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Reviewing Pretty and Versatile Headbands For Great Hair

pretty floral headband

I love my versatile headbands "Sea Team 6-Pack Wide Hairbands" which come in different colours and patterns to suit the activity and my mood. I feel these headbands are very suitable for anyone of any age from a young person to a more mature person who likes the style and look of wearing a headband and perhaps needs one to keep hair out of the way while still looking lovely!

 Why I Like To Wear Headbands. 

I have medium length quite fine wavy hair but a lot of it and I often end up tieing it up when working in the garden and certainly for doing fitness activities. I love having long hair but on hot days I simply have to keep it off my face or I get too hot and uncomfortable. Before I got these hairbands I used to tie my hair up in an elastic band and that resulted in damaged hair and splitting, which is not a good look and not healthy for the hair. 

I think these hairbands would also work for thick hair, curly or straight hair and I do feel that any age can wear these if you like the colours and patterns. I initially thought these would be best for long hair but I do think they would look very cute on shorter hair too. 

headbands in a variety of colors
My Three Fave Headbands

 When Can You Wear Headbands

These headbands are very comfortable, soft and stretchy enough to easily be worn for hours. I wear mine for every pilates and rebounder workout and my new dance exercise video classes. I think it would be great to wear at any age if you do yoga or play tennis, badminton or any other sports.

I also wear mine when out gardening so that my hair doesn't get in my eyes so much and pick up all the burrs and pollen from the plants!

They are great for when decorating too. You would just need to have one you sacrificed for decorating as if you are anything like me it will end up with paint all over it!  

Apart from wearing them for activities, I do feel that they are pretty enough to wear when out and about and I love the colours and patterns to go with or contrast with clothes.

If a new wardrobe or new dresses or jeans are not affordable right now you can easily update your look with these pretty and funky headbands!

I have to say they really came into their own during the time when we could not get to hairdressers for months and my hair was certainly doing its own thing!! Wearing one of these headbands just made it look a more put-together look. 

In addition, I am not happy about my hair going grey and it seems to be going more grey at the front than the back! I do use natural colourants but I cannot use any with chemicals. I find the natural ones do not last very long and if I have not had the time or the inclination to colour again the grey comes back! However, if I wear one of these headbands it nicely covers up the grey at the front and you just cannot tell !! 

wide turquoise floral headband on model
Turquoise Headband Worn Wide

I also wear one when doing my make-up. Day to day I don't wear much makeup but I do wear SPF factor foundation powder every day to protect my skin and I find it easier to apply if I keep my hair out of the way. Then of course if I am doing full makeup for going out,  it is just neater and easier to wear a headband and sort everything. 

These hair bands are also great if you have a day when you should really have washed your hair but did not and then find that you do need to go out! Pop one of these on and the problem is largely sorted as you will look like you make an effort and covered up much of the problem!

Also, headbands are very useful if you are growing your hair from a shorter to a longer style or growing out bangs or a fringe. It keeps hair looking good and not getting in your eyes all the time or looking too messy when going through that difficult stage! 

I do feel that these suit anyone from younger girls to more mature ladies depending on your personal style and activities.

headband width being measured
Width Of Headband At Narrow Point

About Headbands, Measurements And Materials.

I strongly recommend that whichever headbands you choose you carefully check the measurements both of your own head and of the headband. 

In addition, check or ask the seller how stretchy the headbands actually are and what the material is made from. You will likely want a quite stretchy and soft material so that you can easily put the headband over your head and that it is comfortable. Also, look for ones that are easily washable as you will want to wash them fairly often.   

The headbands I own are made from a stretchy material that is very soft. Enough stretch in it to be easily worn but not too much to be tight. If you wear one a lot it can feel a little loose after time but I found generally after washing they go back to shape. I have only hand-washed mine as really it is so easy and quick to do. 

handband stretch ability being demonstrated
Stretchy Soft Headband
They are often sold as one size fits most. The ones I own are on average around eight and a half inches long measuring one side as per the photo below on the red headband and about two inches wide at the smallest point. The widest point can stretch to significantly more.

