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What to Put Above a Bench Seat


Ideas on What to Place Above a Bench Seat - Complete the Look

If you've added a bench seat to a foyer or against a wall in a bedroom, it can be difficult to figure out what to put above it.

If the bench seat is against the wall in a bedroom, it can look rather lost when you consider the distance between the seat of the bench and the ceiling. 

Obviously, you'll have to position items higher than where a person's back and head would be when they're seated.

Below Is a List of Items to Consider When Decorating Above a Bench Seat

  • Wall racks with metal hooks are ideal above a bench seat. Whether in a bedroom or a foyer, a wall rack with hooks provides a place to hang coats, sweaters, hats, or just use it to feature a gorgeous array of decorative wreaths. If you're not a fan of clothing hanging out in the open (some prefer clothes hidden in closets), then use the hooks to feature decorative hanging pieces, such as dream catchers, tin signs on wire hooks, a collection of colorful cloth bags, decorative umbrellas, or narrow baskets filled with colorful dried flowers. Just remember to gauge the distance between where to place the hooks and how far down items should hang to not land where someone's head would be when seated.

  • Place a floor-to-ceiling strip of decorative vinyl or paste wallpaper behind the bench. The bench then becomes its own decorative area. If you're a fan of brick, there are many brick-look wallpaper designs to choose from. Add photos on the paper above it or hooks, or just let the wallpaper speak for itself.

  • A large decorative wall clock makes an excellent decorative piece when the bench seat is in a hallway. Again, place it high enough not to collide with people, but make it large enough to make an impression as a substantial decor item. The nice thing about a clock is it's fairly flush, and won't protrude very much from the wall.

  • Use metal art to add dimension and texture as a backdrop. You can check out some of the metal art featured on the product display below. Metal art comes in multiple designs, ranging from butterflies to birds, to sayings, to abstract collections. If the area you're decorating needs something other than simple photos, consider textured art.

  • A Collage of Photos and Various Textured Items. Don't be afraid to mix photos with wreaths, dream catchers, and word art. Mixed textures such as wood, cloth, greenery, and even lights can create a lovely rustic decoration piece, especially for an entryway. Consider a shelf positioned quite high up, then place the items that are flush to the wall below it.

Check out some of the above-suggested product ideas below:

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  1. These are all excellent ideas to decorate a blank wall over a bench seat. I use a lot of personal photographs and artwork by the artists in my family for my wall decor, but decorative clocks are also a good idea. And I love the wallpaper strip idea.

    1. I love the wallpaper idea as well - was considering that for my sons room - he has a bench that needs "something" :)

  2. Of course, these are wonderful decor ideas for what to put above a bench seat! I have seen a combo den entry area where they had put a large clock over the cushioned bench seat in the entrance and thought is was magnificent. Since I have pictures of my children everywhere, I opt for the collage of photos, however, we could certainly use the coat racks.

  3. These are all great ideas and I could see how they would make an impact visually. Decorating is so much fun when you let go of some of the "rules" and add what gives you pleasure. Thanks for a great bunch of ideas Barbara!

  4. Wonderful decor ideas, as usual, Barb! I especially love the idea of a horizontal piece of metal art. My in-laws have a gorgeous patinated copper branch and leaves 🍁 🍁 🍁 metal art piece above their Franklin stove fireplace that would be perfect!

  5. Barbara, wonderful ideas! I hope to have a bench seat next to my door when I move to the house. But wasn't sure what might go well over it (I plan to put cubbies or baskets for shoes and boots under it but was lost thinking about the wall space above). I LOVE the idea of a large clock... and hadn't thought of that. Thank you for these ideas!

  6. As always Barbara you come up with the most excellent ideas. I added a coat hooks above a shoe rack in the entrance to our basement. What a huge help this was to clean up some clutter. Thanks!

  7. I love all these creative ideas for what to put above a bench seat! Thank you for sharing all these lovely ideas. I love the large clock and the metal art, especially the butterflies and birds :)

  8. I always enjoy your decorating tips. I don't have a bench seat but I could certainly use those ideas elsewhere. Thanks.


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