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Devoted by Dean Koontz – A Book Review


Devoted by Dean Koontz Book Cover
Long-time fans of Dean Koontz know he is a dog-lover and, in particular, of Golden Retrievers. He has written 3 books from the point of view of Trixie, the first Golden that he and wife, Gerda, owned, plus a memoir about Trixie after her death.  Today they live with their Golden Retriever Elsa and the enduring spirits of Goldens Anna and Trixie.

All of us Koontz fans have read Watchers, which featured a very smart Golden Retriever. All together, Dean Koontz has written four novels where one of the main characters is a dog.  Now, with Devoted, he again features a very special Golden Retriever around whom the story revolves. 

Cast of Characters:

Woody Bookman – an 11-year-old boy who has never spoken a word. Woody has been diagnosed with a rare form of autism, although he is also a high-functioning autodidact with a high IQ. He taught himself to read at age 4 and was reading at the college level by age 7. He is also an accomplished computer hacker. 

Megan Bookman – Woody's mother, who loves him with all her heart.  Widowed at age 30, she is an artist whose paintings are quickly gaining a following. She doesn't really care whether critical acclaim waxes or wans; she's just grateful to have discovered that there was life after life after her first life ended with the death of her husband, Jason. Now her art and her child are enough for her. Keeping her boy safe and happy is what matters. 

Kipp – a uniquely gifted dog with a heart as golden as his breed. Kipp is devoted beyond reason to people. When he hears the boy who communicates like he does, without speaking, Kipp knows he needs to find him before it's too late. 

Lee  Shacker – The villain protagonist.

The Plot

A Mother, A Boy, and a Dog Against the Night

Woody believes his father's death was not an accident. He believes a tremendous evil was behind it and now threatens him and his mother.  As Woody gathers information through his computer skills and his suspicions take shape, an evil man sets a depraved plan into motion. And he's coming after Woody and his mother. Only a force greater than evil can stop what is coming next.

One boy with the power to save the world. One man with the will to destroy it.  ~Google Books

Other Dean Koontz Books Featuring Dogs

Watchers, Fear Nothing, and its sequel Seize the Night, and The Darkest Evening of the Year.


Devoted by Dean Koontz book cover

Devoted by Dean Koontz

Devoted was published in March, 2020. If you love mysteries or thrillers with dogs and children and great writing, you will love this book. I  found it fascinating and impossible to put down.

Dean Koontz writing has the ability to show the extremes of good and evil, and the overwhelming power of love.

Book Facts:

Originally published: March 31, 2020

Author: Dean Koontz

Genres: Suspense, Thriller, Horror fiction

*Available in hardcover, paperback, audio book and on Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.

Book Review of Devoted written by (c) Wednesday Elf.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


  1. This really sounds like an interesting plot and characters. Thanks for an informative review

    1. It is fascinating, Mary Beth. I think you would really enjoy it if you like Dean Koontz --- and dogs.

  2. Okay Miss Elf, I'm going on a limb here and I'm going to read this book. I always thought Koontz was a "horror" writer and that is something I really stay away from. But with this synopsis that you have provided, I do think I will make the leap and read this book. Thanks for giving me a new path to reading that I haven't yet explored.

    1. You are welcome, Olivia. There are some scary parts in this story, but not true horror. And the wonderful dogs and the boy who can communicate like they do, is absolutely fascinating. Very clever how they outwit the bad guy and save the day.

      I don't read Stephen King because of the 'horror' element. Dean Koontz is more deep suspense and thriller categories of writing, not horror.

  3. Sounds intriguing with a flair of Watchers. Am also looking forward to reading Elsewhere. Have been
    hooked on Koontz since the first book I read of his back in the 80's

    1. Me too, Chris. In fact, you and Kathie were the ones who introduced ME to Dean Koontz back then - and I've enjoyed his books ever since. :)

  4. As you already know, Dean Koontz is my husband's favorite author. I do know for a fact that he has already read Devoted and loved it. We both love dogs and Goldies definitely claim a section of our hearts. I understand better now why he liked this book so much. You made me want to read it, which is easy enough since we already own it. You and my husband are determined to make me a Dean Koontz fan too!

    1. I think you would really like this particular Dean Koontz book, Mouse. Any dog lover would fall in love with Kipp and the other special dogs in this story. And, if you DO read it and like it, you will definitely need to read 'Watchers', about another very unique and special Golden Retriever.

  5. Dean Koontz is a favorite of Fran. I'll have to make sure she reads this review. Once again, Pat, you write a compelling review. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. You're welcome, Sam. I bet Fran would really like this book if she's a Koontz fan. You would probably like it too. I LOVED it.

  6. I will definitely recommend this book, and your review of it, to my husband. The story line really interests me, so after he reads it, he’ll be able to tell me whether he thinks I would enjoy reading it, too, given my generally limited ability to deal well with scary, suspenseful, and/or violent subject matter. I really like the characters and the relationships between them, based on your review, so if John thinks I can tolerate the darker elements, I would love to get lost in this story.

    1. Let me know if you do decide to read this book, Margaret (after checking with John).

  7. Wow, sounds like a very interesting book. I've heard of this author, but I rarely if ever read fiction, but for this story I could make an exception. I could see myself getting lost in this plot.

    1. Some fiction is just too good to miss out on, Barbara. This is really a fascinating story.

  8. I love Golden Retrievers, they are one of my fave dog breeds. Kipp sounds a simply gorgeous dog. I don't usually read horror books but this sounds more like a thriller or suspense novel and with really interesting characters so I may like this one.

    1. I do think you would enjoy this particular Dean Koontz book, Raintree Annie. Thanks for your visit.


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