Sunday, March 6, 2022

Five Stars For This Cozy Warm Micromink Sherpa Blanket

I've ordered two of these blankets for my friend over the past three years.

Her very loved kitty-kat claimed the first blanket I sent. Apparently, her sweet furbaby loved the softness and warmth of the blanket.

Unfortunately, my friend's loved pet reached the end of her life not too long ago. Since her kitty loved the blanket so much, my friend buried her with it. Awe, so hard.

As most of us know, the passing of a loved pet isn't easy to get over, and my friend is no exception. She's still grieving. 

To help her a little, I decided to send her this exact blanket again so she could wrap herself up and remember her missed furbaby.

Features of the Mircomink Sherpa Throw Blanket

  • Available in 34 different colors or patterns
  • Comes in many sizes; Throw, King, Queen, and Twin
  • It's durable, is 100% Polyester
  • It's reversible - Fur white on one side, soft Mircomink on the other
  • It's wrinkle-resistant, so it always looks nice, even after washing
  • Yes, you can wash it in the laundry machine
  • Use it as a lovely bedspread!
The Best Gift When You Don't Know What to Buy

Blankets are one of my favorite go-to gifts. A throw blanket can be used just about anywhere. Here are some ideas:
  • As a throw for the family room
  • A warm bedspread for the cottage
  • A throw for an outdoor sporting event
  • Keep one in the car for added warmth when traveling
  • In your home office for those long cold nights of endless work
  • Over a chair for quick access to a throw
  • To add warmth, color, and texture to a basement recreation room
  • In baby's room on the rocking chair for those nights, baby needs extra soothing
  • For the back patio swing and outdoor furniture
My friend has attested that she loves this blanket, so I confidently recommend it.

I've purchased this purple (plum) sherpa blanket twice, available on Amazon here.

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  1. I have a similar blanket I love. I keep it in the living room for those cold nights when you need something warm over your legs while lazing on the couch. My grandsons also like to cuddle with it when they visit. So sweet of you to gift your friend with this Sherpa blanket - twice!

    1. Ms. Elf one of my sons has a blanket fettish, lol, we are always getting him blankets (he sure is stocked up on them) - I can understand why your grandsons cuddle up with your cozy blanket; there's nothing better when visiting grandma :)

  2. What a beautiful blanket! I do enjoy receiving gifts that have a duel purpose. I have blankets in every room of our home. I tend to stay cold and frequently need a blanket for warmth. Plus, they really are lovely decor and a great way to add a touch of color to any room.

    1. and so many colors to choose from, lol - I almost want to purchase another one for our family room (even though I have one)

  3. Oh Barbara that is so pretty in the plum, but the other shades that it is available in are also interesting. What a lovely gift that would be for anyone who you want to wrap up in a hug. I can just see myself doing just that. Thanks for this lovely gift idea.

  4. Barbara, I love throw blankets and have several all over the house, not only because they are very attractive but also because I tend to get chilly, especially at night, even during warm weather. I also am extremely tactile, so I gravitate towards fabrics with a silky soft “hand.” The reversible sherpa/minky microfleece throw blanket you gave to your friend twice is lovely and was an extremely thoughtful and greatly appreciated gift on both occasions. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  5. Thanks for the recommendation - we need blankets practically year round - love all the pattern and color combos!

  6. So many patterns and colors to chooses from. I always have to have my blanket for those chilly nights while watching television. this blanket looks so cozy and warm. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. I adore blankets like these! Our living room is full of cushions and blankets and general cosiness. I gravitate towards blankets that are soft to the touch so Sherpa blankets are perfect. I think they look lovely as home decor and of course are very practical if its cold to wrap up in. I also keep a blanket in the car. They are perfect for a gift for many occasions.


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