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Review of My New Air Fryer


new air fryer photo by mbgphoto

My brother and my neighbor have both been telling me about the wonders of their air fryers, so when I found a great sale on Amazon I decided it was time for me to buy one and give it a try.  I had been getting in a real rut with my cooking and in fact I dreaded to have to cook meals each day.  Well, I will tell you with my new combination air fryer griller I am looking forward to each mealtime and deciding what I can make next.  The possibilities seem endless.  So far I have made shrimp, chicken wings, waffle fries, grilled sandwiches, donuts, apple chips, and reheated toasted ravoli.  All were very easy and what was really great was how easy it was to cleanup the fryer.

Features of my Power XL Grill Air Fryer Combo

The air fryer that I choose has 12 different cooking modes.  Although I don't anticipate using all of them, I can see where several will come in very handy.  There is a separate lid that I can use when I want to slow cook, steam, saute, rice, simmer, sous vide, fry or keep warm.  When I want to use the following modes: air fry, grill, bake, or roast I use the air frying lid.

I really like that it has a slow cooker option too.  I was worried about space for the air fryer but now I can put away several of my other appliances and just use the Power XL for everything.

I have not made fried food for years, but with the option of using little or no oil for the air fryer I can have crispy food and they can still be healthy without compromising any of the taste.


Recipes I Have Tried

My Power XL  came with a recipe book so it gave me some good ideas to start. I also found that if I wanted to cook something I could just ask Alexa and she would give me a recipe.  For instance I asked our  Alexa to give me a recipe for shrimp and she provided me with several options.  I could also ask what time and temperature to use for cooking chicken wings and she gave me the answer.  There are also tons of recipes online to try for air fryers.  

The first recipe I tried was one for shrimp.  It was so very easy. I brushed the raw shrimp with a mixture of olive oil and seasonings and then put them in the basket of the air fryer.  I cooked them at 400 degrees for 8 minutes and they came out perfectly cooked and a little crispy on the outside.  They were wonderful and this is a recipe I am sure I will use often.

For a breakfast treat I made some donuts in the air fryer.  They were also so simple and delicious.  I took a package of Pillsbury Grands biscuits and cut out a hole in the center.  I then cooked them for 6 minutes in the air fryer.  When they were finished I took them out and brushed them with some melted butter and sprinkled on a cinnamon/sugar mixture.  They were delicious.  Here is a photo I took.

cinnamon sugar biscuits made & photographed by mbgphoto

I also made some apple chips by slicing an apple thin and adding a mixture of cinnamon and nutmeg.  They were a wonderful snack.  Here you see them laid out in the air fryer.

apple chips air fried

What I am Looking Forward to Trying

I have a lot of different recipes marked to try in the future.  In the cookbook that came with the PowerXL was a recipe for a cherry dump cake that I will be trying this weekend.  My brother made it and said it turned out great.  A nice feature is that you can bake a cake without having to turn on the oven and heating up the house in the hot weather we are having.

Some other recipes I have found that I will try in the near future include: chicken parmesan, chicken drumsticks, french toast, egg-bacon-cheese biscuits, air fried vegetables, and fried zuccini.

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  1. I have been hearing good things about this air fryer and now, with your delicious sounding examples, the raves and reviews are even more convincing. Cooking has lost its appeal to me too, so it's nice to know that this air cooker way of preparing a meal brings interest back into the kitchen. Thanks, Mary Beth.

  2. What a fabulous air fryer review! I have not seen this particular brand before and I think I would love the separate lid for steaming & slow cooking. It would be nice to have one unit do it all. Your donuts and apple crisps look delicious and sound easy to make. My husband has a friend (a single man) who owns 3 air fryers in varying sizes because he likes to cook sides at the same time as he cooks the main course. I really had to laugh with them about that. He has pretty much replaced his stove and oven with air fryers. You will have to let us know how the cake turns out! I don't know anyone who has actually baked a cake in their air fryer yet.

    1. The cake turned out wonderful. It was a dump cake that I put the air fryer on the bake setting and cooked it at 250 for 2 hours. It was wonderful. I had it finished to coincide with the end of our meal so we had a warm dish of dump cake that had a crispy crust on top. I then added a dollup of whipped cream. I'd do it again!!

  3. Several years ago, we bought a very small, very basic, comparatively inexpensive air fryer, just to see whether we liked the way the food turned out. We were impressed by the results, even though the model we purchased is too small and too basic to deliver the versatility we want for even our two-person household. Your Power XL Grill Air Fryer sounds like what we should have chosen, with its large capacity and multiple cooking modes. Thanks for an excellent review and recommendation!

  4. Air fryers are quite popular right now. I've come close to purchasing one several times. Cool idea to have Alexa provide recipes, lol. The apples in the fryer look delicious.

  5. Sounds like I need another appliance in my kitchen. We have a deep fryer that we don't use very often and is taking up a lot of space. Maybe I need to replace it with an air fryer! Thanks Mary Beth for your recommendation!

  6. Sounds like you already love your new air-fryer, Mary Beth. We have the Ninja Foodi and just love it. I'm all in for those donuts. I'll be giving that a try in ours. Great Review!!

  7. I borrowed my friends' air fryer for a trial and love it! Thanks for the recommendation and the donuts look yummy!

  8. Your Power XL air fryer sounds a very good and versatile way to cook! I have not tried one of these but the food you have made looks and sounds delicious! Thank you for the recommendation!


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