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Columbo TV Series Reviewed


Columbo TV Series Reviewed

Who remembers Columbo? If you grew up in the '70s or even the '90s then you may know who Lt. Columbo is. The series began on NBC in 1971 and ran until 1978. I was so disappointed when NBC canceled the series.

 Then, Columbo was picked up by ABC in 1989 and ran until 2003. I don't think we ever missed an episode. In 1989 we moved to Western New York, not far from home in Pennsylvania. Moving is certainly a stressful undertaking, a new town, new schools for the kids, making new friends. This may sound crazy, but the series coming back was like having an old friend in the living room whenever it aired.

Columbo The Complete Series:

Lieutenant Columbo was played by (Peter Falk) a Los Angeles Police Dept. homicide detective. Columbo was not your typical whodunit mystery. Each episode opened with the crime being committed. So, we all knew from the beginning of the show who did it. This popularized what is called the inverted detective format.

During the rest of the show, we watch Columbo solve the crime with his relentless approach of questioning, picking apart the killers alibi, and bringing them to justice. 

To me, the show was more like a comedy, as he would arrive at the crime scene in his old beat-up car, wrinkled suit, trench coat, and smoking his cigar. The suspects become irritated with his persistence and line of questioning. His famous phrase was "Just one more thing". He came off as an incompetent, bumbling detective. It would always be at the end of the episode when they finally figured out how smart Lieutenant Columbo really was.

Some Fun Facts About Columbo:

  • The clothes he wore in the show were Peter Falk's own wrinkled suit and trench coat.
  • He frequently mentions his wife but she never appears in any of the episodes.
  • Columbo's first name is never mentioned. He is known simply as "Lieutenant Columbo".
  • Bing Crosby was originally offered the role of Columbo.
  • In season two they introduced a Basset Hound as Columbo's dog. The dog's name is never mentioned. 
  • The beat-up car Columbo drove was a 1959 Peugeot convertible, Model 403. I read somewhere that only 504 of these cars were manufactured in 1959.
This TV series is surely a classic we still watch it whenever we can find it on television. I still marvel in the endings when Columbo outwits the killer and finds that one clue the killer didn't count on.

Enjoy watching your favorite episodes with this Columbo Complete Series Edition

Columbo: The Complete SeriesColumbo: The Complete Series


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  1. I remember with pleasure the Columbo TV series. "Oh, just one more thing". :) Peter Falk was perfect for the role and his 'gambit' of tricking the killer into confessing with this apparent stumbling & bumbling around worked every time. The 'reverse' plot (audience knowing the killer at the start) worked beautifully as we all in the audience waited to see how Columbo would maneuver the cast of characters until the killer fell into his trap. It was a very clever ploy and worked well as a TV series. I have friends today who still watch Columbo in syndication.

  2. Now you have made me want to watch the entire series again! I used to love Columbo. There is no way Bing Crosby, or anyone else, could have ever brought that fabulous detective to life the way Peter Falk did. How funny that he wore his own suit & coat in the series too! That is a very interesting piece of film trivia. "just one more thing", Columbo was/is awesome!

  3. We love Columbo. For us it is on every Sunday evening on METV. So if we can't watch it then, I always record it and we watch it sometime in the coming week. I agree with you, it is like a comedy in so many ways and yet is a mystery that you already know the answer and it is fun to watch as Columbo corners the suspect. Thanks for the review.

  4. Perhaps we are dating ourselves a little bit, but, I can go right along with you Sam and say that I never missed an episode of Columbo. Peter Falk was the ultimate investigator with his unflappable way. He just made me smile a lot during every episode. This is one series that I think we as a family enjoyed. Thanks for the run down memory lane.

  5. I am 45 and I remember watching it all the time. I still love it.

  6. We Love watching Columbo!! Peter Falk was amazing and endearing as the insightful Lieutenant Columbo. You're right I don't think his first name is ever spoken and his gorgeous dog was always just "Dog". A series we can watch over and over. Love your review. Just one more thing...

  7. I remember watching Columbo, though it has been eons since I have viewed an episode. It would be fun to watch some of the reruns now that you have reintroduced me to this classic. I think a lot of people find comfort in the regularity of having a favorite show to enjoy every week.

  8. I remember Columbo being on our television. I don't remember who was the fan but I did not watch. Now you have me in the mood to watch some retro tv shows.

  9. My husband was such a huge fan of this series. I watched most of the episodes as well. The way he pretended not to be smart - reminds me of my husband! I swear he's doing that on purpose like Columbo did!


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