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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Happiness at the Cottage, National Hammock Day July 22

Nothing says Summer better than lying in a Hammock during these lazy, hazy and long summer days and evenings.  A Product Review!

Image by Svetlana Chernyshkova from Pixabay

There is something that is so relaxing and wonderful about being able to plunk yourself down in a hammock!  July 22nd is National Hammock Day!  Sunnydaze Decor has hammocks that will make your eyes pop open and your family drool.  To make things even better Sunnydaze Decor is having a "One Day Sale" on National Hammock Day, July 22nd.  You can save 10% on Hammocks and accessories with the code RELAX10!

Your cottage or backyard is just waiting for a nice relaxing and inviting place!  Hammocks are wonderful in that they can be set up easily between two trees or on a hammock stand.  If you choose the Hammock Stand, you have more options! These stands are wonderful in that you can choose where you want the hammock to be.  Do you like the sun, then just move the stand into a clear area so that sunshine can be an added bonus.  If you are not a sunshine lover, then move the hammock into a shady area.  With the hammock stand, you are not limited to placement

Tethering them between two trees makes the hammock a fixed relaxation spot! And that is not necessarily a bad thing either.


Hammocks make a great place to rest on your own or with a friend. Your other half, one of the children (grandchildren) or the family pet will find a nice comfortable spot where they can be with you and relax at the same time. All you need is a favorite book and a little bit of time to read!  What could be better?   A little bit of a breeze will rock you gently and you might even find yourself in dreamland for a bit! Who doesn't like the idea of an afternoon nap?

Typically hammocks come in two styles.  Both styles have two point anchoring spots (one on either end).  The hammock that you hang from the anchoring spots,  comes in two styles as well.  There are hammocks that have spreader bars (spreader bars can be straight or curved) on either end, that makes the fabric of the hammock lie flatter.  This makes it easy to get into the hammock and get out of it too!  The other style without the spreader bars is more like a cocoon that wraps itself around you and whoever you are sharing the space with.  Each one is comfortable so there is no problem there.  It really is a personal choice!
I like the colorfulness of the Mayan Rope Hammock for my own personal use, but I can also see using the fabric ones if you have pets and children.  The rope hammocks can let little fingers get between the cords or paws for that matter!  We don't want accidents, so these are just a few things to think about before you buy one of these amazing outdoor beds!

Hammocks work both at the cottage or at home!  Where ever you decide to place this, I know from experience that there will be many friends and family just itching to let themselves be rocked by the breezes and relax while enjoying the great outdoors.

If you don't want a Hammock bed, they also make Hammock Chairs as well.  Check them out on the Sunnydaze Decor website!  

If you are in the market for a hammock, I hope you can take advantage of the Sunnydaze Decor sale tomorrow July 22nd!  

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Cottage Essentials: Family, Friends, Fun and Safety! Product Reviews!

This past year, my son and daughter in law fulfilled a dream that they had for their family.  They decided to invest in a cottage for their growing family!  A restful place that will have the kids and parents making memories that will last a lifetime!

Image by Lenzpointer from Pixabay

The choice to purchase a cottage is something that not everyone is prepared to do, and there are several alternatives to actually buying your own place. There are several places that can be rented on a week to week basis! For some people that makes more sense as they don't like going to the same place all the time., or don't have the time to be going to the cottage every weekend during the summer months.  It really is a personal choice.

What I would like to do is focus on a few things that are quite IMPORTANT for anyone who has a cottage!

First and foremost, get to know your neighbors!  If there is ever a problem at the cottage, it's nice to know that your neighbors can contact you with details or just keep an eye out if you are not there every weekend.

Second, get to know what's around you!  If you are in the "boonies" away from civilization as we know it, it would be especially helpful for you to know where the closest medical facility, veterinarian (if you bring your animals with you), hardware, and grocery stores are located.  It might not just be a quick trip, if you run out of something that you need!  

Third, and this is the one that stopped me in my tracks,  Plasticware!  

Plasticware you say?  Think about it for a minute!  You have three children that are all excited to be at the cottage and ready to run around and let loose the minute you arrive.  Now that's all great and good, but then they get thirsty or hungry and run up to the cottage to fill their needs. You send them away with a glass of juice/water/soda or whatever they want and a plate of snacks to take down to the dock.  

Ooops, one little slip on a rock with wet little feet and there is glass now shattered all over the place and at least 2 other kids in bare feet!  This is NOT a good combination and will see you using the Second most needed information on the list!

It's a little thing to do when you have youngsters in the cottage.  Keep the glass dishes and tumblers for use in the house only or don't have any there at all (depending on how responsible your children are).  

So for house warming (cottage warming in this case)  we are sending up some nice, functional and pretty Plastic "Glassware" that everyone can enjoy their favorite drinks in!  No worries about broken glass cutting fingers, feet or anything that could be harmed!  


I like the colored ones best for kids, they can keep track of their own glasses by the colors and not have to go back for another and another and another! I also like the textured ones as little hands that have been playing in the water can sometimes not grip as well as dry hands. The texture just helps give them that little bit of extra hold.

