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Cottage Essentials: Family, Friends, Fun and Safety! Product Reviews!

This past year, my son and daughter in law fulfilled a dream that they had for their family.  They decided to invest in a cottage for their growing family!  A restful place that will have the kids and parents making memories that will last a lifetime!

chairs by the lake

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The choice to purchase a cottage is something that not everyone is prepared to do, and there are several alternatives to actually buying your own place. There are several places that can be rented on a week to week basis! For some people that makes more sense as they don't like going to the same place all the time., or don't have the time to be going to the cottage every weekend during the summer months.  It really is a personal choice.

What I would like to do is focus on a few things that are quite IMPORTANT for anyone who has a cottage!

First and foremost, get to know your neighbors!  If there is ever a problem at the cottage, it's nice to know that your neighbors can contact you with details or just keep an eye out if you are not there every weekend.

Second, get to know what's around you!  If you are in the "boonies" away from civilization as we know it, it would be especially helpful for you to know where the closest medical facility, veterinarian (if you bring your animals with you), hardware, and grocery stores are located.  It might not just be a quick trip, if you run out of something that you need!  

Third, and this is the one that stopped me in my tracks,  Plasticware!  

Plasticware you say?  Think about it for a minute!  You have three children that are all excited to be at the cottage and ready to run around and let loose the minute you arrive.  Now that's all great and good, but then they get thirsty or hungry and run up to the cottage to fill their needs. You send them away with a glass of juice/water/soda or whatever they want and a plate of snacks to take down to the dock.  

Ooops, one little slip on a rock with wet little feet and there is glass now shattered all over the place and at least 2 other kids in bare feet!  This is NOT a good combination and will see you using the Second most needed information on the list!

It's a little thing to do when you have youngsters in the cottage.  Keep the glass dishes and tumblers for use in the house only or don't have any there at all (depending on how responsible your children are).  

So for house warming (cottage warming in this case)  we are sending up some nice, functional and pretty Plastic "Glassware" that everyone can enjoy their favorite drinks in!  No worries about broken glass cutting fingers, feet or anything that could be harmed!  


Cottage life is meant to be carefree and fun.  Playing in the water from sunrise to sunset is one of the many perks!  My Grands love water!  Mom and Dad don't have to be slaves to the kitchen either.  Hot dogs and hamburgers on the campfire with marshmallow treats to follow make a day at the cottage memorable and easy!
All that's needed for clean up is some really good soapy warm water and a good rinse afterwards and the Plastic glasses will be ready for the next use.  Good quality Plasticware will last for years too!  After years and years of use, they can sometimes break too, but you won't be having small shards of glass to worry about!  

Summer safety is always on my mind!  You can read more about what to do during those relaxing and lazy days and still remain safe a secure.  Children and water are one of my biggest worries and I make many suggestions for safety around water!  Cottage life falls into that category too!  Please take the time to ensure your family is safe and has a wonderful adventure when holidaying at the cottage!  You can read more here about personal floatation devices!

The other things that I would highly recommend for everyone, is books!  Sitting on the dock, with a great story under your nose is relaxing and enjoyable for everyone!  There is always a great list of books available right here on Review This!

Cottage life, whether it's for a week or two at a time or for a lifetime at your own place, should be enjoyable, memorable and fun!  Please stay safe and have a Blast of Summer to make those wonderful memories the whole family will enjoy!

cabin by the lake


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  1. You are so right about glass around any swimming or camping area! Accidents happen, people drop drinks all of the time. I've never understood why they would carry them around in glass cups or bottles. Just not thinking ahead I guess. Plasticware around any swimming area is definitely an essential.

    1. I really like the idea of more than one use plastic. I am very conscious of the pollution problems, yet at the cottage or around the pool you just need to be more aware of the hazards with glass!

  2. Good suggestions for a safe summer whether vacationing at a cottage, a lake or the ocean. Safety first, especially around children. Thanks for your advice, Olivia.

    1. I can't help myself, I'm always worried about the children especially during those carefree times when accidents can and do happen. Memories are so much more fun without a trip to the hospital or medical facilities

  3. Olivia, these are excellent suggestions for stays at a water-side cottage, whether owned or rented. Even though I try to limit my purchases of plastic products, I wholeheartedly believe in sturdy plastic plates and drinking glasses for use near bodies of water, and good quality plastic glasses, cups and plates are reusable vs. disposable. My husband and I always enjoy the “pool noodles” and other recreational flotation devices whenever we spend a week visiting his parents at their lakeside cottage in Maine, and we always wear life vests whenever we go out on their boat or pedal boat. And we concur that a good selection of reading material is an essential part of a relaxing stay at a cottage!

    1. There is a time and a place for everything including plactic plates, glasses and other fun things like pool noodles and such! Life vests, especially for children around water is essential for my peace of mind!

  4. You have some great suggestions to make your stay at your summer cottage safe and relaxing.

    1. Thank you Mary Beth, I'm looking forward to visiting my son's place this year. Bringing cottage warming presents and books to enjoy!

  5. Plasticware - good tip! That would not have occurred to me. I can completely understand why it would be essential to plan ahead for the kids running around with cups and plates. My neighbors have a gorgeous cottage as well, and I have to say, the peaceful living is very enticing. The prices of country property around here (as you probably know) is through the roof! City property too.

  6. Yes, my family is very blessed to be in a position to do this! Enjoying the cottage now will be even more fun with the kids all ready to run, jump, enjoy and not worry about cutting hands or feet or anything else!

  7. Such wonderful advice, Olivia, I agree that the plastic is for sure tops on the list. Knowing where and how far everything is away from you is a must. Wishing you and your family much fun at the cottage.

  8. Great tip on the plasticware or for a hostess gift!

  9. These are excellent suggestions for a relaxing and fun stay at a holiday cottage while staying safe. Great tip to know where the nearest medical facilities are and grocery stores etc. I also agree with you about summer safety especially around water. When you have those key safety things sorted it is easier to relax. Wishing you all a wonderful time! :)


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