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The Best Garden Yard Hose for Women - A Review For Women by a Woman!

The Best Garden/Yard Hose for Women!

If the marketing gurus aren't marketing this garden hose to women, they need to get on it!

For years we've known about flexible, retractable hoses for the yard, but never bothered to invest in one.

Maybe it's Covid-shopping-itis, or something like that, but this year was the year we jumped in and bought one of these lightweight, shrinkable garden hoses.

Best. Decision. Ever. 

We've purchased one for the backyard, and now I want one for the front!

I honestly don't think my husband cares one way or the other, but I care! 

Here's the female perspective on this garden/yard hose:

1. It's so light! Yes, that matters. Dragging that heavy water/garden hose around was brutal for me. This lightweight hose is nothing to maneuver! I do mean nothing. I can haul that thing all around the yard without a problem.

2. When it's time to put the thing away, gheesh, it's easy to hang up over the hose holder - why? because it's light.

3. We bought the 50-foot hose for the backyard and it takes up no space at all on the hose holder. Of course, the reason is that it shrinks up when not in use.

4. It's not bulky and ugly. 

5. The other regular hose we had never assembled nicely over the holder. I know you can put the regular type hoses on those standing wind-up hose holders (we have one in the garage for the front yard). However, we didn't want one of those sitting on our backyard patio.

6. When I get up in the morning, I like to water the flowers and grass. It used to be a chore to haul the hose out to do that. Now, I just grab the new lightweight hose and bob's-your-uncle. Job done. No sweat. No effort.

Here's the hose on the holder in our backyard:

Can you believe this is 50 Feet of Garden/Yard Hose? I love this thing!

We purchased our hose at Canadian Tire. However, you can find these just about anywhere, even Costco or Amazon. Here's a popular 100-Footer on Amazon.

In summary, if you're a yard-working-junkie, get yourself one of these!

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  1. They need to make one that can easily be attached to a kitchen faucet too......I have 10 jugs each one is two litres and I refill these 3 times a day to water my balcony garden......sheesh, that's a pain, but necessary especially in hot weather. I will have to look and see if this has an adapter for my use. Thanks Barbara for the heads up.

    1. Makes me wonder if there isn't something already invented for that purpose?

  2. I recently purchased one myself, Barbara, and I definitely agree it is a lot easier to use for washing the car in the driveway and watering. I never liked using those heavy hoses, especially for car washing.

  3. I have a Zero-G expandable hose too Barbara! (I think that might be a different brand name, but they are certainly very similar hoses). I love my lightweight expandable hose! Sooooo much easier to pull around my entire backyard to water plants & bushes. These types of hoses sure make a difference in the physical exertion required to do what should be a simple task.

  4. This certainly sounds like something that I need. I just hate wrapping my garden hose back up after I use it. And, your're right, it is heavy to move around. Great review Barbara!!

  5. Certain gardening and lawn chores can be quite physically taxing! And while lighter weight, maneuverability, and ease of use probably are more important to women, on the whole, I can't think of many men would wouldn't appreciate the advantages of this smart design. (Whether they choose to acknowledge it, to themselves or their spouses, is quite a different matter.) ;)

  6. Your list of why this hose is perfect - IS perfect! On my list, no more wrangling that old green heavy hose1

  7. Bob's your uncle... I love it! Learned some new slang today. I can't wait to use it in my daily life... both the saying and the hose. Fabulous. Love your writing style. Water on!


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