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Friday, February 26, 2021

Relief for Migraine Sufferers with Cold Rice Packets Reviewed - Heated for Muscle Pain Relief

Eye Pillows

Years ago I learned the secret to getting some relief from migraine headaches by using rice filled cold compresses directly on my forehead. Used behind my neck, it will often relieve the nausea that accompanies migraines. 

I made cold rice compresses with kitchen towels for myself and to give as gifts for Christmas over 25 years ago.  I simply made the kitchen towels into "bags" by sewing the sides and ends together and filling them with a package of rice.  I used mine for decades.  However, I recently purchased eye pillows on Etsy filled with rice to replace my threadbare towel rice packs.

The rice packs can also be heated in the microwave for 15 - 20 seconds to apply to aching muscles or sore shoulders.  I made one towel rice pack for heating. 

Rice will mold around the area of your body which helps distribute the heat or cold.  In both cases, the rice "weights" the pack and holds it in place, unless you move.

While the cold packs will not cure a migraine, they do bring some relief while waiting on medication to work its magic.  The cold rice packs are absolute miracles themselves on their effectiveness to relieve nausea

Eye Pillow Face Rice Pack on Etsy

I love these extra-large eye pillows!  Because these eye pillows cover forehead and checks, they effectively shut out light, which is also imperative to migraine sufferers.

I keep my eye pillows in my freezer at all times.  Therefore, they are immediately ready when needed. 

 XL eye pillow/face rice pack:
Migraine & sinus relief hot/cold pack
Check Price


You can opt to have your eye pillows scented. I chose "Scent: none" because fragrance of any kind will increase the pain of my migraines.  

I purchased two eye pillows.  That way, when the first one starts to warm to room temperature, I can grab the second one from the freezer when returning the first to re-chill. 

My migraines normally last for hours but the pain lessens after the first hour or so once my medicine kicks in.  Unfortunately, some other family members suffer with them for days.  Granted, mine were much longer lasting when I worked full time and couldn't immediately grab a cold press and medicine.  I have vivid memories of coming home from work in great pain and sticking my head in the freezer for relief.  It really is easier to lay down with a cold rice filled eye pillow than to stand with your head in the freezer.

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Monday, February 17, 2020

Reviewing the Muscle Max Massage Ball

The Muscle Max Massage Ball looks like a gimmick. It looks like an over-sized, hard rubber tennis ball with grooves. However, it is somehow much more than that and has helped me immensely with pain relief. After the first time I used one I knew I had to have one of my own. 

Reviewing the Muscle Max massage ball on

The Backstory

I have had migraines and a constant daily headache since the late 1980s. Relief has been elusive. And costly. The causes of migraines are as individual as each person that has them. In my opinion, that is what makes them difficult to treat. I have recently found pain relief with treatment and the Muscle Max Massage Ball by Epitome Fitness is a part of that treatment. 

I have started treatment that has included chiropractic, dry needling, stim/heat treatment, stretching and exercise. With this treatment, I'm experiencing greatly reduced pain and actually have some days with no pain at all.

The Muscle Max Massage Ball

The physical therapy portion of my treatment began with the initial focus of loosening me up and increasing range of motion. The pain over the decades had kept me in a constant state of gritting teeth and shrugged shoulders. When the PT staff handed me this little rubber ball, I was so skeptical that I nearly laughed. But I did as instructed.

Standing against the wall, I placed the ball between my back/shoulders area and leaned back. As I moved my body up and down or side to side, the ball gave a deep muscle massage. I could adjust the pressure by how hard I leaned back. Finding a knot in my muscle, I pressed back and rubbed until I could feel the knot loosening.

It was so effective that I left my appointment and hopped on Amazon to order my own Muscle Max Massage Ball.  

A few descriptive blurbs from the Epitome Fitness site:

  • high density rubber
  • trigger point massage grid
  • provides Myofascial Release therapy (MFR)
  • relaxes contracted muscles
  • improves blood circulation

The Epitome Fitness site also highlights a few different ways to use the ball.

Clearly, the Muscle Max ball is only one piece of my recovery. I would not say that it alone cured my migraines. I would say that it immediately feels good and I can feel improvement each time I use this strange rubber ball. With daily use, the tension in my shoulders has released dramatically and my range of motion has increased noticeably.

Important Note: I am not a doctor or physical therapist. If you have chronic pain or health problems, as always, consult your provider before beginning a new treatment or exercise. 

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Monday, July 31, 2017

Review of a Great DIY Back Pain Relief Tool

Body Back Buddy on Amazon
A co-worker has brought a pain-relief tool to the office and has offered to share. I have since used this Body Back Buddy self-massage tool multiple times to find relief for chronic pain and to help relax my shoulders and back. If you experience chronic pain in your back or shoulders, this little gadget may also be helpful to you. I know that it has been so helpful to me at work that I'm ordering one of my own to keep at home.

Migraines and the Search for Pain Relief

My co-worker and I suffer from chronic migraines.  She and I are constantly discussing ways we find relief and things that are not as helpful. When she brought this massage tool to work my initial thought was that it was a gimmick. But I gave it a try anyway. With chronic migraines,  you become willing to give most anything a try.

As soon as I picked up this plastic hook with knobs, I found relief. It was intuitive to use. I just hooked it up over my shoulder and started "rubbing" the knots near my shoulder blades and spine.  

I had thought the hard plastic knobs would be uncomfortable. But the hardness of the knobs was, in part, what makes it so effective. And the curve of the item helped me to apply hard pressure to my tender spots. I was able to both press against and rub the stubborn knots as well as run the plastic knobs up and down my spine. 

Tender Points or Muscle Knots?

My sibling is officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and talks about her tender points and pain. We compare notes. I have similar painful points that I call my "traveling bumps". There never seems to be an explanation for the location of these tender areas.  I have not been officially diagnosed with Fibro and while my pains may be caused by whatever causes my migraines, the pain is similar to my sibling's Fibro. I am planning on suggesting that my sister give the Body Back Buddy a try.

This massage tool has been wonderful at reaching and releasing my painful "traveling bumps" no matter their origin.

Three of my four favorite moves with the Body Back Buddy (photos courtesy of Amazon)

The Pros and Cons of the Body Back Massage Tool

There are many pros and only a couple of cons that I have found with this wonderful pain relief tool. I am sure that you'll have your own opinion of the Body Back Buddy massage tool, but this is my list:

Body Back Buddy Pros:

  • immediate relief where you are - without the time commitment and expense of massage appointments
  • heavy duty and sturdy plastic - it does not feel as though it will break while in use
  • the curve and placement of the knobs are intuitive - I picked it up and used it effectively without looking at any instructions
  • compared to other pain relief tools and mechanical massagers - it is very affordable
  • I can easily massage my neck, spine, shoulders, and back with this tool (it also massages your feet, but I have kept my feet off of it, since it is borrowed)
  • the Body Back Company has made this, in the US, since 1995 and has a good track record and good reviews

Body Back Buddy Cons:

  • beware of copies and knock-offs that seem to be more cheaply made and less sturdy
  • it is large and can't be hidden in a small bag or purse for transport
  • I am overweight and cannot do the technique that involves placing the Back Buddy around my middle (seen below) 
the only technique I cannot do (photo courtesy of Amazon)

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Over time, I have found that peppermint essential oil often eases migraine pain. I use Dr. Bronner's organic castile soap and hot steamy baths to find pain relief. Dr. Bronner's soap has many uses and if you aren't familiar with this fantastic soap, let me introduce you with my review of Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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