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Ninja Foodi Grill Review


Ninja Foodi Grill Review

Our daughter got this Ninja Foodi Grill as a Christmas gift and I just have to tell you how amazing this kitchen gadget really is.

Fran and I are both retired but we both work part-time jobs. On the days that we work, we don't always prepare a meal for when we get home. 

With the Ninja Foodi Grill, we have a nice hot meal in 30 minutes or less. You can grill, air fry, bake, roast, and dehydrate with the Foodi Grill. Take foods from frozen to grilled juicy perfection in 30 minutes or less.

Ninja Foodi Grill Features and Settings:

Grill Control, Low, Medium, High, and Max

Time Setting button in minutes

Air Crisp Setting

Dehydrate Setting

Roast and Bake Settings

Ninja Foodi Grill accessories

Above is a photo of everything in the Ninja Foodi Grill box:

Recipe Book
Quick Start Guide
Owner's Guide
Foodi Grill
Splatter Shield
Removeable Cooking Pot
Grill Grate
Crisper Basket
Cleaning Brush

The recipe book has 15 great recipes for you to try. There are also charts for grilling, air frying, and frozen food. The charts give you the amount of food, preparation tips, Cooking temperatures, and recommended cooking times. 

Sausage and Grilled Peppers

We made these Sausage and Pepper Grinders, the recipe is on page 26 of the included recipe book. 

Grilled peppers and onions

First, Fran cut 2 bell peppers and one onion and tossed them in a plastic bag with 2 tablespoons of canola oil. 

Then, insert the grill grate and close the hood. Select Grill, set the temperature to low, and set the time to 28 minutes. Then, select start/stop to begin preheating. The unit will beep to indicate that's time to add the food, I love this feature it really takes the guesswork out of preheating. 

Add the peppers and onions on top of the grill grate and close the hood. The timer will begin to count down. Grill the peppers and onions for 12 minutes, when the timer counts down to 16 minutes lift the hood, place them in a bowl and cover with tin foil for later.

Grilled Sausage

Add the sausage and close the hood, the timer will begin to count down again. We cooked the sausage for 7 minutes per side for a total of 14 minutes. The recipe cooks the sausage for 6 minutes per side but I added 2 minutes at the beginning of the process knowing that I wanted my sausage cooked a little more.

Lift the hood and remove the sausage. There will be 2 minutes left on the timer, add your sausage rolls on the grill top and close the hood for the last 2 minutes. Now you'll have nice toasty rolls for your sandwich. These sausage grinders were delicious, I went a little overboard and ate 2 of them myself.

I like the fact you can cook your whole meal by setting one time. We've also made shrimp and fish fillets in the air crisper from frozen to perfection.

Last week I made a couple of ribeye steaks. I brushed them with canola oil, seasoned them, and grilled them for 6 minutes per side, they were a perfect medium-rare. Let's say someone in the family likes their steak cooked medium, all you have to do is leave one steak on the grill and add another minute or two.

So far this has been a great addition to our kitchen gadgets. We've been having a lot of fun experimenting with different foods and time settings.

By the way, the splatter screen, removable cooking pot, grill grate, and crisper basket are really easy to clean.

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  1. Wow. I didn't know there was a countertop grill appliance that did all these things -- grill, air fry, bake, roast, and dehydrate. I've got a tabletop grill, but it doesn't do all that your Ninja Foodi Grill does. Very impressive! And, your sausage and pepper grinders look delicious. Great way to have grilled food when winter snow covers the outdoor grill. LOL.

    1. We are really happy with this one it grills to perfection and the air fryer is amazing. Another appliance added to our counter top/ We are running out of room Thanks Pat.

  2. What an awesome grill & air fryer combination! We have an indoor countertop grill that I absolutely love, but it does not have the air-fryer options. I like the idea of having one appliance that will do both. I would imagine anyone would enjoy having a Ninja Foodi Grill in their kitchen.

    1. This was just a perfect add to our kitchen. We love the air fryer it's so quick and handy and it make the best French Fries We haven't tried any of the other options yet, so far we have used the grill and air fryer.

  3. This is a new one for me -- grill and air fryer in one ! Looks like a great addition for our kitchen too.

    1. Oh, it certainly is a great addition to our kitchen Joan. So far we are very impressed.

  4. This sounds a really great grill and air fryer!! Sounds easy to use and quick to cook. A very good addition to any kitchen. Thank you for a great review!

    1. It is really easy to use and easy to clean. We have nice meals in 30 minutes or less.

  5. I've heard great things about the Ninja Foodi for a while, and it's even better to hear a rave review from a friend, colleague, and experienced cooking enthusiast and "foodie" whose opinions I trust. There has been a rapidly growing trend toward multifunction cooking appliances, but, as with other multifunction devices, too often the quality and/or features of one or more of the integrated functions is compromised. It sounds as though Ninja got it right with the Foodi!

    1. Well, thank you so much for those kind words Margaret. This one so far is amazing, I agree with you Ninja really did their homework and got right on this one.

  6. Looks like there is a kitchen gadget that I need to invest in. being retired means that we really don't want to spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen. So anything that makes that chore easier is a welcome addition in our household. Thanks Sam Monaco, if you like it I'm sure I will too!

    1. I'm sure you will like and use this Olivia. It is so easy to use and there is so much you can do with this.

  7. I would love to have this. This would be an appliance on the counter that I would actually use. I was considering an air fryer because it was recommended as particularly handy when you're on Keto. The grill combo is very appealing.

    1. I really like the grill feature Barbara, we just made some nice juicy cheeseburgers jus last night on the grill.

  8. I am impressed! It is going on my wish list. Thank you


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