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Relief for Migraine Sufferers with Cold Rice Packets Reviewed - Heated for Muscle Pain Relief

Eye Pillows

Years ago I learned the secret to getting some relief from migraine headaches by using rice filled cold compresses directly on my forehead. Used behind my neck, it will often relieve the nausea that accompanies migraines. 

I made cold rice compresses with kitchen towels for myself and to give as gifts for Christmas over 25 years ago.  I simply made the kitchen towels into "bags" by sewing the sides and ends together and filling them with a package of rice.  I used mine for decades.  However, I recently purchased eye pillows on Etsy filled with rice to replace my threadbare towel rice packs.

The rice packs can also be heated in the microwave for 15 - 20 seconds to apply to aching muscles or sore shoulders.  I made one towel rice pack for heating. 

Rice will mold around the area of your body which helps distribute the heat or cold.  In both cases, the rice "weights" the pack and holds it in place, unless you move.

While the cold packs will not cure a migraine, they do bring some relief while waiting on medication to work its magic.  The cold rice packs are absolute miracles themselves on their effectiveness to relieve nausea

Eye Pillow Face Rice Pack on Etsy

I love these extra-large eye pillows!  Because these eye pillows cover forehead and checks, they effectively shut out light, which is also imperative to migraine sufferers.

I keep my eye pillows in my freezer at all times.  Therefore, they are immediately ready when needed. 

 XL eye pillow/face rice pack:
Migraine & sinus relief hot/cold pack
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You can opt to have your eye pillows scented. I chose "Scent: none" because fragrance of any kind will increase the pain of my migraines.  

I purchased two eye pillows.  That way, when the first one starts to warm to room temperature, I can grab the second one from the freezer when returning the first to re-chill. 

My migraines normally last for hours but the pain lessens after the first hour or so once my medicine kicks in.  Unfortunately, some other family members suffer with them for days.  Granted, mine were much longer lasting when I worked full time and couldn't immediately grab a cold press and medicine.  I have vivid memories of coming home from work in great pain and sticking my head in the freezer for relief.  It really is easier to lay down with a cold rice filled eye pillow than to stand with your head in the freezer.

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  1. Thank you for this review!!!! I keep a washcloth in a baggie in the freezer for migraines. You are correct, it doesn't cure the migraine but it helps to relieve some of the pain. At least it does for me. I love the idea of the rice packet: the weight and the coolness of the packet would feel good on my head. I am very glad to know about these. Thank you!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I will have to show this article to my daughter. Both she and her hubby suffer from migraines. I'm sure they would appreciate having some of these rice packs on hand for relief.

  4. Thank goodness I don't suffer from migraines. What a great idea these rice cold and heat packs are. They would be perfect for any aches and pains. I wish I would have thought about this when Fran broke her leg. We had such a hard time getting the ice pack adjusted to where it was comfortable for her. Thanks!

  5. My husband suffers from migraines, and I feel so bad for him during the interval between the time when he takes his migraine medication and the time it finally starts to give him some pain relief. I'm definitely going to order one of these for him! Thanks so much for the review and recommendation.

  6. Thank you for the very useful and practical tips- and your freezer sense of humor - even when in pain!

  7. Oh I'm so happy to hear that you have found something that will help you when this distress comes upon you. I have never suffered a migraine headache, but, many of my friends have and I know they can be debilitating. I will pass this information along to them in the hopes that it can give them some relief as well. Thanks Miss Mouse for sharing your ideas for relief with us.

  8. What an interesting review!! Thank you for these helpful tips.

  9. I could certainly use those from time to time. I'd probably use it on other parts of the body too. Knock on wood I've never had a migraine, but this could be a useful gift for a family member that I know suffers from them.

  10. This sounds a great help for migraines. My Dad used to get migraines really bad and I do get them but only about once or twice a year. I am glad you found something that does help and you can use easily. I agree it is important to shut out light. I don't usually need any meds if I catch it early at the first symptoms, shut out light and rest a while. Like you I would certainly choose the non scented option.The eye pillow looks very comfortable, I think this would be useful for anyone who gets migraines.

  11. I purchased one of this for my husband, who gets migraines. Knock wood, he hasn’t had one yet since it arrived, but he loves it and can tell how helpful it will be for both migraines and regular headaches, as well as sinus pressure. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

    1. I do not wish for him to need it anytime soon, but I would love to hear his thoughts when he does need it. For me, it really is a miraculous thing!


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