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Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat By Sky Mats Reviewed

Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat by Sky Mats Reviewed
I would be the first to say, I am extremely surprised that these anti-fatigue mats actually work! 

When we visited our daughter a few weeks ago, she had several anti-fatigue floor mats in her kitchen.  One in front of her sink and one in front of the counter they use when preparing food. Honestly, I thought they were the latest gimmick to separate us from our money.  I stood on one of her mats and thought, "wow, this really is comfortable".

Back home, I promptly ordered two anti-fatigue mats for my own kitchen.  As soon as they arrived, they were immediately placed on the hardwood floor.  Since then, I have prepared two recipes that require a lot of standing time.  Shockingly, I did not hurt after standing for over an hour either time.

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats By Sky Mats 

Make sure you buy the right brand!  I tried several in the local store and most of them slid to easily.  The Sky mats have a backing that holds them in place.  Plus, they have sloped edges.  Therefore, I won't slip and fall.  That non-slip backing is a huge difference when comparing anti-fatigue floor mats.

The Sky Mats are not available in a lot of different colors or patterns.  Getting hung up on "looks" is what caused me to consider a different brand.  I am so glad I tried them in the store first!  I knew I would prefer comfort over appearance. After all, the reason I need the mats is because of the extreme back pain I experience after standing on my hardwood floors for long periods of time.

Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mats by Sky Mats Reviewed

I purchased two different Sky Mats.  They are the same matching color, but they are different lengths.  As you can see in the photos, I have the standard size (20x32x3/4-inch) in front of my kitchen sink.  However, I opted for a longer (24x70x3/4-inch) that covers the area in front of my counter and stove top.  This is totally awesome!  I never have to leave my "cloud of comfort" when preparing, cooking, or cleaning.  Plus, the smaller mat is easy to lift and move if needed.

I enjoy cooking and always hated the subsequent aches and pains.  I no longer have to worry about hurting simply because I need to stand at the counter or stove-top for several hours. That makes the meal so much more enjoyable for me! 

I Highly Recommend These Sky Mats Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

(20" x 32", Brown)"> Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat - 3/4" Cushioned Kitchen Rug and Standing Desk Mat & Garage - Non Slip, Waterproof and Stain Resistant
(20" x 32", Brown)
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(24" x 70", Brown)"> Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat - 3/4"Cushioned Kitchen Rug and Standing Desk Mat & Garage - Non Slip, Waterproof and Stain Resistant
(24" x 70", Brown)
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  1. What an excellent idea. I have a kitchen 'rug' in front of my stove, but these mats would also provide comfort for your back and legs. I will have to go try them out.

    At work I stand behind a cash register and they have similar mats which help a lot as the tile flooring is placed over concrete flooring, so very hard on your legs.

    These anti-fatigue floor mats sound like the perfect thing for kitchen floors or any area where you need to stand for a long period of time.

  2. We have ancient linoleum floors over concrete in our kitchen and standing on them while cooking is really uncomfortable. I’m definitely going to show this review to my husband (he spends a lot of time in the kitchen, too!). I love the fact that it comes in a 70” long version - perfect for our old, galley style kitchen. Thanks so much for researching the various brands and sharing your favorite. I’d definitely go for comfort and non-slip over looks for this type of mat, too!

  3. These have been on my list of things to get. With ceramic floors standing in the kitchen can be painful for me. Anti-fatigue mats would be ideal for my knees. Without them, I've put my running shoes on from time to time to help with the discomfort.

  4. Oh I bet these would work for my knees as well. There are days when I just can't even empty the dishwasher because of knee pain. Thanks for the heads up on these.

  5. Cynthia, these mats are a great idea. I'm not currently taking much time to cook or stand in the kitchen, but my desire is to get back to canning. But I would dread the standing at the counter that it requires. I will remember this review and consider these mats.

  6. Many people spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. While cooking comfort food for others, the cook certainly deserves to have that gift returned. I recently purchased a kitchen mat similar to this to place inside a dog bicycling trailer. While that might sound a little crazy, a dog has sensitive joints too (that get jostled around while bumping down the road or trail). We all deserve comfort and that extra little care that makes all the difference.

  7. Good to know about a brand of mat that does not slip! Great idea for a christmas gift for the cooks!

  8. I just bought one of these recently and they are wonderful!!


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