Monday, March 23, 2020

How to Open Fire TV Remote Reviewed

Cutting the cord from cable can be a challenge. I never thought one of the biggest challenges would be the remote control and batteries! The Amazon Fire TV stick is my main tool to stream television - but one must first insert the batteries into the remote. I was surprised, frustrated and a wee bit befuddled as to why a task so easy can be so hard.

fire tv romote

The version of the Fire Stick I was installing on multiple televisions had a remote control case that I absolutely could not open. No open = no batteries= no fire stick! Frustrating. When it became evident I was close to using a tool to pry the case open, not recommended and not wise, I headed to the internet and a quick search revealed that I was not the only one with issues.

The problem with sliding the remote open to insert the batteries is smoothness of the remote. The directions give a nice tutorial on how to open the two piece remote by sliding the remote apart. Except I and judging from the amount of results on the internet search and many others had issues.

I found this DIY tutorial and problem solved. Using gloves or tape works in a flash to provide the grip needed to open the remote so it easily slides apart to insert the batteries. Sometimes nothing is easy in the quest to cut the cable!

My Favorite Free Services To Cut The Cord

One of the main reasons to cut the cord is cost. My cable-internet bill decreased by over 100 percent by eliminating the cable tv charges. So much of the monthly bill was fees, franchise fees and more fees combined with what seemed a zillion channels I do not watch (and that was the basic cable package!)

I found a wealth of free services to stream entertainment through membership at my local library. The online offerings from your library should be your first stop for free entertainment with the caveat your library must first belong to the services to pass along the membership to you.

Most of the free services do have a monthly limit of downloads; but I have found the limit to be very reasonable. The limit does differ per library.

Kanopy For Indie Films

kanopy banner

Hoopla For TV Shows & Movies

hoopla banner

Freegal For Music

freegal music banner


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  1. It does make you wonder why something seemingly simple can get complicated. I have found the internet invaluable for how-to instructions and advice on many subjects. Need to know? Google it. LOL. Really does help to get advice from others who know how to do what you are attempting to do. My son installed a new garbage disposal in his sink over the weekend and found the online instructions much clearer and easier than the written ones which came with the product.

    1. Amazing how the online DIY directions can be so much clearer than the products!

  2. Tracey, I just had a similar problem opening a new television remote! Sure, the remote looks sleek and seamless but it was not user friendly. I cut the cable cord nearly a decade ago. Then a few years ago I mistakenly went back to cable for just over a year. I've cut the cord again and hope I remember to never give cable companies another try (I use Amazon Prime video, Sling, and youtube for my entertainment). I don't think I've ever heard of Kanopy.

    1. Give Kanopy a try (more user friendly than the remote issues!) :)

  3. Fun review....some times the simpliest things can get so complicated. We have had our Fire TV for a couple of years and love it. It gives us lots of options and now in these times we use the Internet on the Fire TV to watch our church services right in our living room.

    1. I agree, the options are great with the FireTV!

  4. It is amazing how what should be the easiest thing to do, can turn into the hardest and most frustrating. Thanks for sharing the secret to opening a Fire TV remote control to insert the batteries.

    1. Just paying it forward for the next purchaser :)

  5. Gheesh, the simplest things are sometimes not the simplest things! I'll bet a few more users will be searching for a solution to this. I search pretty much everything online, especially for problems like this - because there are always others who have had the same problem.

    1. You know when you start to google a problem and an auto fill in option exists, one is not alone!

  6. You know I have never had to replace the batteries in my Fire Remote. When I do, I will look this up again, so that I don't end up frustrated.....or I will let my other half do it. He's good with that kind of thing.

    1. I'm bookmarking it for my next battery change :) !


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