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DIY Cat Bed Fit for a Queen


cat in her drawer bed

The ruler of my household happens to be a cat of a certain age known as Miz Grizz.  She is The Queen, and as such, deserves royal treatment.  I noticed that Her Royal Highness is quite fond of the reimagined drawer beds I made for Gracie and Minnie (two Kingdom of Grizz subjects).  The time has come to honor Her Majesty with a cat bed fit for a queen.

open drawer

I still had a drawer left over from my first foray into creating upcycled pet beds, so I claimed it for this project.  As I looked around the house for additional inspiration, and potential supplies, a theme quickly presented itself.  One of the first items I found was a metal honeycomb that I decided to use as a stencil for the sides and back of the bed.  Now that I knew I was going with a queen bee motif, it was time to get started.  First, I removed the drawer's hardware.  Then, I sanded all of the surfaces to prep for painting (and filled holes).  

close up of drawer wood

Next, I primed everything with spray paint.  On the outside of the drawer, I used Rust-Oleum Chiffon Cream Chalked Paint.  The drawer's inside surfaces were painted with Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold.  Choosing to go with a metallic finish provided an unexpected, and very appealing, outcome.  How I love the way the underlying wood grain is highlighted by the shimmery play of light.

painted drawer exterior

metal honeycomb sheet

Following the application of the first coats of paint, I used the metal honeycomb sheet to overlay the creamy background with metallic hints of ongoing hive activity.  While working to evoke this effect, an additional idea came to mind.  If I modified the metal sheet for use on the front of the Queen's new bed, it could frame a name plate.

honeycomb sheet attached to wood as decor

That is when I began to envision another feature: an acid-etched brass bee emblem.  Though I had recently experimented with etching copper, I wasn't sure if the same method would work with other metals.  I discovered that the technique worked perfectly with brass.  My new etching became the centerpiece of The Queen's nameplate.

painted jars used as feet

In keeping with the bee theme, I used decorative jelly jars (think royal jelly) for the legs of the bed.  It was just a matter of painting the jars and then attaching the lids to the bottom of the drawer.

DIY Cat Bed Fit with cat inside

Finally, I added a luxurious faux fur mattress fit for a queen.  Miz Grizz works hard keeping everyone in line and has more than earned an extra measure of comfort.  I hope Her Majesty is pleased with my humble offering.  Though it is a small gift, it was made with great love.  She is the Queen of My Heart.

New Demo: Four-Poster Upcycled End Table Pet Bed

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  1. Absolutely fabulous! I love this DIY project and I'm sure Her Majesty does too. Please tell her that her favorite mouse said she has the most stunning eyes. Sure glad they are not laser beamed at me 🐭
    I really love how you incorporated so many appropriate queen bee features. That etched brass is totally awesome and the jelly jar feet are totally awesome. I love it and would like to order 3 please. lol

    1. I still have one drawer left from the dresser I rescued. It is now reserved for my favorite mouse. Thank you for appreciating the beauty of my feline model's eyes. She tends to be pretty photogenic (and always willing to pose).

  2. Oh my goodness is that ever beautiful. While I know Mizz Grizz did not want to pose, the young lady that did is beautiful. Looks like you did her makeup before the photoshoot! What a great way to repurpose old furniture! You are amazing with your talent!

    1. I'm sure when I sneak a peek in a little bit, the Queen will have claimed her new throne. Thank you for your kind comments. You always know how to brighten a day.

  3. Diana, you treat your cats with such love and care that it is not surprising that you felt they deserve special cat beds personalized just for them. Your Queen Bee cat can now repose in true Royalty state. You did an amazing and very clever job on your DIY cat bed.

    1. Thank you, Elf. My felines are so worthy of great love. They fill my heart with their majestic essence. I appreciate your kind affirmations.

  4. You are so very clever!! Your fur babies are so lucky to have you.

    1. Thank you, Mary Beth. I know your new fur baby is blessed, as well.

  5. Diana dear, this one-of-a-kind, luxurious, lovely lair is suitably sumptuous and serene, as befits the regal repose and respite requirements of Her Majesty Queen Grizz. (Or is the proper form of address Queen Miz, Queen Miz Grizz, or perhaps HRH Queen Grizz? I would never wish my ignorance of these formalities to inadvertently offend your august, revered, and beautiful queen!)

    Every aspect of your extraordinary design, from the perfect Queen Bee theme 👑 🐝 to the ivory and metallic gold color scheme, gilded glass jar feet, etched brass nameplate, metal honeycomb stenciling and frame, and the plush faux fur mattress, are both elegant and inspired!

    Once again, I am in awe of your ability to appreciate the innate and often hidden beauty in everything you see, to develop a unique artistic and creative vision, and to use the skills you have (and acquire those you don’t) to realize that vision in the physical world.

    I hope Princess Minnie made the most of her opportunity to test out the queen’s lavish new dual-purpose throne/bed before its rightful owner moved in!

    1. The little Princess has been holding court in Her Majesty's new bed all day. Her Royal Highness has been relegated to the gothic themed bed formerly created for Gracie. Thank you for your uplifting comments. I am the one in awe of how your words so aptly shared are your largesse. You bring beauty forth by simply being your truest self.

  6. LOL this is brilliant. So cute, you could sell these! One of my friends is a cat lover, and she spares no expense to fuss over her kitty. She's not a project-diy girl but I know she would love this! So original.

    1. Thank you. I enjoy exercising my imagination and creative muscles. When I can do that, and at the same time treat my fur kids to something comforting, the pleasure is more than doubled.

  7. What a fantastic DIY project for Her Majesty! I am sure she is now very comfortable in her suitably plush cat bed.You did a really beautiful job of re purposing this piece of furniture into something useful and lovely. She does have a really beautiful face and gorgeous eyes. Such a lovely gift you made for her :)


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