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Her Silent Knight (Belles of Christmas: Frost Fair Book 1) Reviewed

Her Silent Knight Book
Did you know that it is recorded that the Thames River has frozen over 24 times?  Seven of those times, the ice was solid enough that they held a Frost Fair in London.  

The celebrated Frost Fair of 1683-84 featured multiple activities including horse races, football, bowling, ice skating, sledding and more. Vendor booths were set up to sell souvenirs, food and refreshments. Londoner's clearly knew how to quickly make a rare occurrence into a fun festival for all.  

In 1814 (the last Frost Fair), an elephant was led across the ice. Reminiscent of previous frost fairs, there was dancing, ice skating and of course, vendors.  It lasted only 4 days before the ice broke up and several people drowned.

The very real historical Frost Fair of 1814 is the setting of the entire "Belles of Christmas: Frost Fair" series.  This series provides a wonderful look back into history, as well as some really awesome romantic stories. 

First in the series is "Her Silent Knight". It was such a captivating book, that I read it in one night.  Yes, it was nearly 4 am before I went to sleep, but it was worth it!  I thoroughly enjoyed the sweet story.

Her Silent Knight Synopsis

 Her Silent Knight: A Christmas Regency Romance (Belles of Christmas: Frost Fair Book 1)Check PriceSelina Ellis becomes secretly engaged to Noah Skinner, a solicitor who is below her social status. Mr. Skinner would never be considered an acceptable suitor for Selina, especially by her own mother.  But, Selina doesn't care!  She believes she is in love with Mr. Skinner and when he proposes marriage at the Frost Fair, Selina agrees to marry him, even if it means they would be required to elope.  

The couples embrace is witnessed by a childhood friend that Selina hasn't seen in years. When Sir Edmund Sharp recognizes the two people hugging each other, he knows he must find a way to save Selina from the man with a scandalous reputation.  She is young, naive, and clearly unaware of Mr. Skinner's "manipulations". What Sir Edmund cannot immediately figure out is why Mr. Skinner would pursue a lady with no inheritance. Upon her father's death, their home and money was entailed to a distant relative since Mr. Ellis has no sons.  That left Selina and her mother living on a meager stipend.

Sir Edmund agrees to keep Selina's secret if she will make sure he is invited to spend the Christmastide (the 12 days of Christmas) in her home. The request makes sense because his grandmother recently died and he has no other family in London. Selina's mother had always adored Edmund, plus she saw him as the perfect suitor for Selina. Therefore, securing an invitation for Christmastide was not difficult at all.

Now, Sir Edmund only has to figure out how to separate Selina from Mr. Skinner.  That won't be as easy as Sir Edmund had originally thought since Mr. Skinner has possession of Edmund's grandmothers will. Skinner is willing to do whatever is necessary to keep Sir Edmund from interfering in his relationship with Selina.


"Her Silent Knight" is a sweet story of love, chivalry, and childhood loyalties embedded in an enchanting historical fiction, set in the fantastic short-lived Frost Fair on the Thames River in London.  It is the first book in the Belles of Christmas: Frost Fair series shown below.

All but one of these authors are new to me.  I love that when it happens in a co-op series!


 Belles of Christmas: Frost Fair (5 Book Series)Check Price

House of Sylvestermouse

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  1. This sounds like a delightful and interesting story, Sylvestermouse. You are becoming quite an expert in 'discovering' romantic historical novels written by a group of authors in a co-op manner. I never would have found these stories on my own, so very much appreciate your group book reviews to keep me informed. Since I read some 3-4 books per week, I am always looking for books to read.

    1. Now that you mention it, I think I remember reading something about the Frost Fair in England. Weather there cold enough to freeze the Thames River is very rare indeed.

    2. I have found the Frost Fair at Christmastime to be an enchanting setting for a book series. The authors in this series have done an excellent job of using the Frost Fair as an event to bring old & new friends together, as well as a family event. I am quite sad to say I have only one book left in the series to read. I truly wish there were more and I am beyond thrilled to discover new authors that I can depend on for clean, yet captivating books.

  2. I guess you learn something new every day. I never knew that the Thames River ever froze once let alone 24 times! This sounds like a very interesting book. it must be good if you stayed up until 4:ooam to finish it.

    1. I don't believe I had ever heard of the Frost Fairs before, Sam. I looked them up before I started this review to make sure what I shared was accurate. I suspect I would have been afraid to venture onto the ice, especially with so many people there.

      I did that same thing again with book 4! I simply could not put the book down to go to sleep. It is a great series.

  3. Oh this sounds like a series I would truly enjoy. I love historical novels to begin with, but with the added romance and mystery this series is a quick sell for me. Thanks for bringing a new series to light for me!

    1. I think you will enjoy the series Olivia! I only have one book in the series left to read. Thus far, I have liked all of them, but I do have favorites. It would be interesting to see if you and I agree on the ones we like best. You'll have to let me know.

  4. Soundslike a book I would enjoy. Can't believe you read it all in one day!! Wow what a recommendation!

    1. The books are not long, but the stories are great. This book was only a little over 200 pages. I might refer to it as a novella even though it passes that 200 page mark to be a novel.

  5. As you know, I share your love of the historical romance genre! This series sounds right up my alley, if this first installment is any indication. This is going on my to-read list right now. I hope it becomes available as an audiobook, as this is my favorite type of “bedtime story” to listen to after I lie down to help me unwind and fall asleep!

    1. I don't have a clue what is required for a book to be made into an audiobook, but I hope they do that with this series (just for you!) I know you will enjoy the stories as much as I have.

  6. This sounds so good - The Thames froze over at one time? wow. The way you describe the events on The Thames sounds so much like The Rideau Canal in Ottawa Canada in the winter - it's iced over and there are all kinds of fun family winter activities every year, including of course, skating. The storyline of this book (series) has me intrigued! I know I could get lost in a historical fiction book - I need to finally jump in try it!

  7. This sounds an enchanting book series I would enjoy, encompassing love and mystery with good characters and an interesting plot all set in the magical historical setting of the Thames frost fair!! As you read it in one night it must be compelling :) Thank you!

  8. It does sound like a lovely book. I'd never heard of a co-op series before!


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