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Review of The Last of the Moon Girls

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I downloaded the book The Last of the Moon Girls by Barbara  Davis when it was on the July list for Amazon Prime's First Reads.  I probably picked it because I wasn't sure what else to pick, but I was pleasantly surprise when it turned out to be one of the best books I've read in a long time.  In fact when I got to about 50% in the book, I ended up staying up half the night until I finished the book.  I found it to be a delightful read full of interesting characters, an unsolved murder, and some thoughtful messages on forgiveness and finding ones self.

Brief Synopsis of Plot

Lizzy Moon had left the family farm in New Hampshire 8 years before to follow her dream.  She now had a promising career in New York city and no intention of ever returning to the "family" business. The family farm was a "herbal farm" and generations of Moon woman had used their various skills as "healers" to run the farm. Lizzy was to be the last of the Moon girls.

All of this was before Lizzy got a call letting her know her beloved grandmother, Althea, had passed away leaving her the farm.  Still, Lizzy had every intention of returning to pack up the farm and put it for sale.

When Lizzy returns she is met with a farm that is very deteriorated and fields of lavender that are full of weeds.  She is also confronted with the unsolved murders of two girls from 8 years before and insinuations from the towns people that followed her grandmother to her grave.

The book has a wonderful series of twists and turns that causes Lizzy to take another look at her life and what she thinks she wants.

This is an excellent read and I would highly recommend it.  I also think this would be an excellent book for a book club discussion.  There are lots of interesting topics within the book that should lead to a lively discussion.


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  1. I, too, selected this book as my First Reads choice for July. To be honest, I wasn't too sure this was going to be my cup of tea. Well, like you, I was pleasantly surprised. It was easy to empathize with the lead characters (and to care about them). Also, I appreciated the themes of healing, forgiveness, family, and using your gifts for the greater good. Thanks for sharing your take on The Last of the Moon Girls. This would be an excellent book club choice.

    1. Thanks Diana. We must have similar tastes in books because I am thoroughly enjoying the last one your reviewed.

  2. Sometimes a book we are not impressed with by title or jacket description, turns out to be a 'sleeper' - one we are delighted we did not pass by. Glad to hear that "The Last of the Moon Girls" turned out to be such a book for you, Mary Beth. Thanks for sharing a review on it.

  3. Oh, this sounds like a very interesting plot! Now I want to know what really happened to the two girls. I didn't select this book from the First Read choices, but I will have to download it soon to read. Thanks for the great review and recommendation.

  4. There's nothing better to recommend a book than the fact that you couldn't put it down in the middle of the night, LOL. Thanks for a great recommendation.

  5. I chose this book too and absolutely loved it. As you said it would be perfect for a book club as there's so many underlining themes to discuss.

  6. Oh thank you Mary Beth, I love a good book and one that keeps you up till the early hours to finish it, says a lot to me. I will put this on my growing list with a star beside it, to remind me of your Review.

  7. Oh, this book does sound interesting! Your review drew me in and now I'm curious about the full story :)

  8. I didn't select this when it was available as one of the First Reads, and now I'm really sorry I missed the opportunity! I may have to purchase it, as it sounds like something I'd really enjoy.


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