirigami artists in Vietnam. They advertise "A pop of art for every occasion" and they aren't lying. The offer cards for holidays, birthdays, changes of seasons, 

These cards are suitable for recipients of all ages. The Dabbing Santa Christmas card would tickle many younger people.

Paper Love can be ordered online via their website or Amazon store and are currently sold at Walmart and Walgreens.

The card sent to me was of a butterfly design. As I opened the card, it eclosed and fully displayed itself to me. The colors are vibrant and the foliage is in many shapes. My photos do not do the dimensions and details of this card justice but perhaps they will help show some of the details better than I am able to describe. 

The Lost Art of Tangible Communication

In this day and age of a constant barrage of text messages, video chats and constant conversations in our ears via earbuds, handwritten messages are becoming a lost art. How wonderful to recieve a heartfelt message from someone who takes the time to put a card into the mail. While I am not at all good at doing this on a regular basis, I had already sent out a few handwritten messages. 

Digital communication is very important. It is instant and frequent. It helps us to remain in close and quick contact. However, tangible communication, that can be held and saved, is a special thing. Especially when that communication includes a bit of handmade art.

Special Cards for Christmas, Thank You, Birthday, and More

The wide variety of cards available is wonderful. There is literally probably something for everyone and there are so many designs to choose from. There is a brief video on the Paper Love Cards Amazon store that currently shows the opening of a Christmas card.  It also shows the small insert of paper were a brief message can be written. It is about the size of a business card. 

I would like to encourage you to take a peek in order to see how these 3D designs pop open. And to take a peek at the selection of cards so you are prepared when you shopping for an extra special card for a special someone. 

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  1. Oh Dawn Rae, that is a lovely card for sure. I can see it as a "work of art"! The details are just exquisite. For a special occasion, these cards would sure stand out! I love getting "snail mail" as we call it today, because you know someone took the time to actually pick a card, write something inside and address it just to you! You are on their minds through the whole process and still on their minds until they hear that you received their good wishes. I love being on people's minds as I have many on my mind as well. I love this!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. Origami has always fascinated me. Now I can see how beautiful and intricate kirigami is. Loved the Paper Love video on Amazon and so totally agree that 'tangible communication is important. I was always a letter-writer in years past and still try and send cards and notes to friends & family now and then. Especially cute cards to my young grandchildren. Thanks so much for introducing me to these Paper Love cards, Dawn Rae. Delightful!

  3. I have always enjoyed origami and have been fascinated by the art of Kirigami for many years. I am also a sucker for a special, beautiful detailed paper greeting card and have a special fondness for “pop up” cards. In fact, one that I gave to my husband for our wedding anniversary still stands on our bedroom dresser. The butterfly Kirigami card you received is not only gorgeous but extremely evocative and communicates a sense of newfound freedom in your lovely and peaceful new environment. I will be sure to check out more Paper Love cards. Thanks for introducing me to this brand of Kirigami cards!

  4. Such beautiful cards! I was also the blessed recipient of a Paper Love Card on Mother's Day and it is stunning. Like you, I was quite impressed with the gorgeous art. The card alone was truly a gift. I still have it displayed, as it is way too lovely to tuck away in a drawer. I did not know the background of the company and I appreciate you for sharing that information. Sending greeting cards has almost become a thing of the past. Like you, I am really glad there are a few people who still take the time to buy a card, sign it and mail it. These cards are a real treasure to cherish.

  5. Wow these cards are simply gorgeous! I really love them. They are more like a piece of beautiful artwork than a card. I do like it when someone takes the time to send a card with a handwritten message. I also like sending cards for special reasons. Thank you so much for introducing me to these exquisite cards.


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