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The Scholastic Book Fair Birthday Gift – A Gift Review


Book gifts from the Scholastic Book Fair

My youngest grandson, Tyler, just had his 7th birthday. He's outgrowing the younger toys and books I've given him on baby, toddler and kindergarten birthdays and I have been trying to find something appropriate for a boy who will soon be ready for the 2nd grade.

Scholastic Book Fair

Every year, Scholastic holds 120,000 book fairs at schools across the US and abroad. They have been putting on regional fairs since the 1970s and nationwide fairs since the ’80s. Schools host them in school libraries – or gyms or cafeterias – wherever they have room. The book fair is usually held for a week, with the school receiving either a percentage of sales or some remaining stock for hosting the event.

Some of  these book fairs are held at local libraries, if a school does not have room.

These Scholastic Book Fairs are very popular with children and adults alike.  

A Birthday Gift for Tyler

Now that Tyler has learned to read (just finished first grade), age-appropriate books seem to be a good gift choice.

Tyler is currently interested in the DC Comics Super Heros and Legos. While attending a variety of garage sales in a nearby small town last weekend, I discovered that a Scholastic Book Fair was being held at the local elementary school. I think I spent an hour browsing, since there were so many terrific choices. I finally decided on the Lego series and narrowed it down to two selections.

My Book Choices for Tyler

Lego DC Comics Super Heroes Handbook

LEGO Super Heroes Handbook
(c) Elf

This handbook is the perfect introduction to a child's favorite LEGO heroes and villains.  From Batman to Superman, Catwoman to Wonder Woman, to their arch-enemies like Joker and Lex Luthor, this official guidebook describes each Super Hero and their histories, all the villains, their vehicles and their locations. 

From the pages of the long-favorite and famous DC Comics, these Super Heroes have been popular for years. They have even starred in movies. And now these amazing fighters for justice have become LEGO Minifigures. This handbook gives an overview of them all. 

Lego - Batman Night Patrol! - Activity Book with Free Batman Minifigure

Batman Activity Book
(c) Elf

Batman LEGO minifigure
(c) Elf

This is a Batman themed activity book with pages of comics telling a story, plus mazes, drawing pages, dot-to-dot, pages to color and more. The book comes with a free Batman Lego minifigure.


Favorite Superhero Words
(c) Elf

These LEGO Super Hero books are geared to ages 6 – 8, so should be just right for 7-year-old Tyler. 

If you don't have a Scholastic Book Fair being held soon near you, these LEGO Super Heroes books – and other similar ones – can be ordered online from The Scholastic Store. Many are also available on Amazon.

Quick Links to Scholastic Fair Books:

A Gift Ideas Review written by

Wednesday Elf

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  1. Oh, wow! What an awesome gift!!! Getting a Lego mini and a book would be the most excellent gift! (will you put me on your gift recipient list too, please) I remember the Scholastic book fairs in our city. It was like Christmas for me. Even as a child, I loved books. When my children were little, they would bring home the flyers and circle the books they wanted. I was always quite pleased to fill their lists as much as we could possibly afford. Scholastic Books rock!

    1. I've always enjoyed attending the Scholastic Book Fairs. Over the years as a grandmother I've discovered what great gifts they make for the grandsons because the age range is so vast. You can find wonderful board books for babies/toddlers all the way up to Junior Novel chapter books for older kids.

  2. The gift of books aligned with a young child’s enthusiastic interests can help foster a love of reading - a precious, lifelong gift that keeps on giving! It’s also helpful to get kids who dislike reading to become engaged in and appreciate books that connect to their interests. I bet Tyler will fondly remember these gifts even as an adult. What a wonderfully thoughtful grandma you are!

    1. I am a big advocate for books for children and finding books that relate to current interests works really well in helping to make books and reading enjoyable for children.

  3. These Scholastic Book Fairs sound a really great idea! I think buying books for children as a gift is a wonderful thing to do. I still have treasured books from my childhood. You made some wonderful choices for your grandson that I am sure he will remember and treasure all his life.

    1. Thanks, Jasmine. It was fun choosing these books from the large selection available. Love these book fairs by Scholastic Books. The displays are so nicely presented and set up in age-related sections, so easy to make appropriate choices.

  4. Books are my all time favorite thing to give to children at all ages. Thanks for bringing this to my attention as I have my grandson's birthday coming up next week and this would be perfect for him too! I love Scholastic and have supported many Book Fairs during my own children's school years. Now it's time to continue the fun for the next generation!


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