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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Review of Crib and Change Table in One - The Graco Remi 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

Crib Change Table Combination
Photo by

Consider a crib-change-table combination for smaller rooms. This crib measures 29.53 inches deep, 35.94 inches high, by 71.77 inches wide. It offers three drawers, a drawer below the crib, a change-table, side-shelf storage, converts to a daybed and full bed.

Last week we discussed a lovely wall decal mommy selected for her baby's room, and this week we'll review the crib. 

There's a mommy-to-be in our family, and she's in the process of setting up for the precious bundle's scheduled arrival in August.

Crib Solution for a Smaller Room

The future baby's room is not large. It does feature a large step-in closet that can fit multiple dressers; however, the room itself is on the smaller side.

We love maximizing space in small rooms, so coming up with practical, useable pieces was a fun adventure. 

The first consideration mommy-to-be had was choosing a crib that would fit the room and solve multiple functional solutions. 

Crib Change Table Combination With Storage

This particular crib is a crib and change-table and comes with four drawers and a side-storage area.

Here's a photo of the full front of the crib. There are three drawers below the changing table and a full drawer below the crib.

Note that the mattress and bedding are sold separately. 

Crib Photo by - Crib-Change-Table Combination

There's a drawer below the crib and three drawers below the change-table. As you can see from the photo below, the drawers are a good size. The drawers slide easily and are ideally located below the baby's changing station. 

If mommy and daddy-to-be are into a simple, modern look and feel, this crib checks those boxes with its crisp lines. There are no dips, groves, or curves, except for the slight curves on the top rails and the pullout handle areas. The barely visible curves add a little pizzazz to this contemporary design. 

Plenty of Storage Inside Each Drawer of This Crib Change Table Combo
Photo by

Three Drawers and a Change Table

Plenty of Storage with This Crib-Change-Table Combination
Photo by

Check Out the Extra Side-Storage

Not only do you have four drawers total in the front, but you also get two deep storage areas on the side of the crib. This spot is ideal for whatever you want; diapers, creams, lotions, and more. 

If your room is small, this crib provides a lovely place for the baby to sleep, plenty of storage, and a changing station. This crib also works for those who live in small apartments or prefer to add a crib to mommy and daddy's room.

Extra Side Storage for this Crib Change Table Combination
Photo by

With extra side storage, you can place changing supplies in two spots giving you the option of diapering the baby from two angles, either from the front or the side. 

This Crib Changes Into a Daybed, Then The Railings Can Be Used for a Headboard and Footboard for a Full Bed

This crib will last the baby for several years. When it comes time to change the crib into a full bed, you'll need to get the mattress and another piece to hook the mattress on. We've yet to get to that stage, so we're unable to attest to that particular feature.

Great Choice For Mom's Who Aren't On the Taller Side

I'm Nana, and I'm 5'6.5" tall, and this crib is a good size for me. Mommy is 5'2" in height, and it's ideal for her as well. 

Back "in my day," the crib I had was higher, and you had to drop the railing to reach the baby. It did provide an option to raise the mattress very high up, so lowering the railing wasn't necessary for those newborn days. 

This crib is designed lower, so there are no railings to be lowered and no need for that option.

Extra Tips

Grandpa put this crib together while mommy-to-be read some of the comments in the reviews about the trouble a few people had putting it together. Grandpa had no trouble; however, he did offer up this piece of advice; don't skip any steps, take your time, and follow the instructions carefully as written.

The crib comes in various colors and is in and out of stock from time to time. We purchased via Amazon Canada since that's where we live. 

Available on Amazon:

By the way, it's a girl!

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Sunday, February 7, 2021

Review of Blackout Window Panel Drapes - Highly Recommended

A Review of Room Darkening Drapes - Yes. Recommended.

 Let me start this review by getting right to the point; I highly recommend these blackout drapes.

My son selected them for his recently re-vamped bedroom.  Actually, I suggested them (based on reviews and price), and he said "what-ev." Lol. Boys ... I've raised four of them, so I can safely say they are men of few words. However, few words or not, he loves these drapes.

The Nicetown Blackout Window Panels do exactly what they advertise they do - they blackout the light. 

These Drapes Completely Block the Morning Sun

My son's room faces east, so it gets the full morning sun. Certainly, that's a lovely feature when you're awake, not so much when you're trying to sleep.

In the morning, while he was still sleeping, I opened his door expecting to see some sunlight, and to my surprise, there was zero light in the room.

Honestly, I was shocked. I expected there to be some faded light peeking through, but nope, nothing. His room was night-time dark in the morning.

He said, and I quote, "it was so dark, I had to check my clock and was shocked that it was noon." He enjoyed his morning sleep-in. 

Closed Room Darkening Drapes in My Son's Room

How Many Panels Do You Need for a Window

I'm a bit fussy about having too little drape for a window.

My son's window, from outside frame to outside frame, both width, and height, measures 51 inches by 51 inches. However, from the top of the curtain rod to the bottom of the window, the measurement is 54 inches long. 

The choices in size widths are 29, 42, and 70. The length choices are 18, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 84, and 90 inches. 

To ensure proper window coverage, we purchased two sets of the 42 by 63-inch drapes. Thus we have four panels; two panels on each side.

We decided on the slightly longer measurement of 63 inches versus the 54-inch length for fear that the 54-inch drape would be slightly short, and allow the light to peek through.

To completely block the light, make sure the drape seams (where each drape meets) are pulled so that you can't see the window at all. Otherwise, the morning light might peek through.

The finished look of the drapes - open - two sets of drapes

Affordability? Absolutely

We were able to cover this window for under $75 (Canadian). The curtain rod was already installed; just the drapes had to be replaced.

How Many Colors Do These Drapes Come In?

Lots. Lots of colors. When I last checked, there were about 20 colors to choose from.

Would We Rebuy These Drapes?

Yes. In fact, my first granddaughter is due to arrive in August, and we're planning on choosing a set for her room. They're ideal for a nursery since they completely block the morning and day light. 

Check out the bedding we selected for his room here. The bedding is also good value for the money.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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