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Stuffed Mushroom Day Review

Image of delicious stuffed mushrooms on a tray
Image Source: Pixabay

Stuffed Mushroom Day is celebrated on February 4th each year.  As the name implies, it is a day set aside to enjoy this tasty treat by everyone who loves mushrooms.

Stuffed mushrooms can most likely be credited to the Italians, as mushroom recipes resemble the Italian stuffed zucchini.

Crab stuffed mushrooms
Crab Stuffed Mushrooms: Allrecipes

A favorite recipe for stuffed mushrooms most often includes breadcrumbs, parsley, olive oil and garlic. Other favorite ingredients are crabmeat (my favorite) or sausage, and other vegetables to your liking. Topped with parmesan cheese and baked, they make a very tasty appetizer you won't be able to stop eating. Check out a variety of stuffed mushroom recipes here on Allrecipes.

Crafty Stuffed Mushrooms

In addition to being interested in Stuffed Mushroom Day because I love how they taste, I was just as drawn to it because I am a crafter.  Being an Etsy seller, I have seen so many adorable hand-crafted mushrooms by my fellow shop owners that I just had to show off some of them. And Stuffed Mushroom Day seemed like a good day to do so. 

Amigurumi Mushroom

Amigurumi mushroom in handmade crochet by Smiley Bee Crochet
Crochet Amigurumi Mushroom

Adorable stuffed mushroom handmade by Ashlyn from Texas for her Etsy Shop Smiley Bee Crafts

Stuffed Mushroom Set in Crochet

A set of handmade plush mushrooms
Set of Stuffed Mushrooms

This is a set of 10 plush stuffed mushrooms handmade by Tatyana of Ukraine for her Etsy Shop TsvitanaLove.

Mario Mushrooms

Mario Mushrooms in handmade crochet
Mario Mushrooms in Handmade Crochet

These adorable Mario Mushrooms are handmade in crochet by Bessy for her Etsy Shop Sontara's World. 

Make Your Own Stuffed Mushroom in Crochet

Cute stuffed mushroom crochet pattern
Stuffed Mushroom Crochet Pattern

If you are a crochet crafter and would like to create your own stuffed mushroom, check out this cute mushroom pattern by Sara. It's available in her Etsy Shop Saras Stuffies.

The Summing Up of Stuffed Mushroom Day 

Stuffed Mushroom Day is also known as National Stuffed Mushroom Day.  It may be one of those made-up unofficial holidays, but I, for one, am glad someone decided to designate a day that clearly encourages people to make and consume lots and lots of stuffed mushrooms. 

And for the times you are not able to make your own edible stuffed mushrooms, or go out to a restaurant that features these yummy appetizers, you can remember your favorite mushrooms with one or more of these adorable handmade 'pretend' stuffed mushrooms featured here. 

National Stuffed Mushroom Day

February 4

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  1. Without a doubt, I love mushrooms. We have stuffed them with so many different goodies. My all time favorite is sausage stuffed mushrooms. I love the mushroom crafts, especially the Mario Mushrooms.

    1. Me too, Sam. My favorite is crab-stuffed mushrooms. And, I agree, those Mario Mushrooms in crochet are adorable. I may have to try my hand at them someday. I'm sure my grandsons would like them as playfood toys.

  2. Oh, I love the crocheted mushrooms! They are so cute!!! I am quite sure my husband would enjoy several of the stuffed mushroom recipes too.

    1. I'm sure he would, Mouse. Sounds like hubby loves mushrooms as much as I do. :) And I never ate mushrooms until I was 35 and had them 'stuffed' with crabmeat at a friend's house party.

  3. Marking this day on my calendar. I love mushrooms of all kinds and agree with you that even if it is a made up holiday, we should celebrate it. Thanks for the great recipes too!

    1. Mushrooms - stuffed and otherwise - are good ANY day, Olivia. But definitely have to celebrate it on a special day like Stuffed Mushroom Day!

  4. OMG!!! the food looks amazing, but the crocheted mushrooms are soooooo cute - what a great gift idea for a new baby's room. They are so darn sweet. The Mario mushrooms, lol, love it.

    1. I agree, Barbara. Those clever crafters have come up with some darling crocheted mushrooms. And Mario is popular with all age kids!

  5. I've never met a mushroom I didn't like, either raw, sautéed, or stuffed and baked or broiled. :) As a fellow crafter, I've seen a lot of absolutely wonderful mushroom- and toadstool-themed crafts (often associated with fairy houses), but this is the first time I've seen crocheted 'shrooms, and they're adorable!

    1. Being a crochet crafter myself, I was naturally drawn to these created by fellow crafters. Thanks for visiting, Margaret.

  6. I love mushrooms and stuffed mushrooms are delicious! The crocheted mushrooms here are adorable :)

    1. Thanks, Raintree Annie. I thought these crocheted mushrooms were really cute, too.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Now I'm wishing I had the ingredients to bake some stuffed mushrooms for dinner. My most recent stuffed mushrooms featured spinach and cheese. So delicious! Your crab-stuffed mushrooms are something I plan to try very soon.

    1. Ooo, wishing I had some crabmeat to make my favorite kind of stuffed mushrooms today, Diana. Should have planned better! Guess I'll have to have them on a different day than 'Stuffed Mushroom Day'. :)


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