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It's 2021! Are You in The Twilight Zone?

Twilight Zone
For many years now, every New Year's Eve and New Year's Day is celebrated with the Twilight Zone marathon.  Even though we cut the cable a very long time ago, we didn't cut the Twilight Zone tradition in our home.

In reviewing how you can see the marathon, I'll tell you that CBS usually airs the Twilight Zone marathon starting on New Year's Eve and lasting until the early morning hours of Jan 2.  But, you can now set your own schedule thanks to Netflix & Hulu.

Hulu has all 5 seasons available and Netflix is currently offering seasons 1-3 & 5. 

What better way to start 2021 than with the voice of Rod Sterling!


January 1, 1960

 The Twilight Zone - Season 1
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Do you know what happened on January 1, 1960? 

To be honest, I wasn't there, but I know what history tells us. On January 1, 1960, the 13th episode of the 1st season of the Twilight Zone aired.  That episode is entitled "The Four of Us Are Dying".

It is about a con man who can change his face to look like whomever he chooses by simply concentrating.  36 year old Arch Hammer doesn't always pick the best people to impersonate, but he always has an angle or reason for his selections.  Some schemes require a lot of money though and getting that can be very "expensive" as well as dangerous when you don't know the life story of the person you choose to impersonate.

You can watch that episode this New Year's by visiting Netflix or Hulu.  If you don't mind waiting and you would rather own the entire first season, you can do the same thing we have done in my household.  You can buy the full season, all 36 episodes, on DVD.

Favorite Twilight Zone Episode

The January 1, 1960 episode is a thought provoking episode for anyone who thinks they would rather be someone else.  However, that is not my personal favorite episode, or the one that reflects my greatest desire or fear. 

I admit, it is hard to choose a favorite episode out of all of the Twilight Zone shows.  There is one that haunts me though, so I think it must demonstrate some fear or concern in my own "twilight zone".  It is "Time Enough At Last".  If you know the title, it must haunt you too.  If not, you will find it in season 1, episode 8.

Now tell me.  What is your favorite or most memorable Twilight Zone episode? 


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  1. We were such fans of Twilight Zone back-in-the-day! I have not seen any episodes in ages and did not know there was a New Year's Eve Marathon. Having the whole series on DVD would be even handier. Thanks for the reminder of this fascinating TV series from the past.

    1. Oh - I just watched the Intro to The Twilight Zone and was transported back in time. I had forgotten how spooky Rod Sterling sounded. :)

  2. It sounds like I need to make a new New Year's Eve tradition. We don't really have any tradition that we stick to, but this sounds like an interesting one for sure. I will have to look and see if we have these available to us and if not, maybe we should dive in and order a set for ourselves. Hummmmm, will give this some thought for sure as I do like Rod Stirling's voice.....a blast from the past for sure!

  3. Sounds like a fun New Year's Eve tradition. I think it is fun to have an ongoing tradition. I'm not a fan of The Twilight Zone but I know a lot of people are. We used to watch Star Wars together when the kids lived nearer to us. That was fun. I think I've seen all of the movies except the last one with my son. Thanks for an interesting review.

  4. The Twilight Zone was such an iconic series. and what a perfect metaphor for the year 2020! Looking forward to a new year with many fewer thrills and chills. 😊

  5. I graduated from high school in 1960, so I was around long before there was a Netflix and I did watch a few of the shows. Overall, they were too spooky for me. There was one that gave me nightmares for years, and it still comes back to me when I see certain pictures. So I'm not a good candidate for watching these. I will say they do a great job of being memorable and scary.

  6. Oh my goodness, my mother used to watch this all the time. Later on I started watching it with her (I was young then lol) - I love The Twilight Zone. It's absolutely an iconic part of the 1960's. We still talk about it, and use the term to describe this coo-coo world!

  7. I have not watched the Twilight Zone for so many years. I need to look up some episodes and re-watch them.

  8. This sounds like a great New Years Eve tradition for your family.It is great to have things like that to look forward to. My hubby especially likes the early episodes of The Twilight zone! We plan to be watching some throughout these cold winter nights.


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