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Is the Lemon Pod the Best Lemon Keeper?

Let's review why I love my Lemon Pod and why I think it most definitely IS the best type of lemon keeper or lemon saver around.   You could always try and convince me otherwise of course!

The Lemon Pod Review
The Lemon Pod (photos Lou16, design Canva)

I do love lemons and have over the past year discovered lemon and blueberry proats which have become my absolute favourite breakfast.   When making these proats I only use half a lemon.   What I would do before I had the Lemon Pod was - I placed the remaining half of the lemon in a plastic sandwich bag and stored it in the fridge until the next day.

Obviously, this is not very environmentally sound so I decided to look for a lemon keeper or lemon saver.   During my hunt I discovered the Lemon Pod and I thought it was the best one available so I brought it.   I absolutely love it and use it along with my lemon squeezer several times a week.

What attracted me to the Lemon Pod?  It's not a rigid container that you just pop your lemon half in, it has a top that actually stretches to fit the lemon.   The different sizes of lemons that I get throughout the year can all be catered for with the Lemon Pod.

The Lemon Pod is actually made up of two pieces.    A bottom solid piece of heavy plastic is where you put the half lemon, cut side down.   The top piece has a heavy plastic ring around the outside which twists into the bottom locking it in place.   The middle of this top piece has a stretchy material that stretches over the lemon.   When you take the lemon out the stretchy material goes back to its 'normal' size.

I believe that as this stretches to 'fit' the lemon it helps it to stay fresh longer because less air can be trapped in there.  To be honest, I couldn't tell you exactly how long the lemons will stay fresh because the longest I've kept half a lemon is two days, but I won't part with my Lemon Pod and I won't swap it for another Lemon Keeper.

If you don't fancy trying proats and you don't add lemon juice to your hot drinks you might be interested in trying a couple of sweet lemon recipes a couple of our contributors make.   First Sam makes fresh Lemon Hand Pies which sound absolutely delicious and then Mary Beth makes some amazing Lemon Cookies.

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  1. Lemon keepers is something on my list of things I need! Like you I use half a lemon or less sometimes and it will be a day or two before I need lemon again. So a good lemon keeper would be perfect for me. Now I have to ask what are proats? I have never heard of these before today! Please enlighten me! Thanks Lou for a timely review!

  2. This is something that I definitely need. We don't always use a whole lemon and they don't last very long after you cut them. Thanks for the recommendation Lou.

  3. This sounds like a handy gadget. Thanks for mentioning my lemon cookie recipe.

  4. What a handy kitchen gadget for extending the life of a cut lemon. I also got curious and looked up proats. Interesting, and a healthy sounding dish.

  5. Like you, I have been working on reducing my use of single-use plastic items. I have switched from disposable zippered baggies to reusable silicone food storage bags (my favorites are Stasher bags), which I use for storing cut lemons and lines. But I can see how this tightly conforming silicone citrus keeper might do a better job of keeping them fresh longer! Thanks for the excellent recommendation!

  6. Sounds like a very useful tool for you and even if you are only storing your lemons in it for a couple of days, you are still saving disposable plastic wrap! Nice find.

  7. We use fresh lemons quite a lot and often end up with half a lemon to store. So I love this product and especially that it is so much better than using disposable plastic wrap. Less food waste and less plastic is always a good thing!

  8. Like you, I love using fresh lemons and frequently use only half of a lemon. I haven't previously seen the lemon pod, but I certainly need one. I use the plastic sandwich bags too to store the remaining half, but I really like the idea of having a reusable pod instead.

  9. Wow, that's a pretty cool gadget. I could use this in our home for sure! I have lemon water in our fridge at all times, plus we use lemons to cook - this item will save some of those lemons that get cut but no secured if not used.


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