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Home Storage Cabinet

Home Storage Cabinet
Home Storage Cabinet - Reviewed

Sometimes finding more storage space in your home can be a real challenge. As a Christmas gift, our daughter got us three sets of large bath towels.

Now, the challenge for us was where to put them. We decided on a small storage cabinet for our bathroom. I measured the space we had available and we began to search.

We decided on this Bar Cabinet with wine storage from Bush Industries. Now I know this sounds crazy you are probably wondering why on earth would we buy a wine storage cabinet for bath towels.

Well, let me tell you why. This is the most versatile storage cabinet I have ever seen. It measures 32-inches wide which is a perfect fit for the space we had available. The 42-inches high was great because Fran did not want a tall cabinet, and 16-inches deep makes it a perfect fit for the large towels.

This cabinet is designed to be used for a variety of uses. You can use this cabinet as a Coffee Bar, or Wine Cabinet, or general storage in an office, kitchen, or bathroom. So, if you are looking for some added storage around the house this cabinet will fit the bill.

Wine and Storage Cabinet Features:

Two accented glass doors with tempered glass.

Three fixed shelves.

Four adjustable shelves.

The Stemware rack will hold a dozen 12-ounce wine glasses.

The shelves will hold nine bottles of your favorite wine.

Wine Storage Cabinet

Bush Industries is a leading manufacturer of ready-to-assemble furniture for your home, office, or business. Offering a variety of desks, workstations, bookcases, storage furniture and so much more.

The unit was very well packaged, I found no damaged parts. Every part was labeled and easy to read. Each piece of hardware was packaged separately and labeled with the part numbers so there was no guesswork as to what screw went to what part.

The instructions were quite easy to follow and they tell you what steps to skip if you’re just setting the cabinet up as a storage cabinet.

The above photo is from the instruction sheet. On the left, it shows just a storage cabinet, on the right, it shows the wine cabinet.

When I first saw this I was concerned, I thought how am I going to know how to set this up without the wine storage. 

But not to worry, as I stated above the instructions tell you what steps to skip to set the cabinet up for just storage.

After we set this up as our bathroom storage for the towels. I assembled the adjustable shelves with the wine racks and set them on shelves in my basement. Now I have a wine rack for nine bottles of wine.

Bush Furniture Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage, Pure WhiteBush Furniture Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage, Pure WhiteCheck the Price


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  1. How interesting that a wine cabinet also works for general storage. I have had Bush furniture in the past and it is a good quality product. By the looks of your new cabinet, it appears to be the perfect storage space for your new bath towels. Well done, Sam.

    1. I'm so glad that you had good luck with Bush Furniture Pat. It was a no brainer for us because this is where I work.

  2. Oh I like the look of this cabinet. It would fit in with anyone's decor and I bet you can paint it any color if you wanted to. How practical and nice looking. I can imagine it looks fantastic in your space with beautiful towels right there! Great find Sam Monaco!

    1. It is such a versatile cabinet Olivia, and it does fit perfect in the space we have. No need to have to paint it as they offer it in several different colors. I guess that should have mentioned that in my post.

  3. What a beautiful cabinet! I love the glass panels. My parents just bought and assembled a similar storage cabinet. Theirs is shorter & longer, but suited their needs just as your suits the space you had available. I am quite tempted to get one. As you say, there is never enough storage space. I just need to find an open space to put one and decide the style. I love that you took the remaining wine shelves and used them in your basement. Never let a get shelf go to waste!

    1. For sure Cynthia, it seems there is always room for more storage no matter where I look in the house. Finding a space is another issue. I just couldn't resist when I saw the shelves sitting there and not turning them into wine racks.

  4. What an attractive, versatile cabinet, Sam! I can see it working well with many different styles of home decor, How clever of you and Fran to have seen the potential of a wine cabinet for bathroom storage! It’s great that you found one that is also well made and had well labeled, complete parts and clear assembly instructions! I can even envision someone using it with the wine rack inserts for storing towels rolled into cylinders, vs. folded flat. Wonderful find!

    1. Thant's is certainty what we liked about this cabinet was the many uses for it. I like the idea of rolling the towels in cylinders and may try that.

  5. That is a lovely cabinet. Excellent choice. It's simple yet very stylish. It's great to choose a cabinet like this because as you know already, it can be used most anywhere in the home - in case you need to switch up your decor. Very nice!

    1. It is a perfect fit for the space we have and yes there are so many other places it will fit and be very useful.

  6. We are always looking for effective versatile storage solutions and this is a great cabinet! I like that it could be used in many rooms and will fit into most styles of homes really. I like the glass panels and the fact there are adjustable shelves too. Thank you for a great review!

    1. The glass panels really give this unit a little class. Bush Industries offers so many office and storage solution for your home.


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