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Review of Blackout Window Panel Drapes - Highly Recommended

A Review of Room Darkening Drapes - Yes. Recommended.

 Let me start this review by getting right to the point; I highly recommend these blackout drapes.

My son selected them for his recently re-vamped bedroom.  Actually, I suggested them (based on reviews and price), and he said "what-ev." Lol. Boys ... I've raised four of them, so I can safely say they are men of few words. However, few words or not, he loves these drapes.

The Nicetown Blackout Window Panels do exactly what they advertise they do - they blackout the light. 

These Drapes Completely Block the Morning Sun

My son's room faces east, so it gets the full morning sun. Certainly, that's a lovely feature when you're awake, not so much when you're trying to sleep.

In the morning, while he was still sleeping, I opened his door expecting to see some sunlight, and to my surprise, there was zero light in the room.

Honestly, I was shocked. I expected there to be some faded light peeking through, but nope, nothing. His room was night-time dark in the morning.

He said, and I quote, "it was so dark, I had to check my clock and was shocked that it was noon." He enjoyed his morning sleep-in. 

Closed Room Darkening Drapes in My Son's Room

How Many Panels Do You Need for a Window

I'm a bit fussy about having too little drape for a window.

My son's window, from outside frame to outside frame, both width, and height, measures 51 inches by 51 inches. However, from the top of the curtain rod to the bottom of the window, the measurement is 54 inches long. 

The choices in size widths are 29, 42, and 70. The length choices are 18, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 84, and 90 inches. 

To ensure proper window coverage, we purchased two sets of the 42 by 63-inch drapes. Thus we have four panels; two panels on each side.

We decided on the slightly longer measurement of 63 inches versus the 54-inch length for fear that the 54-inch drape would be slightly short, and allow the light to peek through.

To completely block the light, make sure the drape seams (where each drape meets) are pulled so that you can't see the window at all. Otherwise, the morning light might peek through.

The finished look of the drapes - open - two sets of drapes

Affordability? Absolutely

We were able to cover this window for under $75 (Canadian). The curtain rod was already installed; just the drapes had to be replaced.

How Many Colors Do These Drapes Come In?

Lots. Lots of colors. When I last checked, there were about 20 colors to choose from.

Would We Rebuy These Drapes?

Yes. In fact, my first granddaughter is due to arrive in August, and we're planning on choosing a set for her room. They're ideal for a nursery since they completely block the morning and day light. 

Check out the bedding we selected for his room here. The bedding is also good value for the money.

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  1. Oh Barbara, I can see how these curtains would be a must have for anyone who loves a little pillow time in the mornings. Blocking out the light would be great for the new granddaughter's room too! I can see how this would help anyone who loves just a little more shut eye on those bright sunny days. Thanks for all the tips too with regards to measuring and buying the right sizes!

  2. Besides young men enjoying a sleep-in, and in addition to a baby's room, my grown up son loves his black out curtains. That's because he literally cannot sleep if there is any light in the room. Besides sunlight, he has a problem with street lights at night in his residential neighborhood, so his black-out curtains solve that problem for him. Thanks for your review, Barbara.

  3. We have been considering buying some black out drapes and these look great! I totally agree with you about buying them a little longer and having 4 panels as I too prefer them to be longer and wider than absolutely necessary. I just think it looks better and especially for blackout drapes will prevent any gaps. These are perfect for anyone who needs to block out light to sleep and will be good for a baby's room. Thank you for a very useful review!

  4. These are the exact same drapes we have on our Livingroom window. Our window faces south so we get a lot of sun in the afternoon and early evening. They really work well especially when we're watching television. They not only keep the sunlight out but in the summer they help keep the room cool. Our window measures about 120-inches across so we have 2 panels per side.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me that we have so much in common Barbara! My son also has black, blackout drapes in his room and I also used 4 panels for full coverage. He loves those drapes! Even in broad daylight, his room is dark. He needed them to keep the room cooler more than for blocking the light, but they are awesome. Many times I have considered putting them in my own bedroom.

  6. Sounds like we’re all on the same page! I, too, prefer curtains/draperies that are longer than the window height and nearly double the width, to allow them to drape attractively. I think these blackout curtains would be great, not only for a bedroom or nursery, but also for a media room (or a living room, den, or other room with a television, as Sam mentioned). I always appreciate your sharing your home decor finds, which always blend nice esthetics with practicality, high performance, and good value for money.


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