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Garden Gnomes Reviewed


A Garden Gnome

Definition of a Gnome: a legendary dwarfish creature supposed to guard the earth's treasures underground. 

Gnomes originally were thought to provide protection of buried treasure and minerals in the ground and were often placed at the entrance to mines.  Today they are used to watch over crops and livestock by placing them in the rafters of a barn or in the garden.  

Gnomes are also known as symbols of good luck.

History and Mythology of Gnomes

A row of  gnomes in a garden
Image Source: Pixabay

From the Latin word genomus, which means 'earth dweller' gnomes are mythological creatures and diminutive spirits in Renaissance magic and alchemy, They were first introduced by Paracelsus in the 16th century 

Gnomes live underground and legend states that they can easily move through the earth. Gnomes are always described as being small and wearing conical hats. Myths claim that gnomes are sensitive to sunlight and some legends remark that the light of the Sun will turn a gnome into stone. 

In the book Gnomes, illustrated by Rien Poortyliet and researched by Wil Juygen, gnomes are thought to be seven times stronger than humans and live to be around four hundred years old.

A gnome next to a tree
Gnomes are described as being 'short of stature', which, being a pint-sized person myself, is probably why I like them. :)  Perhaps there is a correlation between protecting the earth's treasures and being short!

Gnomes Today

For years, the gnome lost it's appeal, but Social Media and the sharing of photos on the web brought back their popularity. Today, people love to share pictures of gnomes visiting places around the world. The gnome is becoming a pop culture giant as the key figure in the sport of “gnome-spotting”. There is even a movie – the 2001 “Amelie”, and major advertising campaigns for Travelocity and Ace Hardware.

Where to Find Gnomes

Fairy Garden Gnomes
Fairy Garden Gnomes

Gnomes are available in many places, including Amazon and many garden centers, and come in a wide variety of styles and poses.  Holiday gnomes and whimsical poses are increasing in popularity.  Gnomes are favorites for backyard gardens and increasingly for Fairy Gardens

Handmade Gnomes

Many Etsy sellers have created gnomes in various mediums for your gardens and for miniature Fairy gardens. Gnomes are also popular on Garden Flags and as Yard Art. And, decorated in many styles and colors, gnomes are also becoming the 'in' thing for kitchen d├ęcor. 

Handmade garden gnome
Vintage Resin Outdoor Garden Gnome

This is a vintage resin outdoor garden gnome created by Joshua in a family-run business in Kettering, England.  This cute and colorful fairy garden gnome will spice up your garden.  Check it out in their Etsy Store called Darthomeltd.

Metal yard gnomes
Metal Yard Gnomes

Adorable spring yard gnomes!  Made of 14 gauge steel. 

Gnomes measure a total of 30 inches tall. The spikes that allow the gnomes to stand are 6 inches long which allow for 24 inches above ground level.

Created by Cody of Texas  for the Gillis Metal Works on Etsy. (Handmade metal art created by the owner himself!)

Lemon gnome for your kitchen - an indoor gnome
Kitchen Lemon Gnome

Gnomes can also be adorable indoor decor, as seen by this darling lemon gnome.  
This Lemon gnome will be the decoration of your kitchen or a great addition to your spring and summer decor. Lemon gnome measures 11.8 inches high. Adorable addition to your kitchen decor.  

Lemon gnome is handmade by Marina for her Etsy Store called the Magic Sewing Store.

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  1. I have had a number of Gnomes in my garden over the years, now that I garden on the balcony, I find that I am in need of a new Gnome for this space. My others are still at my old home in the garden with my son and his wife. So, I think I need to go shopping! Thanks Pat Austin!

    1. Always fun to look for something new for your garden, Olivia.

  2. I love gnomes in my garden! I've never consider a kitchen gnome, at least until now. He is absolutely adorable and I just might need him. I didn't know the legend that gnomes turn to stone when touched by sunlight. Now, that makes me a little sad to think a garden gnome might have been a real live dweller that was caught out by the lazy ole sun :)

    1. The legend is maybe the reason so many of today's gnomes are made out of stone and concrete, Mouse.

  3. They're so cute! I love the Lemon Gnome - would love to feature that one. Little decorations like this in the yard can make such a difference to the look of the yard. The meaning behind them also makes it extra special - anything that holds a meaning works for me - I love stepping stones with dragonflies or quotes on them as well - you're making want to go shopping right now. Must.Resist.

    1. I know shopping is hard to resist, Barbara. They are all so appealing.

  4. I always love learning the etymology of words, and it was fun to read about the history and mythology surrounding these impish creatures. Amelie is one of my favorite movies! You have chosen some wonderful examples of appealing gnomish decorative objects to feature. Thanks for an interesting, informative, and fun review.

    1. Glad you enjoyed this collection of gnome information, Margaret.

  5. I don't believe I have ever had a gnome ...but that kitchen lemon gnome is adorable!

    1. The kitchen gnome is the first time I've ever seen one for 'inside' decor, instead of in the garden or yard. I love it too, Dawn Rae.

  6. I never knew the history of gnomes until now. Very interesting for sure. Thanks so much for the review, I may have to get some gnomes to protect my garden. I wonder if they can stop the deer from eating my plants :)

    1. I enjoy the history of words, too, Margaret. But I doubt these little gnomes cannot protect against deer. LOL. Although, here's a hint for you. The best known deer repellent is ordinary bar soap. Hung from strings in trees or large shrubs, whether wrapped or unwrapped, the scent of the soap is said to keep deer away. Some people even attach soap bars to stakes, placed at 10- to 15-foot intervals along the perimeter of their property or garden area.

  7. Replies
    1. You're welcome, Mary Beth. Thanks for your visit.

  8. Gnomes are so cute! I love the mythology around them "legendary dwarfish creature supposed to guard the earth's treasures underground." Makes them sound quite magical and perfect for a Fairy or Enchanted garden. I had no idea you could buy Gnomes for the kitchen, I like the sweet Lemon Gnome :) Thank you for your review and lovely examples of Gnomes.


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