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Why Do People Think Personalized Labels are a Good Idea?

Labels are all around us and they tell us all kinds of information!  Useful information that we need to know! (A Product Review)

Labels will let us know what we are eating, where a product is made, if the product is on sale (I have to buy this now) and a host of other information.

Labels can also be used to show people that it is hand made, organic, or new and improved.  Labels are all around us we just have to open our eyes to see the vast array of labels that are waiting for us to "notice".  

But, here it comes, the big BUT!  Many labels are not there for you to notice, rather they are there to identify what belongs to you Mabel's Labels makes this an easy chore!

There are innumerable reasons why you should want to label things that belong to you!  All age categories from young children to the elderly have reason to label their belongings.

Day Care and Schools

Let's start with the younger set!  If you have children that attend a Daycare or Nursery School, applying labels to their belongings will make it easier for the caregivers to identify items belonging to a specific child.  You don't want your child's favorite toy or blanket to inadvertently be given to another child.  Changes of clothing should be labelled as well, so that if an accident happens you know that your child will be sporting their own clothes.  

School age children are always tossing their belongings into the closet and when it comes time to go out for recess or time to go home, they just grab whatever looks like their hat, mitts, boots and more.  If it is labelled there will be no mix ups!  Mabel's Labels has specially designed Back to School Packs of labels just for them.

Of greater importance with school aged children is the possibility of food allergies.  Label their lunches and snacks with specially designed labels!  No more worrying about them getting into someone else's treats, with the resulting visit to a doctor or hospital.  

Organized Sports, Dance and Music Classes

When they start getting into organized sports, the purchase of equipment is a major investment.  Keep their gear easy to recognize and keep it coming home!  No parent wants to keep replacing what they have already bought once before.  For children who take dance classes you can label their shoes and clothing items that may be required.  The same can be said for band classes.  Every instrument and case should be labelled with the name of the musician. No more mix ups with the instruments.

Personalized Labels for Seniors

Now let's move on to those of us who are looking after aging parents or relatives. 
Many seniors are no longer able to live on their own. The family may decide to move their parents into a care facility.  When this happens, labeling belongings becomes an important issue.  Glasses, dentures, hearing aids and so many more small items are not only expensive, but easy to lose.  Sometimes our seniors have dementia or Alzheimer's, and they forget where they put something.  If it is labelled there will be no doubt to whom the items belong.  The labels are very nice to look at and easy to apply.  Shoes, clothes and coats and a myriad of other labels are available.  The seniors themselves learn to look for that label that they recognize.  It helps the staff at the facility and ultimately it will help you too!

Seniors Label Pack

Labels for Everyone Else!

There are labels for you too if you are feeling left out.  Mabel's Labels has a really nice Book Stamp that can be used for those books that you want to keep in your collection.  Place a nice stamp on the inside cover and chances are it will be returned to you after having been borrowed.  How many times do I forget who that Great Book belonged to before I got my hands on it?  If it was labelled, I know I would return it to it's rightful owner.  Mabel's also has a nice Return Address Stamp as well.  So you no longer have to write out your address!  One quick tap and it's all there in black and white.  So easy, neat and clean.

There is one place that you will spend much less time in and that is the LOST AND FOUND!  When things are labelled the chances of them being lost for very long is greatly diminished and so is your frustration and angst.  Make your life easier by using Labels in everyone's belongings.

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  1. Remembering how I used to label clothing for kids going to summer camp, I didn't realize how many other times personalized labels are needed until I read your review. Seniors, daycare, school, etc. Also I now realize that many of my fellow crafters use personalized labels such as 'Handmade by...'. I can see there are many times and places labels are needed.

    1. Yes labeling kids clothes today is much easier than it was in our day. These are really durable and easy to use. Crafts should have their own labels too, Custom Made by......

  2. Durable, waterproof labels that are personalized? What a great idea!

    1. They really are a great time saver and will help keep the kids and their belongings together, where they belong. And the labels last for years........

  3. I remember well the school days of having to label everything! It definitely made it more likely that a misplaced item would be returned to the proper owner. These days, I use a lot of labels myself, especially in the kitchen. And yes, you are quite right about the senior care facilities and needing everything labeled. It is nice to have a design or color that is easily recognized too that is specific to an individual.

    1. Sometimes the needs of the children and of the elderly are very much the same needs. Seniors in care facilities especially should have their personal items labelled. Once they know which label is theirs, they will look for the items on their own.

  4. These are great ideas. I remember how helpful labels were when Mom was in assisted living and then in an alzeheimers unit. It helped to be able to identify her belongings.

    1. So true Mary Beth. Many assisted living places really stress the need to label their patient's belongings. It's just easier than picking a fight with another resident when they are using your mom or dad's things.

  5. and kids at camp in the summertime need tons of labels, too.

    1. Yes indeed, summer camp items do need to be personalized for the sake of your sanity and your children's too.....

  6. Never underestimate the power of a personalized label! Can make life so much easier and organized for all group settings and events!

    1. So true Tracey, kids need to learn early on that being organized and ready for any activities can be easy and fun. With their own personal items in tow, readily marked and easy to spot in any group activity.

  7. These labels would be great at the shelters where I volunteer, too. Often, people donate special gifts (like handmade blankets, etc.) to go home with a specific animal upon adoption. This would make it easy to ensure that the right item went home with the designated dog and family.

  8. Olivia this made me giggle, because years ago when my hubby and I were deep into our real estate careers, he had to label everything! lol, we joked he even labeled the label maker. Labels for seniors is a great idea, especially for seniors in long term care.


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