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Review of Folly-A Folly Beach Mystery Book

My Photo of the Morris Island Lighthouse

I just read a book that has all the elements that I find fascinating.  First let me tell you I am a photographer whose favorite subject is lighthouses.  I also enjoy mysteries. This book has all of those things along with a cast of quirky characters that make the book a real page turner.

Summary of Book

 I started reading this book and I was hooked on the very first pages when a photographer sets off to take a photo of the sun rising over a lighthouse.  It just so happens that this lighthouse is the Morris Island Lighthouse, a lighthouse that I too have photographed.  As he is walking down the path to the shore  I can vividly remember myself walking down that same path.  Needless to say my interest was captured right from the beginning.

In this delightful first book of the Folly Beach Mystery Series Chris is taking a month long vacation in Folly Beach South Carolina, a beach town near Charleston.  While Chris is on his first outing to photograph the lighthouse he hears shots fired and discovers a dead body.  The rest of the book is filled with Chris meeting the residents of the small town and discovering some delightful characters along the way.  

When Chris's first rental house is burned he begins to suspect that someone thinks he saw something at the murder site.  Chris does not know what it could be but he becomes determined in discovering who the killer is and why they are targeting him.

Along the way Chris meets a reporter who shows him the sights in Charleston and a love interest develops.  He also meets a quirky character, Charles who calls him "Mr. Photo Man".  

The book has lots of interesting people and wonderful descriptions of both Folly Beach and Charleston.  If you haven't been there they will make you want to go and if like me you've been to both places they make you long to go back.

The Book on Amazon

Here is a link to the book on Amazon.  I highly recommend it for a relaxing and fun read.  As soon as I finished I went and bought book 2 in the series and I can't wait to get started.

My Photos on Zazzle

Here on Zazzle are several of the photographs I took when visiting South Carolina.

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  1. Oh, this book sounds so interesting. We have been to Charleston and Folly Beach many times and just love the area. I'm certainly going to have to read this book. Thanks!!!

  2. Okay here's another book that goes on my list of books to read. After all it is the Morris Lighthouse and might have a familial tie! I love a good book that will take me to places that right now I can only dream about. Thanks Mary Beth for sharing this one with me.

  3. Having been to Folly Beach and Charleston myself, I too am interested in reading this book. Plus, it sounds like a delightful story rather in the vein of a 'cozy' mystery. I have always enjoyed reading stories that take place in locations I've visited or am familiar with. Thanks for introducing me to another mystery series of books.

    I love your photographs of the southern lighthouses above and fun to see that magnet of a street in Beaufort - another place I've been to several times. :)

  4. I love this series -- Bill Noel is a fun and interesting writer indeed. Those quirky characters are typical Folly Beach and totally lovable.

  5. You certainly got my attention by describing this book as "relaxing and fun". Knowing you have already purchased book 2 in the series is another excellent recommendation. I do enjoy the occasional cozy mystery and this sounds like a perfect choice for me. Thank you for reviewing and recommending a book I am sure to enjoy. I've just purchased my own copy and look forward to getting started asap.

    As always, I love your pictures! I can see why you felt like you were walking through this book alongside the author.

  6. Mary Beth, this fun, quirky cozy mystery is right up my alley! And I can easily imagine how delightful it must have been for you to discover a such novel whose central character also shares your talent and passion for photographing lighthouses, and through whose eyes you were able to re-live your own memorable visits to Charleston and Folly Beach and what it was like to photograph the Morris Island Lighthouse. Thanks so much for this evocative and helpful review of a book that I’m sure many people, including me, would really enjoy!

  7. Your photos are fantastic, especially your lighthouse photos. So nice. This book sounds pretty good. I can see why it captured your attention, given that you walked the path described in the beginning! How cool is that!

  8. First let me say I absolutely love your photos of Lighthouses! I like the sound of this book, how amazing you walked the same path! I have never been to Folly Beach and Charleston but it would be lovely to visit the area one day. Thank you for the book recommendation.

  9. Hi Mary Beth!! Barbara R. gave me the link to your book review. I remember you and all your visits to and photos of lighthouses! Another lighthouse book set in the same general area was written by a friend of mine.. I critiqued it for her before it was published: "A Pirate, a Blockade Runner and a Cat" by Beverly Stowe McClure. It is a children's novel available at Amazon.

  10. Since we both enjoy many of the same things (lighthouses, photography, reading, travel, quirky characters, etc.), I am sure to enjoy this mystery. Thanks for introducing me. Appreciated!


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