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Catering Christmas (2022) Movie

Catering Christmas movie
When scanning the current Christmas movies, I came across Catering Christmas starring Merritt Patterson and Daniel Lissing. It is a great romantic movie to add to your "must see" Christmas movie list. As a matter of fact, I plan to watch it again.

I was not previously familiar with Merritt Patterson, but after seeing this movie, I really like her.  I have seen Daniel Lissing in other movies, notably When Calls the Heart series where he played the part of Jack Thornton.  He was extremely popular on that series because of his gentle and caring demeanor.  That personality trait shines through in Catering Christmas as well.

While this movie may be predictable, it is still entertaining.  Both main characters are adorable and several times made me laugh. It is always nice to find an uplifting movie to watch and I highly recommend this movie.

Catering Christmas (2022) Review

As the owner of a catering business, Molly Frost (Merritt Patterson) is working hard to succeed in her community, but she needs clients.  All to often, she loses bids to cover events to her competitor.  When she is approached by Jean Harrison to cover the local Christmas Gala sponsored by the prominent Harrison Foundation, she is over the moon, until she finds out she will have to compete to get the job. Jean requests that she come to her home and prepare a meal for her evaluation and comparison to the other caterer.  

Merritt Patterson and Daniel Lissing in Catering Christmas movie
Molly is in need of a sous chef to help her prepare the meal and quickly hires her employee's friend.  She doesn't know him, but she trusts her friend/employee.  The "friend" is to meet her at the Harrison estate.  When the unknown man enters the Harrison kitchen, Molly assumes he is her sous chef for the day.  Intrigued, Carson Harrison (Daniel Lissing) plays along, until the real sous chef shows up!


Jean Harrison is ready to pass the torch of the Harrison Foundation to her reluctant nephew, Carson.  He is a successful photographer and is not ready to accept full responsibility of the foundation, but he does agree to help his aunt by taking over this year's annual gala.  His first task will be to set the menu for the evening.  He doesn't really care and is content to pass that off onto the caterer, but Jean does not approve of the dinner selections.

There are big adjustments and changes for everyone involved.  It is rather entertaining to watch the various relationships evolve. I even found myself laughing a few times.


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  1. What fun. I can just imagine the interplay going on when the Foundation owner is mistaken for the Sous Chef. Sounds like a delightful Christmas movie. Thanks for recommending it, Sylvestermouse.

  2. Sounds like a fun movie!

  3. I don't know how we missed this one. I'll for sure look for it. We recently dumped our cable and use streaming only. So, out went the cable and with it we no longer have the Hallmark channel. The good news is Hallmark recently made a deal with Peacock so we have it back through streaming. "Hallmark Junkies" we are!!!

  4. Mouse, this sounds like a delightful, lighthearted, romantic holiday movie in the vein of the Hallmark Christmas Movies we’re unable to get without paying for another cable subscription. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  5. Oh what fun! I can just see myself enjoying this far too much. Thanks for this great recommendation Miss Sylvestermouse! I will look for it and I know that I will enjoy it as well.

  6. Sounds like another relaxing Christmas movie to relax into. It must be, you're going to watch it again! Even if movies are predictable, sometimes that alone is a comfort during high stress times. These movies are great escape (IMO) from the busy, stress filled world we're in.

  7. This sounds like a lovely, fun, romantic and relaxing movie to watch on a cold winter evening. Thank you for your review and recommendation.

  8. Sounds like a great Christmas film, Cynthia. I love your last made you laugh out loud a few times. That makes the movie a winner for me!


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