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The Carry-All Wagon That Will Make Life Easier For Everyone in 2021! A Product Review

We have always been on the look out for something that will make our chores easier!  After all we are seniors! 

The wonderful thing is that when searching for things that will make senior life easier, we sometimes stumble on things that are useful to everyone!  

We are in an apartment and so when doing our grocery shopping, we often take a bundle buggy with us, so that bringing up our purchases can be done in one trip.  Hauling groceries to the elevators 2 or 3 bags at a time just doesn't appeal to me or my other half.

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Sometimes though, that bundle buggy just doesn't cut the mustard, so to speak, and we are left tripping up and down the elevators ad nauseum.

There has to be a better way!

Well, I think I have found it.  Bundle buggies take up a lot of space in the trunk of the car.  When shopping is the order of the day though, you need to find that space.  No questions asked, you will need a way to get those groceries to your doorstep as easily as possible.

Now I have found that there are these really great collapsible wagons that can do the job as well or better than a bundle buggy.  They are compact, take up little room in the car, and open up to reveal a substantial amount of space to place all your groceries and any extras you might have picked up.

What I really like about this wagon is that it is not just for groceries or for older folks.  This wagon is useful for everyone. 

Families when they are going on a picnic, or to a sporting event with their children, can load this wagon with chairs, extra toys for the children that aren't on the field, snacks, drinks, blankets and any other possible need to keep the kids out at the park for the duration.  No need to be running back and forth to the car for extra things.  It's all in the wagon, ready for you!

Going to the cottage would be a fantastic time to use this wagon as well.  Just think of unloading the car, with blankets, food for the week, drinks, water toys, bathing suits and the like.  Pile it all into the wagon and I'm sure you will have fewer trips back and forth.  Even the children can pull the full wagon without too much difficulty.  Help is on the way in more ways than one.

Gardeners and garden lovers, can use this cart to move around new plants, soil, compost, tools and so much more.  All of it just goes into the wagon and it goes where you need it.  How wonderful is that?

Collapsible wagons come in a variety of sizes and styles.

There are a few things that you should discern before you purchase one of these wagons!  What is the ultimate use for the wagon going to be?  If you are using it for transport from one location to the next, you might want to check out the specific size and weight of load  the wagon can handle.  

Are you going to use it just for carting things from the car to an apartment, or are you going to walk to the store and use it to carry your purchases on the way home?  You might think this is a silly idea, but let me tell you, some of the "attributes" of the wagon you choose could make the difference between a good hike home or not.  Do you need brakes on your wagon?  How about an adjustable handle?  For our purposes, the adjustable handle is a must have.  I'm 5'7" and my other half is 6'5",  My arms and his are not the same and our ability to grab that handle and go with it would need adjustment.  There are a few different options on these wagons as you might expect and it's good to think about that before you buy one.

If you are going to use this wagon year round, you might want to go with wheels that are a little larger to get you through snow easier.  Some have rotating wheels that makes it easier to move it about!  You can either pull it or push it.  

These wagon/carts can be opened up with one hand and it can collapse with one hand too!  Their footprint is small so that your trunk isn't all taken up with the wagon in it's storage position.  But it is there when you need it.  You can also purchase a tarp to carry things that might overflow the body of the wagon.  

Just imagine a coach of a soccer team with 24 or more soccer balls.  They would all fit into the wagon with the tarp overlay keeping everything secure!  How's that for a time saver and trip saver too!  

As I get used to having this new tool at my disposal, I will keep you up to date on more uses for this handy wagon.  I know I will make good use of it especially on the days that I walk to the grocery store or those days when recycling needs to be disposed of.  No more trotting back and forth, it will get done in one trip!

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  1. Looks like a very handy cart for use in many ways. Versatile is the name of the game - hauling groceries, gardening, picnicking, going to the beach. We could have definitely found this useful during the 13 years we lived 3 blocks from the beach and would 'walk' down carrying lawn chairs, beach towels, and all the assorted things one needs for a day at the beach. Especially when the grandchildren came to visit and we included beach toys and extra water and snacks. Wish I'd known about this collapsible wagon back then.

  2. You cn say that again Pat, I wish I had had one of these when my kids were younger. But I find that this will be super useful for me now too! Sure beats the Red Flyer wagons of years gone by. So much more versatile!

  3. I am thinking one of these will be very useful when I get the allotment I hope to have in time to come. It will be just wonderful for transporting all the gardening tools and plants, bulbs, even compost back and forth! Also can see lots of other uses for it especially when walking to the shops and coming back with groceries.Great review Thank you!

    1. It would be great if you have a garden allotement. You could indeed drag everything you need in one load, no running back and forth, just take it all with you in one trip!

  4. This look like a very convenient thing to have around when needed. We have a garden wagon, but it is not collapsible. I'm not sure I would be able to lift the collapsible wagon in and out of the trunk of a car, but I am certain my husband could. Back when we vacationed in Florida every summer, the hotel we stayed in had grocery carts in the garage just for the purpose of hauling groceries up to the apartments. I always appreciated that thoughtful consideration for their guests. Sure made like easier.

    1. Depending on the model you get they are about 20-25 lbs in weight. That's not too bad when it comes to hauling it in and out. But if you have your other half available, I'm sure he could do it. I like the small footprint it as when it is folded up. Bag the groceries like normal, put them in the trunk with the folded cart and when you get home, take out the cart and load it up......easy peasey!

  5. We had a wire bundle buggy many years ago, which we used for grocery shopping when we lived in downtown Boston and the supermarket was a 5-10 minute walk from our apartment building. I found it cumbersome (and unsightly), and because the basket was very tall/deep, if we didn’t bag our groceries before putting them in the cart, it was hard to reach in and unload the items from the bottom of the cart, and smaller items could fall out through the wide gaps in the wire grid. These lightweight, collapsible wagons with nylon fabric baskets sound much more practical and versatile!

  6. We have had a bundle buggy for a few years now that we are in the apartment, but I really don't like it very much. I saw a neighbor of mine with this wagon and talked to her endlessly about it. She could not stop talking about the positives. So.......I had to have one and I'll agree, they are worth it! And quite a bit easier to load and unload!

  7. What a great idea Olivia, this kooks like the perfect tool for so many things. I like the idea that it's collapsible for easy storage.

  8. These look like a great idea. Something I need to check into. Thanks for the great review.

  9. My family loves the-carry-all-wagon! In fact one year we bought several as Christmas gifts, and they were really appreciated. With their young families they're especially handy for parks, outings, picnics etc. I would absolutely have one especially if I had a young family.

  10. Agree! We have a collapsible wagon and now wonder why we waited so long to purchase! The possibilities are endless!


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