Thursday, December 23, 2021

Reviewing New Features in Photoshop


Some years we just don't get a lot of snow, and when we do it is not necessarily when I'm available to photograph it. In December I visited our historic downtown area in St. Charles and took a photo of their lovely, decorated tree and sleigh. I thought to myself that it would sure look great with a little snow around it.

Winter Scene in Photo Shop

When I got home and edited my photos from my trip on Main Street, I decided to try some of the new Neural Filters in Photoshop.  I opened my photo in PS and then went to the filter tab.  I clicked on Neural Filters and when that box opened up, I looked down the left column and clicked on the landscape feature.  I now had several options at that top showing various landscape scenes.  I clicked on one showing a winter scene with snow and it was quickly applied to my photo with the result you see in the photo above.  Here is what the original photo looked like.

I really think this feature could work well in creating a winter holiday card.  Here is another before and after in using this feature.  This one is a photo of the visitor center all decked out for the holidays.
Here is the before photo.
St. Charles Visitor Center

The photo below is after I applied the neural filter in Photoshop using the landscape feature and then choosing the winter scene.  I used it for a photo challenge called "cold as ice" and I certainly think it gives you that feeling.
Photo with Winter filter Applied

More Neural Filter Choices in Photoshop

There are quite a few different filter choices in the 2021 updates.  Along with the winter scene there are also landscape choices where you chose what season you would like to make your photo.  Here is a photo I took at a farm at the beginning of autumn before the colors were really popping.  I used the autumn filter to give it a real autumn color scheme.
Autumn at the Farm

Another series of filters in the neural filter line is the artist series.  In this group of filters, the styles are changed to fit various artists styles.  You might find a Monet style or a Van Gogh style among many other styles.  The artists are not listed, you just have to recognize their styles.  That is one thing I hope they will change in the future.  I would love to know what artists style each filter is emulating. Here is a barn door photo that I took at a farm and then edited it using the first artists filter available in the artist section.
New Artist Style #1

Purchase Creative Cloud Subscription

I love my Creative Cloud subscription.  It gives me access to Photoshop and Lightroom and gives me all updates as they become available.  It is cost effective at only $9.99 a month.

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  1. Amazing the things you can do with photos using these filters. I'll have to tell my daughter about Creative Cloud. As a Photoshop user, I think she may be interested. Love all your examples, Mary Beth.

  2. Truly these filters seem to make a big difference in the resulting pictures. I'm so glad you are enjoying the play/learning that goes along with new programs. Once I become a little more adept at taking good pictures, I will have to look into this as an additional "help" in making my pictures even better! Thanks Mary Beth!

  3. I love what you have created with these filters in Photoshop. Your Photographs are amazing and wonderful that you can create a certain look or mood with the filters. Beautiful and thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. Wow! These are really cool features! I love the idea of being able to add snow to an image and I really like the artist styles. It is awesome that you will play with these options and share you results. You truly make me wish to start editing some of my own photos to bring out the beauty of what the eye sees, but what the lens just can't seem to capture for me (or change for me)

  5. Your photos are always wonderful! The ability to alter their artistic aesthetic with these nifty new Photoshop AI-enabled filters must be very satisfying. I love the idea of using a winter scene filter to enhance a photo for a holiday card.

  6. WOW, I had no idea how incredible using these affects can be - Love the Van Gogh one especially, all of them are beautiful - thanks so much for the headsup - I don't use photoshop, but another program instead and now I'll be checking out some of their filters more thoroughly having seen your examples here. Beautiful.

  7. I have not used Photoshop for some time. Fun to learn about these filters! I'd love to do some experimenting with them.

  8. Can't wait to start w creative cloud !


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