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A Handy Pinterest Tool That Predicts Future Trends

Review of a Pinterest Tool That Predicts Future Trends

Most of us don't choose what to write about based on what is popular. However, there are specific exceptions. For example, if you have a Home Decor website (as I do), you may want to feature trending products or ideas that are projected to be the current year's rage.

I have to admit, I rarely approach selecting a funky home decor item to write about based upon its popularity. However, I also don't just select items willy-nilly either.

When I'm featuring a product on, it's because:

  1. It's different, funky, and something everyday decorators would not consider.
  2. It's a home decor item loaded with color, design, and style.
  3. It's a product that a select group of home decor junkies tends towards.
  4. It's a creative item or idea that can be added to existing decor.
  5. It's through the roof expensive! For the shock value alone.
  6. It's through the basement inexpensive! Shock value savings.
  7. It's bright, cheerful, and, most of the time, not a neutral color.
  8. It's popular, but only for its originality.
  9. It's a common item, with uncommon prints and designs.
  10. It's bizarre but very cool.
However, there's a particular Pinterest Tool that I do use once in a while to see what future trends for the year will be. After all, who better than Pinterest to be able to compile shopping trends and data?

Pinterest Business - Pinterest Predicts

Have you ever taken a look at this part of Pinterest?

It's interesting to read their stats on a projected year-over-year increase in trends.

When you're over there, you'll notice that the categories are broken down for you: Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Food, Home, Parenting, Well-Being, and more! You'll be able to see each category clearly.

What Information Are You Provided on Each Category?

Click the category you're interested in, and you'll see some easy-to-read information on the popular trend(s) for it. 

You'll be provided with a previous year versus current-year estimation of the global increase in stats/searches/interest items within that category. You'll see easy-to-read and understand percentages broken down by category for items/products/interests.

Since my niche for Funkthishouse is funky home decor, obviously, I had to check out the "Home" category. The projected popular item for 2021 is "Vibey Lights." 

Pinterest points out that Gen Zs (born in the late 1990s to early 2000s) are very much into mood lighting for their rooms. As soon as I read that, I thought, yep, bang on! I have a Gen Z'er in my house, and he's been into LED ambient lighting for several years now. His room features LED lights; behind his piano, behind the bed headboard, and behind his desk; it's lovely.

You can view a collection of vibey-mood lighting here. Most of the products featured at that link are popular LED strip lights.

My son recently purchased these 'vibey' LED strip lights. I highly recommend them. They went up easy, and so far, work perfectly. Oh, and they're not expensive!

Have You Used Pinterest Trends - Another Handy Tool

Pinterest Trends ( gives a breakdown of the top weekly trends by country. You can search by item or category - whatever you want.

I use Pinterest Trends to find popular pins. I like to share a variety of pins, and of course, that includes popular pins. 

Go take a peek at both tools; they're a bit addictive!

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  1. Barbara, How very interesting this link is. I really never knew this existed on Pinterest. I've already booked marked it so I can take some time later to investigate. Thanks so very much for this review.

    1. Can you imagine the data Pinterest has on shoppers and habits! as good as Google and Amazon I bet!

  2. What fun to have a tool like this Pinterest trend predict tool. I've often wondered if there was a way to see what's popular in various categories as that information could benefit me in my Etsy store featured products plus for blogging ideas. Thanks, Barbara.

    1. PS: I know about the mood lights, etc. popularity. My 18-year-old grandson has said lights over, around and under his computer station and works on his PC in the dark so he can easily see the lights. LOL. Must make him happy, as he smiles while he's working. :)

    2. Lol, our GenZs are into exactly what they say is trending! I guess word has spread amongst them haha. I think this data could indeed benefit your Etsy store.

  3. I've seen that page several times, but you just made me view it in a different way. I'll never really consider using it until today. Now I can see that it may well be beneficial, especially when I am completely stumped and out of ideas. Thank you!

    1. Yah, we may never want to write about what's trending there, but who knows, perhaps one or more will coincide with our sites and interests from time to time :)

  4. I had never noticed this feature on Pinterest, I need to go investigate it! It sounds like a fun and interesting way to see what the trends are and I like that it is broken down into categories. Thank you for sharing this Barbara.

    1. It's so handy - I frequently check pinterest trends, just to stay informed

  5. Barb, I wasn’t aware of either of these links until now, and boy, are they interesting! I really like your way of using them as tools to find trending topics/products to write about, and popular/trending posts to share on your boards.

    1. It's interesting to see what trends isn't it! I checked the projections for DIY stuff, and wow, I hadn't even heard of what that is - you'll have to check it, I even forget the name - or maybe it was under hobbies? I can't recall

  6. Thanks for this additional information on Pinterest! I did not know this before and will see if it fits into what I like to write about. I appreciate this and I'm already hooked!

  7. Barbara, I have seen these tools before but I had not thought about them recently. Thanks for a great reminder and sharing a post that will help plan future posts!

  8. Very interesting article. Thanks for the information.


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