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Ace Hardware Store Review

Ace Hardware Store Front

Celebrating 95 years of service


In 1924, a small group of hardware store owners in Chicago banded together to buy merchandise in bulk for their individual stores. This allowed them to save money by purchasing at the lowest possible prices, enabling even the smallest stores to compete. This was the beginning of the Ace Hardware Corporation. To this day, each store is owned solely by local Ace retail entrepreneurs.


The Ace Hardware store logo

Today there are over 5,000 Ace Hardware stores around the world. These men and women owners are each part of your local community. As small business owners, they live and work locally and are knowledgeable about their store products and also about the local businesses and their needs. That's why they say a visit to Ace is like a visit to your neighbor. Customers call the owner by his/her first name and the employees know the names of all their regular customers.    

Ace is the Place

Ace stores are all sizes and shapes. Since 2016, I have worked part-time at two widely different sized Ace stores, yet they are basically the same; serving the needs of their local communities. 

Islands Ace - the Ace Hardware store on Wilmington Island, GA

I worked for a very large Ace store (Islands Ace) located on the islands East of Savannah, Georgia. This Ace serves local residents and many businesses and contractors. Currently I work for a small Ace store (Jerry's Ace) in a small town located just north of the Quad Cities in Iowa. While this Iowa Ace does not carry the large lots of lumber, or decorative paving stones for patios or the large gardening center that the Georgia Ace does, it meets the needs of the local residents and businesses.  

As with all Ace stores, you will find a wide variety of paint, lawn and garden, tools, and just about anything you'll ever need to fix, repair and maintain your home and yard.  If your local store does not have an item in stock, they can order it for you from AceNet, the online website. You can also order online yourself and arrange to have the item picked up at your local Ace Hardware. All Ace stores order from central warehouses and usually have deliveries of new products arrive once a week. The staff at your local Ace calls the arrival "Truck Day". Unloading and restocking keeps us busy. 

They also offer local niche services. For instance, the Georgia Ace I was with before my move to Iowa had the space for a gift department and a clothing department. Located just 10 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and the beach, their clothing department carries a variety of beach-related clothing and their gift department has locally made merchandise from the Savannah area. This Iowa Ace offers fishing and hunting licenses for local residents. Our Iowa Ace also carries snow blowers and snow shovels and other seasonal items not needed in Georgia! 

As you can see, any Ace store will be based on the needs of each individual neighborhood. Ace Hardware stores are most certainly the place with the 'helpful hardware folks!  Ace is such a 'friendly' place and a 'helpful' place, especially compared to the large, impersonal big stores. 

95th Year Birthday Celebration

The 95th Anniversary sign for Ace Hardware

On October 19, 2019, Ace Hardware will celebrate 95 years of service. Your local Ace Hardware stores will be offering special sales and events to celebrate. Come visit on October 19th, or any day you need a tool or a can of paint or a part for anything around your house or yard. You won't be disappointed. 

Ace is the Helpful Place! 

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  1. Interesting review. Thanks for the information on Ace Hardware.

    1. You are welcome, Mary Beth. Thanks for visiting my article.

  2. I always enjoy a visit to my local ACE. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Any ACE would be fortunate to have you on their team. Happy birthday, ACE!

    1. Thanks, Diana. I enjoy working part-time (in my retirement years... LOL) at Ace. Working in a place most people have to visit one time or another for needed items in the house and yard, you get to meet many of your neighbors and local business owners of places you frequent, especially in a small town like mine. And working the cash register, you get a chance to 'visit' with these people as they check out. The regulars (and we have many on almost a daily basis, especially business people needing supplies) you get to know all their names, so you end up greeting and meeting friendly people. :)

  3. A very interesting look at the history of Ace Hardware! I had no idea they were locally owned. There was an Ace Hardware in the neighborhood where I grew up. Unfortunately, we do not have one in the city where we currently live. However, there is one about 25-30 minutes away. I would much prefer supporting locally owned.

    1. Mouse, I remember when I first went to work for Ace Hardware how interesting it was to find out that each Ace store is individually owned. The owner of the Ace in the Savannah, GA area now owns 3 Ace Hardware stores, including one in Jacksonville, FL and one in North Carolina. Perhaps one day an Ace Hardware will open near you. :)

  4. I LOVE our local Ace (and they thrive because of their service ... with a big box competitor less than 1/2 mile away) - this summer I was looking at the garage and all the ACE brand tools we have (and was thinking of writing a review) - Happy Birthday Ace!

    1. Tracey, I think a lot of ACE stores do well and are preferred over the big box competitors BECAUSE of the service and friendly atmosphere. Just a few miles away (maybe 10 miles, but longer drive because of traffic in the Quad Cities) there are several Big Box hardware stores like Lowe's, Home Depot, Menards and a local farm related store. But local residents in our small town prefer shopping at our Ace because of the service and getting to avoid a trip to "town" as many tell us. It's so nice to walk in and have instant help and be greeted by name. I think that's why Ace Hardware stores are so popular.

      And, hey, go ahead and review some of your Ace tools. I've probably seen many of them already working at Ace. LOL.

  5. We don't have ACE hardware stores here in Canada, but what a great success story. They must be good to have kept it in business for 95 years. Glad to know there are places like this with lots of history and success.

    1. Olivia, I just read online that Ace is associated with your Lowes/Rona stores in Canada. Thanks for your visit.

  6. I had no idea that each Ace Hardware store was individually owned! No wonder "Ace is the place with the helpful hardware folks." The service is SO much better than that most of the "big box store" competitors!

    1. Margaret, when I was looking for a part time job in my retirement years, I thought about all the places one could apply in my area. The conclusion was that every time I visited my local Ace store, I remember how friendly it was - like the old "Cheers" TV show - the place where "Everyone Knows Your Name". I thought, I'd really enjoy working in an atmosphere like this one, so I applied and was hired. I've learned from two different Ace stores now that they prefer hiring 'older' people part time because of the good work ethic. So it definitely is 'the place' for me in that regard.

  7. You know, I had to go check if we have them in Ontario - but I knew we did - because I know the name well, and of course we do. I'm sure I've been in them over my lifetime. What a terrific review for the business.

    1. Thanks, Barbara. Ace certainly deserves the good reputation they have earned.


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