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Reviewing a Heated Dog Bowl for Birds


Carolina Wren drinking water from a heated dog bowl in winter
Carolina Wren enjoying the Heated Dog Bowl

I enjoy watching and photographing birds in my back yard.  In order to attract birds to my yard I know it is important to provide a steady supply of food and fresh water. 

For food I fill several different feeders with different types of food.  I love song birds so I make sure to put out a steady supply of black oiled sunflower seeds.  I also put out nyjer seed for the little finches.  I love to attract woodpeckers so I offer both suet cakes and suet pellets.

For water I have a birdbath which the birds love both for drinks and bathing.  This winter has been particularly cold and the bird bath water is always frozen so I searched for a good way to provide fresh water.  I know there are heated birdbaths, but they were a little out of the cost range I was considering.  I read on one of my bird groups that a heated dog bowl works great for birds and is inexpensive so I decided to try that.

Heated Dog Bowl

After looking at several sites I settled on this dog bowl.

This bowl had several features which I find works well.  At one quart it is a good size for my deck.  It is thermostatically controlled so that it only operates when it is necessary.  The bowl has an anti-tip construction and the cord is covered with a heavy duty protector.  It comes in several colors and I chose the bright blue because I was hoping to attract some blue birds and I thought that would look great in the photographs.

I have had the bowl for 2 months now and it has worked great.  It has really been tested the last two weeks when our temperatures have been below freezing the entire time and we've had wind chills in the -10 area.  The bowl has worked perfect and provided water for the birds in the chilling weather.  When it has snowed the snow just melts into the bowl.  I am very pleased  with my purchase and I think my birds are too!

Photographs of Birds at the Water Bowl

Here are some photographs of birds taken at the new water bowl.  First of all it did attract the Eastern Blue Birds I was hoping to get.  I love the way their coloring matches with the bowl.

Eastern Bluebirds drinking water from a heated dog bowl in winter

Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebirds drinking water from a heated dog bowl in winter

Here are some of the other birds enjoying the water. The Robin looks pleased to have some fresh water and the Cardinal and House Finch also enjoy the water.  

Robin drinking water from a heated dog bowl in winter

House Finch drinking water from a heated dog bowl in winter

Male Red Cardinal drinking water from a heated dog bowl in winter

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  1. How clever. I had no idea there was anything like a heated dog bowl. And how perfectly it works as a water bowel for winter birds.

    Lovely photos of all your backyard bird friends, Mary Beth.

  2. Truly really awesome! I can't count how many times I have worried about my birds and hoping they were able to find water during ice and snow storms. Well I was reading, I had a "duh" moment. I was imaging you going out in the snow to fill the water bowls for the birds and then you said the snow melts in them! Well, of course it does!!! This is such a great idea. I appreciate you sharing your discovery. I need a heated dog bowl (or two)!

  3. What a wonderful way to give the birds what they need! I would never have thought of a heated dog dish to accomplish the same task that a heated bird bath would do, especially if it's more cost effective. The birds certainly won't care if it's a dog dish, so long as they have the water they need in these cold winter months! What great find and I will share this with many of my birdwatching friends. Love the Bluebirds and how happy they look! Great job Mary Beth on all counts!

  4. I LOVE this! Thank you for this review. During my last few camping trips I had really wished I could put water out for the birds. But I did not have a suitable container (and someone had relieved me of my bird bath). This is a great idea. It will be a perfect liner for a new bird bath! Adding this on my list of things to buy for the house.

  5. Wow!! what a great idea, it seems to work very well and it certainly looks like the birds love it. As always your photos are the best. Thanks!!

  6. This is a fantastic idea, original and practical. I have to pass this along to my friend's hubby - they're bird lovers, they'll love this

  7. We had snow and ice and biting winds recently here and we were out everyday breaking ice off the birdbaths and refilling them. Of course a short while later they had frozen up again. I was thinking then I could really do with a heated container to help the birds. This heated dog bowl sounds like a really great solution! Your birds look like they are enjoying it and I love your beautiful photographs :)


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