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Witness to Murder: A Darrow Mystery from Hallmark Movie Review

Witness To Murder
I think just about everyone enjoys a mystery, but we don't always desire to see the explicit crime scenes. The Darrow Mystery series from Hallmark provides mysteries without including sights that haunt us in our nightmares.

In 2019, I reviewed the Darrow & Darrow Hallmark series.  At that time, the episode, Witness to Murder, had not yet been released. Therefore, I am reviewing it separately today.

Darrow & Darrow is a law firm originally started by Claire Darrow's parents.  When Claire's father died, her mother took a position with a different law firm in New York.  However, Joanna Darrow has now returned to Darrow & Darrow to work alongside her daughter. 

In Witness to Murder, Miles Strasberg is the appointed prosecutor and Claire is the defense attorney in the case. Even though they have toyed with the idea of dating, they agree to set aside any romantic interest until the trial is over.  With Mile's ex-girlfriend investigating the case and working closely with Miles, Claire finds herself questioning if Miles had ulterior motives for suggesting they place their personal relationship on hold.

Synopsis of Witness to Murder: A Darrow Mystery 

When Cassie Piper shows up at Darrow & Darrow begging for help, Claire and Joanna are not certain they want to take Cassie's case.  After all, Cassie was responsible for Joanna being fired from the New York law firm and Joanna has no desire to run to her rescue now that she needs legal representation.  

Cassie maintains that Joanna's law firm would be the best defense law firm for her since Joanna worked with Brian Herriman, the man accusing Cassie of insider trading.  

Joanna is still debating whether to take Cassie's case when Brian Herriman contacts her and requests a meeting. She can't resist the opportunity to see her former employer pleading for her assistance. What she doesn't expect is to be a witness to murder herself and the number one suspect is Cassie Piper.  


If you are a Hallmark fan, or enjoy a cozy mystery with a touch of romance, then I am sure you will also love this movie! 

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  1. I remember your original review of the Hallmark series Darrow & Darrow, so it is exciting to see that there is a new episode to watch. Thanks for your review, Sylvestermouse.

  2. Thanks for the review, I'm always looking for a good mystery! I've put this on my Amazon wishlist.

  3. This sounds like a movie I would enjoy. I am very much into the murder/mystery genre in both books and movies. I love a good whodunnit! Thanks Sylvestermouse Cynthia for this review. I will definitely make time to watch this!

  4. Well, you certainly know that Fran and I are Hallmark Fans. Although I don't think we have watched this one, so I'll be sure to look for it. Thanks!

  5. I really enjoy movies (and novels) that combine mystery with romance, especially if they aren’t overly suspenseful or depict violence in more graphic detail than necessary. (As someone who has always struggled with getting a full night of peaceful, restful sleep, my subconscious and imagination don’t need any more negative food for thought to fuel bad dreams!)

    I love the idea of a law firm started by a married couple, and later reborn as a mother-daughter partnership after the father’s death.

    Hallmark Movies’ Darrow & Darrow Mystery series sounds like one that my husband and I would enjoy watching together. Thanks so much for sharing this excellent review!

  6. I end up watching many of these movies on the Woman's Network. In fact I have one on in the background right now while typing (it just finished) - called Sweet Autumn. When I'm in the mood for something light, and not overtly serious, especially during these troubled times, I watch Hallmark Movies. Who needs reality right now anyway. The Woman's channel offers a lot of movies that fit within the stress-free category.

  7. A film with mystery and romance sounds like one hubby and I would enjoy!I think it would be a good film for a Saturday night. It sounds like it is not too heavy and thankfully without explicit crime scenes but still interesting and a good film. Thank you for your review!


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