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Taste of Home Instant Pot Cookbook Review

The "Taste of Home Instant Pot Cookbook" is an absolute must for anyone seeking recipes for their Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Cookbook
A few years ago, my parents gave me an Instant Pot.  I really wanted the Instant Pot and was most grateful for the gift.  However, it has taken time for me to find and perfect recipes cooked in the Instant Pot. 

There is a talent for cooking in the Instant Pot that must be developed through experience.  Or, I guess some just cook by faith.  Unlike the stove top or oven, you can't see what is happening.  Therefore, you are cooking "blind" and trusting the pot to get it right for you.

I love to cook, but I don't like wasting my time and food on a recipe that my family cannot eat.  When testing a new recipe, I am careful to choose the timing.  I want to make sure there are dinner alternatives available for us should the recipe end in disaster.

I also love cookbooks!  Some might even say I enjoy collecting cookbooks.  Let's face it, not all recipes in any cookbook are wonderfully perfect for every family.  If I see a few recipes in a cookbook that I want to try, I'll buy it.  Therefore, I do have a very nice collection of cookbooks.

One of my most recent cookbook acquisitions was another gift from my parents.  They gave me two new cookbooks for Christmas this year.  One of them was the "Taste of Home Instant Pot Cookbook".  My son also gave me two new cookbooks.  Christmas night I was sitting on the couch with my mom pouring over my new cookbooks and getting really excited about testing new recipes.  I have tiny post-its poking out in all of them that mark recipes I want to try, but I started with a recipe from my Taste of Home Instant Pot Cookbook .

Recipes in the Taste of Home Instant Pot Cookbook 

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The first meal I cooked was a Cranberry-Mustard Pork Loin.  It was delicious!  We will be having that meal again.  It took less than an hour to prepare and cook the pork loin.  The sauce was quite unique and one I would expect a professional chef to devise.

The second recipe I tried was a little more risky in my opinion.  I've never been keen on mushrooms and the recipe for the Beef Tips called for Portobello mushrooms.  After reading the ingredients and instructions several times, I decided to try it.  After all, I could shove all of mushrooms onto my husband's plate since they are cut into slices.  It just sounded too delicious to pass up.  The Beef Tip recipe is the best new recipe I have cooked in decades!  

The savory beef tips are served over, or alongside, mashed potatoes with the thickened sauce they cooked in.  This meal is so easy to prepare, and again, in an hour.

Both of these meals taste like you spent hours cooking and years to perfect.  They were both fabulous on the first try.  No wasted time or food.  And no need for multiple tests and trials before I got them right.  They were excellent prepared exactly the way the cookbook recipe instructed.

The only concern or challenge I have had with this cookbook is choosing what to cook next!

Beef Tips Instant Pot RecipeBeef Tips Instant Pot RecipeCreamy & Delicious Mashed Potatoes RecipeCreamy & Delicious Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Using the Taste of Home Instant Pot Cookbook 

The inside cover of this cookbook has "flaps" that can be used as bookmarks. I find them extremely helpful, especially when cooking a specific recipe and referring back to the page for more directions.

This cookbook, like all of the Instant Pot cookbooks I have, uses generic terms like "select manual setting".  I don't have a manual on my Instant Pot, but I have learned that means "PressureCook" on my cooker's settings.  I can only assume this varies by brand, model, or age of manufacturing. 

I recommend reading through the recipe completely before you begin cooking so you know what to expect.

I also recommend pre-measuring ingredients and setting them around your pot.  It would be easy to overlook an ingredient in a recipe, but if you have it already sitting out, you will notice it before you close and lock your lid.  Keep in mind, Instant Pot cooking is not like simmering a pot of stew all day.  You can't add a forgotten ingredient an hour into cooking and it not matter.


For additional Instant Pot tips, click here and read the section entitled "Instant Pot Use Tips".  
For the Beef Tips Recipe and Preparation Tips mentioned above, click here.

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  1. Wow. Sounds like a terrific cookbook for your Instant Pot if you have already gotten two recipes out of it so good you will be fixing them often. The beep tips with mushrooms sounds especially delicious. I think I need to come camp out near your home and hope for dinner invitations .... LOL. Or get an Instant Pot and this cookbook for myself. :). Very enjoyable cookbook review, Sylvestermouse.

    1. Thank you Elf! You would certainly be welcome for dinner. I know from experience that you do need a reliable cookbook to get started with an Instant Pot. It doesn't come easy to those of us who have been cooking the old fashioned way for decades.

  2. Fran and I just love using our Instant Pot. We just made stuffed pepper soup last night and it was delicious. We're always looking for new recipes for the Instant Pot. I'm loving that beef tips recipe, and you can also shove all of the mushrooms my way!!

    1. Oh, stuffed pepper soup sounds like one my husband would love too! If you don't mind sharing the recipe, I would love to try it. And, I'm sure my husband would share the mushrooms with you.

  3. A good cookbook is always helpful when you have a new appliance. It is so hard to figure out which one to pick, so your recommendation is really helpful!!

    1. I believe I have now tried 6 Instant Pot cookbooks of which I have 2 (this one and one other) that I really like.

  4. Now you see I am reading this 2 hours before dinner and now I am hungry :) I love cookbooks and trying out new recipes, though these days my Hubby does most of the cooking and he is an excellent cook. I do like to suggest new recipes though :) We do not have an Instant Pot and I think it would be a good idea to buy one and this cookbook and try out some of those recipes.

    1. The Instant Pots do cut down on actual cooking time, which is awesome and appreciated by many household cooks. I don't know how your husband feels, but I do know my own husband prefers things he can make quickly when he is cooking. If you do get an Instant Pot, I hope you both love it!

  5. As a lifelong cookbook collector myself, I share your enthusiasm and excitement about not only getting new cookbooks, but also (especially!) discovering ones that have a many recipes the family would likely enjoy, and that consistently turn out to be delicious. It sounds like the Taste of Home Instant Pot Cookbook delivers on both counts!

    I’ve discovered that many pressure cooker cookbooks include some recipes that aren’t well suited to pressure cooking, and would be much more successful if cooked in the oven or on the stovetop. So, finding one whose recipes always produce excellent results is a treat, indeed! I have always found that Taste of Home recipes can be counted on to turn out well.

    Both the pork loin with cranberry mustard sauce and the beef tips with Portobello mushrooms (which I love) sound scrumptious! Thanks so much for this excellent cookbook recommendation.

    1. You are right Margaret! I should have mentioned that I have been a long-time "Taste Of Home" fan. I used to subscribe to their magazine, then I started buying their cookbooks. I've found some really wonderful recipes in the magazines and the cookbooks.

  6. We have an InstaPot too and my husband (who has taken over cooking duties) loves it. Cookbooks in our house are also easy to come by, my father used to give me one or two at least every year. I'm sure he thought I did not know how to cook, because my other half is so slim. Food is way that we show how much we love our families and good food made with the help of a great cookbook is always enjoyable. Thanks for this review I will put this on my husbands "gift" list. He I'm sure would enjoy having some extra help!

  7. I have to laugh at this comment, Olivia! I am amazed at how many husbands cook on a daily basis, but I have only known one other husband who will flip through cookbooks for recipes. Like driving directions, most of the men I have known would rather find the right way without asking for help :)

    If you get this cookbook for him, I do hope he loves it as much as I do.

  8. This cookbook is a great gift for Jesse (a little self serving here) - If I got him the InstantPot and the cookbook I might seem a bit obvious, but I know he'd be cooking with it right away. Since he's been doing a lot of cooking during quarantine, I've had a break. Honestly, I love to have this book.


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