Cottage life is meant to be carefree and fun.  Playing in the water from sunrise to sunset is one of the many perks!  My Grands love water!  Mom and Dad don't have to be slaves to the kitchen either.  Hot dogs and hamburgers on the campfire with marshmallow treats to follow make a day at the cottage memorable and easy!
All that's needed for clean up is some really good soapy warm water and a good rinse afterwards and the Plastic glasses will be ready for the next use.  Good quality Plasticware will last for years too!  After years and years of use, they can sometimes break too, but you won't be having small shards of glass to worry about!  

Summer safety is always on my mind!  You can read more about what to do during those relaxing and lazy days and still remain safe a secure.  Children and water are one of my biggest worries and I make many suggestions for safety around water!  Cottage life falls into that category too!  Please take the time to ensure your family is safe and has a wonderful adventure when holidaying at the cottage!  You can read more here about personal floatation devices!

The other things that I would highly recommend for everyone, is books!  Sitting on the dock, with a great story under your nose is relaxing and enjoyable for everyone!  There is always a great list of books available right here on Review This!

Cottage life, whether it's for a week or two at a time or for a lifetime at your own place, should be enjoyable, memorable and fun!  Please stay safe and have a Blast of Summer to make those wonderful memories the whole family will enjoy!


Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Wednesday, January 6, 2021

The Carry-All Wagon That Will Make Life Easier For Everyone in 2021! A Product Review

We have always been on the look out for something that will make our chores easier!  After all we are seniors! 

The wonderful thing is that when searching for things that will make senior life easier, we sometimes stumble on things that are useful to everyone!  

We are in an apartment and so when doing our grocery shopping, we often take a bundle buggy with us, so that bringing up our purchases can be done in one trip.  Hauling groceries to the elevators 2 or 3 bags at a time just doesn't appeal to me or my other half.

grocery shopping, carts, shopping carts

Sometimes though, that bundle buggy just doesn't cut the mustard, so to speak, and we are left tripping up and down the elevators ad nauseum.

There has to be a better way!

Well, I think I have found it.  Bundle buggies take up a lot of space in the trunk of the car.  When shopping is the order of the day though, you need to find that space.  No questions asked, you will need a way to get those groceries to your doorstep as easily as possible.

Now I have found that there are these really great collapsible wagons that can do the job as well or better than a bundle buggy.  They are compact, take up little room in the car, and open up to reveal a substantial amount of space to place all your groceries and any extras you might have picked up.

What I really like about this wagon is that it is not just for groceries or for older folks.  This wagon is useful for everyone. 

Families when they are going on a picnic, or to a sporting event with their children, can load this wagon with chairs, extra toys for the children that aren't on the field, snacks, drinks, blankets and any other possible need to keep the kids out at the park for the duration.  No need to be running back and forth to the car for extra things.  It's all in the wagon, ready for you!

Going to the cottage would be a fantastic time to use this wagon as well.  Just think of unloading the car, with blankets, food for the week, drinks, water toys, bathing suits and the like.  Pile it all into the wagon and I'm sure you will have fewer trips back and forth.  Even the children can pull the full wagon without too much difficulty.  Help is on the way in more ways than one.

Gardeners and garden lovers, can use this cart to move around new plants, soil, compost, tools and so much more.  All of it just goes into the wagon and it goes where you need it.  How wonderful is that?


Collapsible wagons come in a variety of sizes and styles.

There are a few things that you should discern before you purchase one of these wagons!  What is the ultimate use for the wagon going to be?  If you are using it for transport from one location to the next, you might want to check out the specific size and weight of load  the wagon can handle.  

Are you going to use it just for carting things from the car to an apartment, or are you going to walk to the store and use it to carry your purchases on the way home?  You might think this is a silly idea, but let me tell you, some of the "attributes" of the wagon you choose could make the difference between a good hike home or not.  Do you need brakes on your wagon?  How about an adjustable handle?  For our purposes, the adjustable handle is a must have.  I'm 5'7" and my other half is 6'5",  My arms and his are not the same and our ability to grab that handle and go with it would need adjustment.  There are a few different options on these wagons as you might expect and it's good to think about that before you buy one.

If you are going to use this wagon year round, you might want to go with wheels that are a little larger to get you through snow easier.  Some have rotating wheels that makes it easier to move it about!  You can either pull it or push it.  

These wagon/carts can be opened up with one hand and it can collapse with one hand too!  Their footprint is small so that your trunk isn't all taken up with the wagon in it's storage position.  But it is there when you need it.  You can also purchase a tarp to carry things that might overflow the body of the wagon.  

Just imagine a coach of a soccer team with 24 or more soccer balls.  They would all fit into the wagon with the tarp overlay keeping everything secure!  How's that for a time saver and trip saver too!  

As I get used to having this new tool at my disposal, I will keep you up to date on more uses for this handy wagon.  I know I will make good use of it especially on the days that I walk to the grocery store or those days when recycling needs to be disposed of.  No more trotting back and forth, it will get done in one trip!

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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