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Jeffrey Siger's The Mykonos Mob (Island of Secrets) Reviewed

Jeffrey Siger’s The Mykonos Mob

My accidental introduction to Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis via Jeffrey Siger’s tenth book, The Mykonos Mob, came about because of the pandemic. Limiting trips to public places means that my husband has become the designated library picker upper. Most of our library books are requested in advance online and then picked up when they are available but on this particular day I felt like reading something different and my husband left home with instructions to find me something different to read. Maybe something that was recent. Maybe a mystery or a thriller. 

He came home with a number of options including this one, The Mykonos Mob, which follows Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis who leaves Athens for the Greek island of Mykonos. To those not very familiar with Greece, like myself, Mykonos is a Greek island with a thriving tourist industry and a reputation. That is, a reputation for a busy beach scene and lots of nightlife. It is considered an international playground and may not necessarily be the kind of vacation I would be looking for but is interesting as a destination nevertheless.

In this book, Kaldis works to solve the murder of a corrupt former police officer who now runs a protection racket on Mykonos. We meet the main players who include Kaldis, his Special Crimes unit, his wife and an interesting American woman who has transplanted herself to Mykonos and who plays piano in a bar at night and solves local crimes during the day.

As an armchair traveler, I don’t think any of my ‘trips’ have included Greece. This book offered a look at the seedy underbelly of the island but also at some Greek culture. It is not a travel guide nor a travel book per se and some parts of the life reflected in this book might have you thinking you do not want to visit Mykonos but it was interesting to learn about some of the issues of life in Greece and in particular on Mykonos. The author, Jeffrey Siger, left a career as a Wall Street lawyer in New York to live on the Aegean Greek island that is Mykonos and to write books like this one. It is intentional that they share a fast moving story and some real life Greece.


I enjoyed The Mykonos Mob and yes, I do recommend it. I enjoyed the look into life in Greece, a place that I would like to visit one day, and I liked the main characters. I will be reading the rest of this series. I think this book would suit any man or woman who enjoys a good murder mystery as well as someone with an interest in life in modern-day Greece.

Jeffrey Siger’s Island of Secrets


Here’s the order you should read the books. Note that this book, The Mykonos Mob, is number ten in the series. Starting with number ten is not my usual style and I doubt it is yours. Another important note is that the book name was changed to Island of Secrets when it was released in paperback.

Murder in Mykonos
Assassins of Athens
Prey on Patmos
Mykonos After Midnight
Sons of Sparta
Devil of Delphi
Santorini Caesars
An Aegean April
The Mykonos Mob (Island of Secrets in paperback)
A Deadly Twist

Find your Jeffrey Siger book on Amazon in hardcover, paperback or Kindle by clicking right here.

Do you like a good murder mystery?  Have you read any good fiction books set Greece that you would recommend, mystery or otherwise?

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  1. Brenda, I'm sure you remember that I am a HUGE murder mystery/suspense novel fan and read them all the time. Always fun to find an author new to me and especially a series I have not read. I will definitely be looking up Jeffrey Siger's Inspector Andreas Kaldis Mysteries.

    I'm currently reading the latest three books in the Monkeewrench series by PJ Tracey.

    Always enjoy your excellent book reviews and recommendations.

    1. Thanks, Elf for your visit and kind comments. I will look into the Monkeewrench series.

  2. Bring on the murder mystery books set in far distant places. I'm with you onthis one Brenda, I love to travel to different places through the books I read. Especially when travel is something we can't do, this list fills in my needs really well. Thank you for a whole bevy of books to look forward to!

    1. You are welcome, Olivia. I hope you enjoy visiting Greece if you do read this series.

  3. How very cool that your husband was able to select a book for you that you enjoyed! The crime solving detectives and fast moving action are something I really enjoy in tv shows, but ironically not my normal book choice. I honestly don't know why I don't read many detective stories. This series might be a good place for me to start.

    1. Seems I've been reading a few books from the crime detective genre of late. There are so many good books!

  4. What fun to discover not only a new-to-you, talented author, but an entire new-to-you series in one of your favorite genres, with great characters, set on the iconic, vibrant island of Mykonos! Many years ago, before it became such an international "hot spot" destination for the rich and famous, I dreamed of seeing its then-quiet and unspoiled beauty. Sadly, my only visit to Greece (25-sh years ago) was for a very stressful business trip to Athens, where we worked practically around the clock for 10 straight days and barely stepped outdoors before it was time to fly home, with no time to explore that beautiful country.

    1. Yes, I have another list from another author in my Book List file! Sorry that you did not get to visit while you were there. I have actually been in Greece on a sailing vacation and so visited mostly port villages. It was a lot of fun but I hope to go back and see the rest of Greece one day!

  5. I actually think my husband would enjoy this story. He loves watching Mob movies. He wouldn't read a book, I've never seen him do that, but I know this plot would interest. Thanks for the heads-up on another author. This site is terrific for book reviews.

  6. I love murder mysteries and travel destinations, so this sounds right up my alley. Thanks for the excellent recommendation.

  7. I have traveled to Greece a couple of times so it would be interesting to see how the book portrays it.I think I would enjoy this mystery from your description. Thank you for a great review!


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