Monday, August 10, 2020

Favorite Bird Feeders Reviewed

It has been quite a long time since I fed the birds with a bird feeder! This summer I revisited feeding the birds and have really enjoyed watching the variety of birds which visit daily.

bird feeders

My Two Favorite Bird Feeders

Both feeders are affordable and lower priced. I chose the feeders based on the reviews and of course how well the feeders held up to the creative squirrels.

Am happy to report the feeders have survived a few attacks by squirrels and the squirrels have now decided the feeders are not worth the effort! Score one for the bird feeder.

However when I was filling up one feeder I noticed something very interesting in the bottom of the feeder.... a peanut shell! Obviously, someone... something... something furry must have somehow opened the top of the bird feeder to hide this little peanut treasure!

squirrel in a tree

bird feeder

Lighthouse Bird Feeder

I like the lighthouse design of this bird feeder. While the cylinder design is a positive, there is also some waste when filling the feeder as the seeds can bounce out of the cylinder. Nonetheless lighthouses are a favorite so I recommend filling the feeder at the spot where the feeder hangs so the extra seed stays in the area under the hanging feeder.

lighthouse bird feeder

I placed this feeder on a Shepherd's hook surrounded by foliage and the Shepherd's hook worked great!

Hanging Bird Feeder

After enjoying the lighthouse feeder I purchased a second feeder for another area in the yard to hang on a tree.

hanging bird feeder

This is more the traditional shape of a bird feeder and thus far the squirrels have had no success in attempting entry. It is easy to fill the feeder as the roof simply twists off and the feeder can be easily filled.

Low Maintenance Bird Feeder

My friend relayed how she was feeding the birds outside her window with orange slices! What a great idea and perfect way to use leftover oranges.

bird eating from an orange

bird eating from an orange

bird and orange half

orange in a tree to feed birds

Two years ago we had a robin build a nest on top of the porch light. It was a fun few weeks watching the robin family lay the eggs to the successful flight of the baby robins.
baby robins banner
This year our robin family returned for another successful family event. Last year a robin built a nest on the same porch light, but the nest was abandoned. So this year the nest was a double decker as the 2020 nest was built on top of the 2019 nest.

The robins were again quite protective and became much more aggressive once the babies were born (thankfully the Amazon driver was on board and knew it was necessary to duck when heading for the porch.)

Review This Reviews writer and photographer Mary Beth Granger wrote a Review of the Facts And Photos Of The American Robin . Enjoy her wonderful photos of the American Robin along with the background of the American Robin. 

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  1. Bird feeders bring food to the birds and delight to the bird watchers. Such fun to have a bird feeder (or two) in your yard. And having lived on Tybee Island (GA) for a number of year seeing the Tybee Lighthouse daily, the Lighthouse Bird House you show here really appeals to me. Fun review, Tracey.

  2. We have so many birds in the back off of our deck, and I don't even have a bird feeder. Every year I think about getting a couple of them because I have several places to hang them. Very interesting about the oranges, I've never heard of that before. You just may have convinced me to go out and get some bird feeders.

  3. Having feeders brings so much enjoyment for such a small investment. My hummingbirds are keeping me very busy this time of year. I fill their feeders at least three times a day! They are so worth it. I get a lot of joy out of watching birds and learning from them. They are one of my favorite photographic subjects and having feeders makes it that much easier to catch great shots of them in action. I really like the lighthouse feeder you featured.

  4. I’m on the lookout for a new feeder so I appreciate this post. Thanks for the recommendation

  5. We love watching birds feed at our feeder! And my mother-in-law just mentioned that her hummingbird feeder is past its prime and, since we're always asking for holiday wish lists, she'd love a new one this holiday. The bird feeders you chose not only function well but also more attractive than most! The fact that they're affordable, too, is a bonus.

  6. roflol about the Amazon driver! Your bird feeders are really pretty! I love the copper finish on them. At first glance, I thought I preferred the lighthouse, but after really looking closely at the house, I love that "roof" lid on it. So, like you, I would want both.

  7. Tracey so glad you found a few feeders that fit your needs and the needs of the birds in your area. I have one just like yours at my home and it has held up for years now without any problems. I do get squirrels that manage to feed there, but that's okay. They really don't eat that much and the birds still come. I love seeing them and the oranges stuck on a branch is brilliant.

  8. We've never had a bird feeder, but my mom does and my friends do. My friend has several and is an avid birdwatcher. I actually wouldn't mind setting up a bird feeder, but we have so many squirrels I KNOW they would eat all the food. I do love that Lighthouse Bird Feeder.


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