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Automobile Windshield Snow Cover for Ice and Snow Reviewed

Windshield Snow Cover
A few years ago, we were picking up a family member at the airport when I saw an SUV decked out with this windshield cover.  I thought it was genius!  Ice and snow were imminent in our area that day.  I am certain the driver of that vehicle didn't wish to return to a windshield that needed to have ice and/or snow scraped off before they would leave.

I went home that very night and did a search for a windshield cover that would fit our SUV.  Since we park it on our driveway, it is constantly exposed to whatever weather hits.  Unfortunately, in our area, we are more likely to get ice or at best, a wintry mix.  It is a very cold job to scrap a windshield.  

We have plastic scrapers in all of our vehicles in case we are caught out when the weather moves in.  However, this windshield snow cover is easy to carry in the car and cover the windshield on a work day if ice or snow are predicted. 

Driving on ice is dangerous enough.  We don't need to exhaust ourselves scrapping the windshield before we get behind the wheel to drive home. 

I do recommend keeping a large plastic trash bag in the car for temporary containment of the wet windshield cover for the drive home, after it has been used.  That will protect the vehicle carpeting.  The cover does come with a storage bag, but I would only put a dry cover in the storage bag.


Windshield Snow Cover

 Windshield Snow Cover, FOVAL Car Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow Frost with Side Mirror Protector, Safe Luminous Strip, 4-LayerCheck PriceI found there are many choices for windshield covers.  I opted for an inexpensive one with great reviews.  With our icy winters, I expected to need to replace it after a few years of use.  Thus far, replacing it has not been necessary.

The Foval cover is waterproof, snow-proof, frost-proof and won't scratch your windshield or paint.  The cover does extend over the windshield wipers and covers the exterior door mirrors.  Having the protective bottom layer is just as important as being waterproof.

It only takes few minutes to put the cover over the windshield and "tie" it down.  We attach the bottom straps to the wheels (as shown in the manufacturer image on the right), but we literally tie the back straps to our luggage carrier on top of the SUV instead of attaching them to the back wheels.  That is what works best for our SUV which sits up higher than the vehicle in the photo on the right.

As you can see in the images below, our SUV has folding side mirrors.  Instead of inserting the mirrors into the mirror pockets, we fold our mirrors in and simply cover them with the cover.  If we used the windshield cover on one of our cars, it would be necessary to cover the mirrors with the cover mirror pockets so it is wonderful to have them as part of the cover. 

This definitely beats trying to tape cardboard over the windshield!


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  1. After several years with a house and a garage, I have moved to an apartment with outdoor parking. This windshield snow cover is exactly what I need now for Midwest winters. Thanks so much for your review of a very needed and necessary product, Sylvestermouse

    1. I have been really surprised and pleased with how well this cover does the needed job, Elf! Thus far, even the ice hasn't damaged the cover when we remove it. I hate scraping ice off of the windshield! This cover has been exactly what we need. I hope it does a great job for you too.

  2. I have seen plenty of these around Western New York, especially in the parking lot at work. I've never seen one that has straps to attach to the wheels and luggage rack. I like the fact that it covers the windshield wipers, so many times after I clear my windshield, the wipers are still frozen. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Finding the right cover was a bit of a challenge Sam. Like you, we required one that would extend over the wipers and one that would not scratch the paint. So many of the covers require that you close the door over them to hold them on. I much prefer the one that hooks to the wheels and partially covers the front side windows. This specific one has been perfect for our needs.

  3. Living in New England, I know the struggle to scrape ice and accumulated snow off the windshield is real! I’m definitely going to share your review with my husband (the driver in our family). I love the fact that you were able to find an inexpensive windshield cover that also covers the windshield wipers and part of the front side windows, protects the paint and doesn’t require securing it inside the doors (which may be frozen shut). Thanks for such a helpful review!

  4. This sounds like a fantastic solution to icy or snowy windscreens on cars. I really dislike scraping snow and ice off the car windscreen in winter, it's a cold and time consuming job. So much easier to simply take off this snow cover! I do like that it is held securely, I had one once that was not very secure and it flew off in a high wind! Much better to be secured by straps on the wheels.I love that it covers the windscreen wipers as it can be quite a delay if you need to defrost those as well before setting off on a trip. Thank you for your review and recommendation!

  5. Living in Canada you would think we would own one of these by now - I've seen the commercials and often wondered if they are as convenient as they claim to be - now I know the answer, based on your review - yes, this is a good idea - I would also consider giving this as a gift now thanks to your review - really want one now

  6. These look great for anyone who has to leave there car outside. We are now down to one car and don't leave the house during inclement not needed for us, but I can sure see them as being a lifesaver for some people.


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