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Review of Facts and Photos of the American Robin

Robin on a Birdbath photo by mbgphoto
Robin after a Bath

To celebrate the start of spring, I thought I'd share a bit of information and some photos on one of my favorite birds, the Robin.  Here is a poem that I found that celebrates the Robin and the start of spring.

Robin Poem by William Warner Caldwell

From the elm-tree's topmost bough, Hark! the Robin's early song! Telling one and all that now Merry spring-time hastes along; Welcome tidings dost thou bring, Little harbinger of spring: Robin's come!

 Of the winter we are weary, Weary of the frost and snow; Longing for the sunshine cheery, And the brooklet's gurgling flow; Gladly then we hear thee sing The reveille of spring: Robin's come!

 Ring it out o er hill and plain, Through the garden's lonely bowers, Till the green leaves dance again, Till the air is sweet with flowers! Wake the cowslips by the rill, Wake the yellow daffodil; Robin's come! 

Then, as thou wert wont of yore, Build thy nest and rear thy young, Close beside our cottage door, In the woodbine leaves among; Hurt or harm thou need'st not fear, Nothing rude shall venture near: Robin's come! 

Swinging still o'er yonder lane Robin answers merrily; Ravished by the sweet refrain, Alice claps her hands in glee, Calling from the open door, With her soft voice, o'er and o'er, Robin's come!

Robins and Bird Bath

Bathing Robin photo by mbgphotoI have found that Robins love to take baths in our bird bath.  Other birds will stop for a drink, but a Robin will plunge right in for a bath.

In the photo below the Robin has just finished his bath and I caught him sitting on the edge of the birdbath, shaking his tail feathers.  They are so much fun to watch.

Robin drying off photo by mbgphoto

Robins Features

close up of Robin photo by mbgphoto

  • Pot Bellied look
  • Brick Red Underparts
  • Yellow Bill
  • White Chin
  • White Eye Arcs
  • Male has darker head and deeper red underparts than female
The Robin's song is very cheerful.  I often see a lone Robin sitting on the peak of our neighbors roof just singing away for hours on end.  It is always a joy to hear.

Robin photo by mbgphoto

I have found the National Geographic book Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America to be a wonderful guide for information on the birds I find in my backyard. I know I can find all kinds of information about birds online, but sometimes it is just good to hold a book in my hands and look up information on the birds I find in my backyard.

Robins in our area Year-round

Robin in the Snow photo by mbgphoto

Robins are migratory birds, but although we seem to have more in the spring and summer, we do have Robins in our area in the Midwest all year round.  The photo above shows a Robin in the snow.

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  1. Your photographs and facts about the Robin are perfect for the beginning of Springtime, Mary Beth. Your photo of a close up view of the robin describing a Robin's Features is so amazing. It's clarity makes me feel as if I could reach out and touch those satiny looking feathers. Thank you for this visual view of the robins who love the birdbath in your yard.

  2. Oh Mary Beth, these are truly the first signs of spring that I look forward to hearing and seeing. Robins stay here all year long too, but springtime seems to have them singing much more in the early morning. I wish their little song was transferred to my alarm clock. I would wake up so much happier if I heard them singing than that crazy buzzer. Beautiful pictures too, thanks.

  3. What great photos of the American Robin. I love watching them in my yard. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Robins are so prolific in our area, I think I have begun to take them for granted. I appreciate your article and photos which remind me to take notice of their unique beauty and characteristics. They are truly magnificent (as are you photos!)

  5. Is there any bird more beloved in the heartland of this country? They have always symbolized the end of winter to me. I love everything about them and feel great cheer whenever I see or hear one. There have been years when we've had robins all year round here in Colorado. What a delight! Your photos made me smile.

  6. Beautiful photos as usual. I actually learned a little bit about Robins. I'm not a bird watcher, but lately I've started noticing them more in our backyard and have wondered what kind of birds they are. What I know about birds is squat, lol so this review will certainly help me.


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