I find these measurements are about right for my head. Some headbands in the past have given me a headache as they were way too tight, but these I find are just comfortable.

I would always recommend that you measure your own head or your child's head first then check the measurements on the listings carefully. If the headband is too tight it will hurt and if too loose will fall down and not hold the hair in place.

The ones I have are quite wide but I personally like that as I can then have them wide on my head or simply fold it over to make it a thinner band which is still comfortable for me. 

I can also wear them with the widest part at the front or flip them over and have the narrow part where the long edges join as the top piece which gives a different look. 
length of headband being measured
Length of Headband Folded

If you have hair you need to keep out of the way while doing an activity, be it sports or other physical work, they are very useful and you can look great as well!

If you wish to wear them as a fashion accessory, to style your own fashion, then that works too. The colours and patterns are varied and lovely.

My favourites from my "Sea Team 6-Pack Wide Hairbands" are dark blue, turquoise blue and red as shown below. 

a variety of headbands in different colors and patterns
Beautiful Colours And Patterns On Headbands

I think if you bought the pack and did not like one or more of the colours or patterns then they would make a lovely little additional birthday, thank you gift or stocking filler. Or of course, you may wish to buy the whole pack as a gift.

There are many variations of these headbands. I just have this set Sea Team 6-Pack Wide Hairbands but there are many more you may wish to take a look at in the selection below.


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  1. What a great selection of headbands. Fran always wears a headband when she takes her daily walk, it keeps the sweat and hair out of her eyes. For me, I never have to worry about hair in my eyes, my hair will never be that long Ha!!

    1. Thank you Sam! Yes headbands are great for keeping the hair out of your eyes especially on a windy day or a very hot day.

  2. Headbands are a great accessory for gardeners that's for sure. I have used them over the years to keep that hair where it should be! I really dislike hair in my face when I'm busy trying to get things done. Great review and choices here for everyone! Thanks Jasmine!

    1. I totally agree Olivia, headbands are great for gardeners. I need to keep my hair out of the way while I am gardening or I seem to come in with twigs and goodness knows what attached to my hair lol!!

  3. Headbands are definitely a must-have in many of the situations you described. A very helpful accessory for many occasions. Especially helpful for little girls with very long hair for keeping the hair out of their faces when outside or active. Thanks for your helpful review, Jasmine.

    1. Thank you so much ! Yes I think headbands are a very useful accessory to have and as you say great for young girls with long hair too, I wore one a lot when I was a girl with waist long wavy hair!

  4. We all need headbands at some point, but mine are not as pretty as yours. I wear my headbands when I clean the bathrooms or when I am cooking big meals that take hours in the hot kitchen. I recently bought one for hiking, which is prettier. I hate it when my hair flies in my face and I'm trying to see where my feet are landing. I do really love the wider bands that are popular now because they really hold my hair back. I never considered wearing them to cover my grey before I get my roots colored again, but I love that idea! They really would be perfect for that too.

    1. Yes you are right, headbands are so useful. I do like to wear the pretty ones and I love flowers and colours and there are many different designs. I find the wide bands are very effective at keeping my hair away from my face when you need to see what you are doing and yes they are very effective at covering the grey when needed too! Thank you!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. My hairline is fairly low and has a widow’s peak, and I used to avoid wearing headbands when I was younger because I thought they didn’t look good on me. Now, I love wearing them! They keep my very long hair out of my face when I am washing it or applying skincare products or makeup (I have a set of white terrycloth headbands I use daily for those purposes). I also have some pretty bands for wearing outdoors to keep my hair out of my face when it’s breezy or windy, and I also like wearing one when we go to the beach. The patterns on your Sea Team bands are quite lovely! Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. What a pretty selection of headbands. I can see where they could be quite useful too. At this point in my life I keep my hair very short so I don't have a need for headbands, but in past years they were great. Thanks for an informative review.

  8. Absolutely agree, so practical and the selection of fun colors - thanks for the recommendation!

  9. You review is excellent. I love these headbands. I've noticed a few people in family wearing headbands lately and I've never considered them for myself. However, your review is convincing me to give these a try. I love the designs!


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