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Kandio Non Contact Infrared Sensor Thermometer Reviewed

No Touch Thermometer
At the beginning of the pandemic, I realized I didn't have a very good thermometer in my home.  All of our existing thermometers were decades old and took temperature in the ear or mouth.  Because we were warned about how easy it was for the virus to spread, I decided we needed a no touch thermometer.

I promptly went to Amazon and bought a no contact infrared thermometer.  After waiting weeks for it to be delivered, it didn't work at all upon arrival.  I returned that one and ordered another one that was available.  

Again, I had to wait weeks.  Upon arrival, the second thermometer would turn on, but it definitely did not show correct temperatures.  Not only were the readings way too low, but they were inconsistent.  I returned that thermometer too.  What seemed apparent to me was that there was a lot of trash being sold on the market and the sellers were price gouging.  

Both of those thermometers exceeded $100 price tag, but I really wanted, actually felt we needed, a no touch thermometer.  I was quite frustrated and had no idea how I could get a working non contact sensor thermometer.  Frankly, I was wary of ordering another one so I ordered from a different site.  Same results!

After 3 unsatisfactory orders, I gave up on buying the thermometer online.  I had expressed my frustration to my husband and clearly he was listening because one day he came home with the Kandio No Contact Infrared Sensor Thermometer and it works!!!  

He purchased ours at our local independent pharmacy.  It was in the window when he drove by.  He spotted it and promptly bought one for our household.  Pretty awesome and greatly appreciated!

Before writing this review, I checked the major online sites and couldn't find anyone carrying the Kandio thermometer, but I do see there are sellers on Ebay carrying them.

My recommendation, don't waste your money and time on others!  Seek out the Kandio Non Contact Infrared Sensor Thermometer.

The Kandio Non Contact Infrared Sensor Thermometer

Below is the information on the thermometer that my husband bought for us. Along with the model number, I am sharing what we paid for ours so you know if you are getting a fair price or not.

No Touch Thermometer
Model: GDTWQ36 

Our Kandio thermometer cost: $59.99

Temperature is taken by aiming the thermometer at the forehead (1 - 2 inches away) and squeezing the trigger button on the handle.  Therefore, the thermometer never touches the "patient" and you can easily stand an arms length away.

  • Fast, accurate reading in 1 second
  • Large, easy to read display screen
  • Back-lit display (you don't have to disturb patients rest)
  • Beeps when temperate is taken
  • Auto Shut-off after 1 minute
  • 2 AAA batteries required
This has been the only reliable no contact thermometer that I have found available.  How about you?  Have you found a reliable no touch/non contact thermometer?  If so, please share the thermometer product information in the comments below.  We want everyone to be able to check and monitor their own temperature accurately.

Stay Safe & Healthy!

No Contact Thermometer on Ebay


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  1. Fran also looked for a no contact thermometer but could not find one without waiting months. She opted for the standard ear thermometer and it works very well for us. I'm so glad she didn't buy one, based on your review we would have had to return it I'm sure. We will certainly have to check out the Kandio. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. The ear thermometers are very accurate, in my experience! We used those all through our children's childhood. They are so much easier than the "under the tongue" thermometers which take longer and are more uncomfortable. For most (if not all) of those you can get disposable shields too so I think they are an excellent choice as well.

  2. Sounds like your local pharmacy was the right choice for finding a (workable) non contact thermometer. I see them used all the time now in doctor's offices (even my recent visit to an eye doctor). Thanks for the recommendation of a brand of this type thermometer that works.

  3. We are in the same boat as you were in Miss Mouse! We badly need a new thermometer in our house. With the lockdown in our area, we were not going out at all, so did not feel the need to take temperatures every time we walked out the door, but in the long term having one of these would be beneficial. Thank you for your recommendations I will take them to heart and get on this right away! This was a great reminder for me!

  4. This sounds great. I will remember it if I should need one in the future. Thanks for the review.

  5. My husband and I also decided we needed a contactless infrared thermometer last year, and for the same reason. We must have been one of the lucky ones, since the no-touch thermometer we ordered from Amazon has worked as promised (so far, at least!). I have always found it challenging to keep my lips sealed tightly around a traditional mercury oral thermometer with the metal tip underneath my tongue, since when I take my temperature, I usually also have a runny or stuffed-up nose and a cough. The infrared no-contact thermometers are a blessing!

  6. Thank you for this recommendation and saving us the hassle of getting ones that aren't good. The one you ended up with is a good price too. We actually don't own one, but after your review, I think we should consider this.


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