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Reading, The Gift that is Helping Many Through "Covid" Times

Through these last few months many friends have taken up reading to get them through lock-downs and the inability to be with others!

Reading books can take you away from where you are, just let the words sink into your mind.  You could be travelling to India, Switzerland, Russia, the Historical Midwest or a thousand other places.

It is all possible within the covers of a good book!  But where, oh where do you find all those GOOD BOOKS?  Let me help you with that!

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Review This has always had a wonderful group of writers that are willing and able to  share their reading preferences with you.  Everyone loves a good novel, autobiography, the latest How To, and so much more.

Sometimes we are drawn to a book because it has spent some time on the Best Sellers Lists of several Newspapers, The New York Times for example.  Other times we are drawn to a book because other literary giants are endorsing this new Title or Author.  Or if we are Amazon people,  they also rate their books too!

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There are several ways to find out what's trending in reading materials and also several places to find totally new authors and titles.  

If you are a member of GOODREADS, you can sign up for their newsletters and see what others are reading.  If you don't know about GOODREADS, then you can sign up here! You can also recommend books to friends who are also members of this reading community.  I love Goodreads, because it helps me keep on  track to reading a certain number of books a year.  It's also a great place to leave a review and even follow an author. 

Why would you want to follow an author?  Well I can think of a few reasons.  If you really like a book they have written and you are following them, you might be one of the first to know when a new title is coming out.  You can sometimes join an authors night and hear what this person has to say about their own books, giving you insights that may not have come across at first reading.  But most importantly you are part of the group of people who encourage an author to continue honing their skills in telling a story. 
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There are two more places that I love to find my next book to read.  These are two places where you can get Advanced Readers Copies (ARC).  These books have not yet been published, but are made available to avid readers.  Their only conditions are that you leave a review for the author!   Netgalley is one and Voracious Readers is the other!

Each of these sites are geared to new authors and new titles!  You can sign up with them and they will want an indication of your preferences.  Simple to do!  Then just watch your email "inbox".  It is that simple and that easy to do.

You will need an electronic book, Kindle or iPad to download the books.  These are electronic books you will be receiving.  Once you download them, you are free to start reading and enjoying a new author!

Facebook also has a page I love to find new books on.  My Book Tribe  has about 12,000 plus members.  Quite often new authors and established ones will have book give aways that you might be interested in.   If not, it's still a great place to find new titles and new authors.

Of course right here on Review This Reviews you can find lots of great books that have "our" stamp of approval. Just clicking on the Tab at the top for Books and a whole list will drop down for you!  Read a review and then get your book, it's that simple.

Just remember, that reading can take you to places, when you have no where to go!

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  1. I feel exactly the same way, Olivia. To me, reading is one of life's great pleasures. I read every day and sometimes ALL day. I average about 3-4 books per week. Speaking of the newest published books by favorite authors, my local library recently began a program called First Reads. They give you a list of authors and you circle your favorites. The info is put into their computers and a pending ON HOLD list is generated. When the library acquires the newest book by one of your authors, you get a notice that the book is available to check out. So you get to be one of the first to read it. An easy way to learn when your favorite authors have new books out. I once saw a sign in a bookstore that stated "BOOKS: Affordable, Portable, and Memorable." That says it all. :)

    1. Oh Miss Elf, 3-4 a week, I'm not that far yet. I get maybe 2-3. I forgot to mention the local library. We have a system called Libby where you can search for a book by author or title. They also provide lists generated by their own librarians. I like the sign, Affordable, Portable and Memorable work for many of the books I have read and will read. Thanks for stopping in and reading my review.

  2. Olivia, reading is definitely one of the best guilt-free pleasures, especially when the need for social distancing limits our options for how, and where, to spend our time. These are great suggestions for finding new (or new-to-us) books to escape into and capture our interest and imagination!

    1. Guilt free and usually containing no calories or carbs, so really great for us Keto people. Escapes in our days of isolation keeps me sane and interested in the world. Stories are wonderful ways to pass the time when we can't be with friends and family!

  3. I have always loved to read. Finding excellent books can certainly be a challenge. I remember scouring the library when I was a teenager, asking for recommendations from the library and searching out a good book. It is truly awesome to have so many additional resources, recommendations and reviews now. I haven't been on Voracious Readers. I will definitely need to check out that site soon! Thank you for the information.

    1. I'm sure you will enjoy the variety available to you at Voracious Readers. Let me know if it works for you! One thing is certain, there will always be a book to read if you join a few of these sites.

  4. Books are for sure the perfect gift. Fran reads much more than I do. So I never know what to buy her in fear that she has already read it. I buy gift certificates for her at our local book store. I love those reasons for reading, especially numbers 4 and 5. Thanks Olivia.

  5. Gift certificates are the way to go when your wife reads a lot. No sense in buying something she has already read. Today Book Stores are so much more than books too! Great idea Sam!

  6. I am so thankful I have loved to read since childhood. What a blessing. Reading for me is an instant adventure, surprise, entertainment and/or education. I am a member of My Book Tribe and Friends and Fiction on Facebook. I will check out Voracious Readers. Thank you.

  7. Olivia, thank you for this. From the other perspective (writer versus reader) I appreciate all the resources you listed here to find books. I've been looking to expand outside of Amazon. Thank you!!

  8. I too have always loved to read and now it is so much easier to find books. I love all of your suggestions Olivia and already use many of them. Thanks for an excellent review.

  9. I grew up in a home where there were books in almost every room and we just loved all manner of books and reading. My hubby and I now have the same in our home! A home without books just doesn't feel right to me! I still love reading and you are right books can take us anywhere, even while we cannot currently go there ourselves. Thank you for your recommendations about where to find great books and I Love your 5 Facts about reading :)

  10. As one who is reading her way through the current situation with the virus, I appreciate additional ways to seek out and find my next book. Thanks for these ideas, Olivia.


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