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OXO Good Grips POP Container Review

 I have been searching for large canisters for my kitchen but none seemed to suit me. The cute canisters were too small or didn't seal. The large canisters weren't a nice shape or were far too expensive. I recently came across the OXO Good Grips POP containers and purchased just one for a test run. I was skeptical of the fit of the lid. But after filling the first container with flour, I quickly bought 5 more containers because I liked the first one so much.

I need more organization and better pest-proofing. In an apartment, with an extremely small kitchen space, I can never seem to store everything in a way that makes sense and allows me to access everything I need easily. Organization has become even more difficult during these times of social distancing and remote working. Between trying to make fewer trips to the store and stocking up when things are available, my kitchen has been bursting at the seams. In addition to the space issue, the pest issue has been more troublesome. Dry goods (especially flour, rice, and pasta) have potential for the presence of insects in the cleanest of kitchens. Then add neighbors and a rental situation on top of that and food loss is increasingly possible.

OXO Good Grips POP Containers

The OXO Good Grips POP containers are clear, hard plastic (BPA free) canisters with lids that have a softer plastic/rubber gasket. 

The lid has a push button that breaks the airtight seal and allows the lid to be opened. I love that it operates with one hand. Push the button, release the seal and the button pops up, and the lid can be lifted off with one hand. My other hand is free to continue stirring or doing other things. (Do not attempt to carry the containers by the lid button. If the button is up, the lid is not secure.) Press the button down, it is flush with the top, and the lid is sealed.

The containers are stackable which saves space.

The containers are clear - making it easy to see the contents of each one.

These OXO canisters can be found locally or on Amazon. I purchased mine first container at Target and  the remainder via Amazon. At that time - using Prime free shipping - they were several dollars less expensive through Amazon and arrived at my doorstep.

Living in a metro area, I fell into the habit of stopping at the grocery store every 2-3 days on the way home from work. I tended to buy what I needed for only the next few days. We our area closed down I could easily be out of flour after one or two batches of biscuits or loaves of bread. I would be out of pasta after just a few meals. During the pandemic shut-down, I occasionally had to stop at 3 different grocery stores to get the ingredients for a single meal. With these containers, I can keep a larger amount of food and be less reliant on multiple trips to the store. 

I am also happy to have found the OXO canisters as they are exactly what I want in my future kitchen. My home is under constructions. The kitchen there will be small but over two times larger than the kitchen in my apartment. In the new home, I will have both a pantry and open shelves. I have always imagined clear containers on those shelves; making it easy to spot what I am looking for and always know quantities without having to open containers and look in. In the pantry, I have always imagined containers that can stack. 

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It seems I am not the only Review This Contributor who trusts the OXO brand. Margaret reviews the OXO bread pan. She writes "I discovered the OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Baking Pan line while researching options for replacing my old Teflon nonstick baking pans with ones that had newer, more durable, and safer PFOA-free coatings". Read her full review here.

I still love my biscuit jar. The jar is not airtight but is perfect for housing fresh biscuits or cookies on the countertop. There is nothing better than having A Jar Full of Biscuits. These biscuits are one of the reasons I need so much flour on hand. Yum!

A biscuit worthy of display in a jar on the countertop.

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  1. For sure Dawn, kitchen storage seems to be more difficult these days. We have the same containers for cereal, flour, sugar, and more. It has really helped us organize things in the kitchen and makes them so much more accessible.

  2. I have had clear glass cannisters for 50 years, with lids that fit inside the tops, and never had a bug problem. But they are heavy and need two hands to use. These Oxo containers look to be more practical in today's kitchens. I'd also like some for cereal and pastas. Thanks for giving me an alternative to food storage.

  3. I love the clear containers! For many years, I used Tupperware for my baking ingredients, but they are not clear. OXO has certainly become a reliable name for kitchen essentials. I think of them mostly for kitchen tools, like spatulas and turners, but I see they really do have a much more extensive line thanks to these reviews. Thank you so much for broadening my knowledge about OXO. I'm excited to see they have a wonderful clear container line.

  4. Good kitchen food storage is so essential. I like using jars and containers that are mouse and insect proof for storing food in our larder and when we eventually get the kitchen done we will have more shelving and great storage like these look so much more organised!I always seem to need more storage. The Oxo containers look perfect for the job!

  5. OXO Good Grips really is a wonderful brand (thanks so much for referencing and sharing my recent review of their pro non-stick loaf pan!). I have yet to make a purchase from this company that I wasn’t pleased with. I also own several OXO Good Grips POP containers, but in smaller sizes than the large canister sizes you are using for bulk food storage. I love that they are transparent, not just translucent, so it’s easy to see the contents and its condition. I also love the tops that provide a tight seal, yet are easy as pie to open and close! I can definitely second your recommendation of these excellent containers.

  6. Okay this article hit home with me. I have started to buy products at the bulk barn because they are cheaper than the small packages available in the supermarkets. But when I get home with all my goodies, I don't have nice containers to put them in. You hit a home run with these ones for me, thanks! Thank goodness, I don't seem to have a pest problem in my apartment, buy who knows it is possible. So do it before you have the problem. Thanks Dawn Rae!

  7. These are really nice. I have the tall clear containers I use for pasta - mine are very old and not this quality brand. I'm looking for small containers for my son's recent cookie fling he's been on. These might actually work if they have really small ones? Clear quality containers like this are so handy in the kitchen.


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