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Review of National Cherry Pie Day

 Cherry Pie Day is a tasty food holiday celebrated each year on February 20.

Image of a cherry pie

Cherry Pie Day

No one appears to know the origin of Cherry Pie Day, but it is certainly a yummy subject to celebrate. 

The designated date is February 20, appropriately close to the annual President’s Day holiday. Since George Washington - he of the “I cannot tell I lie, I cut down the (cherry) tree” myth - is one of the presidents honored on President’s Day, and since Washington’s birthday is February 22, the Cherry Pie Day date is well chosen. Cherries also were one of Washington’s favorite fruits. Bet you didn’t know that! 🙂

Fun Facts About Cherry Pie

Slice of cherry pie

  • Cherry Pie came to America with the first English settlers. 
  • Here in the U.S., we often refer to cherry pie as a “great American dish.
  • Cherry Pie’s popularity is second only to Apple Pie.

 Personal Stories About Cherries

Cherries on a cherry tree

*My hubby’s birthday is February 23rd and his favorite dessert is cherry pie. Therefore, instead of a birthday cake, I always make him a cherry pie for his birthday.

*This personal story is more about the ‘cherry tree’ myth associated with George Washington and being the first U.S. President. When my son, Greg, was 4-years-old he attended nursery school. One day when I picked him up from school I asked him what he learned that day. He said they learned all about George Washington and presidents.

Greg’s description:

George Washington cut down a cherry tree. And when he grew up, he was President Ford. 

(This was in February 1974 when Gerald Ford was the U.S. President and it was the time of George Washington’s birthday. A garbled translation of the lesson by a 4 year old. :) 

*When my sister and brother-in-law purchased their starter home, they were delighted to discover a thriving cherry tree in the backyard. The first season the cherries were ripe, my sister went on a cherry-picking chore one afternoon before the birds ate all the cherries on the tree. She admits she probably ate as many cherries as she picked, finding them delicious right off the tree. A few hours later she broke out in hives. Come to find out, she was allergic to cherries. After that day, she decided to let the ‘birds’ have the cherries. LOL. 

But I digress…. Back to cherry pies and this funny, but fun food holiday.

Cherry Pie Recipes

Many cherry pie recipes are available on the internet. A search online allows you to choose the one you like the best.  The one I found that’s super-easy is from the blog Tastes Better From Scratch by Lauren Allen. Lauren calls her recipe 'Easy Homemade Cherry Pie'. 

You can either use fresh cherries (tart varieties are best for pie) or canned cherry filling. Canned cherries are always in season, although fresh cherries give your pie a super fresh taste. 

Homemade pie crusts work better than store-bought because the frozen ones are too thin for a cherry pie that requires a longer baking time than other types of pies. 

Image of a baked cherry pie

Use one pie crust to line the pie pan and another to cut into strips for the top. A lattice-work crust design looks so pretty on a cherry pie. 

Cornstarch  is used to thicken the cherry sauce for the pie. Sugar is used for the sweetener. Less sugar is used if you are using canned cherry pie filling, of course.

Bake the pie at 400 degrees for approximately 45 minutes. 

Quite the simplest and easiest pie to make – and super delicious!


Cherry Pie Day is just one of the many, many Pie Days we celebrate throughout the year. Check out this National Pie Day Review for a complete list of all kinds of yummy pie days.

Cherry Blossoms on a cherry tree

Additionally, cherry-lovers can enjoy the whole month of February as National Cherry Month and July 15 as National Cherry Day. Or attend a delightful cherry-related event, such as the National Cherry Festival held each July in Traverse City, Michigan, or visit Washington DC in the Spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. 

National Cherry Pie Day

February 20

Cherry Pie Cookbook book cover
Cherry Pie Cookbook on Amazon

*National Cherry Pie Day review written by Wednesday Elf

*Image Sources: Pixabay & Amazon

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  1. National Cherry Pie Day is a delicious and fun occasion, indeed! Your story of your son’s summary of his nursery school lesson about presidents had me in stitches. May your cherry pies be sweet and your cherry juice be tart (drinking tart cherry juice can help with insomnia), lol.

    1. Thanks, Margaret. I enjoyed your comment. Glad you enjoyed my cherry stories on this Cherry Pie day.

  2. My favorite pie is a Cherry Pie (and my youngest son's fave too) - heck I'll have to get a Cherry Pie for February 20th :) - It's a shame your sister is allergic to them when she had a cherry tree - really wish we had one - I'm always so amazed by yards filled with fruit trees! What your son said when he was young was so cute too, lol -

    1. Happy you enjoyed my review, Barbara. My son's comments cracked me up that day he told me about the Presidents. :)

  3. I think everyone in my family loves cherry pie, although admittedly, some prefer it a little sweeter while others like the "bite". It makes sense that an easily obtainable fruit would be a part of the early settlers meals.

    1. I like it sweet, with vanilla ice cream melting on a 'warm' slice of pie, Mouse. Thanks for your visit to my Cherry Pie Day review.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Mary Beth. A fun and tasty holiday to celebrate.


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