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Nice Fingernails Don't Have To Be Difficult to Achieve! A Product Review

Have you ever just finished polishing your nails and then got an itch somewhere?  What happens?  You scratch and ruin all the hard work you just did trying to get your nails looking pretty!  There is a certain amount of "drying time" needed to keep that polish you just applied, looking as good as it should. 

painting fingernails


Then to add to your misery, you have to remove all that polish that you just mucked up without messing the other hand that you didn't scratch with!  Unless you have three arms, you know that this is just about impossible to do! 

No wonder so many women  have given up on having nice looking nails, or they pay the price to go to a nail salon and have someone do their nails for them.

Now personally I have done that too!  Paying someone to do your nails for you is pricey!  You have to be careful that the nail salon you go to is clean, sanitized and not spreading diseases (fungus especially).  I have had more than one friend end up with an infection in their fingernails because of less than perfect sanitary conditions in a salon they used.  That is truly adding insult to injury!  

Color Street Nail Strips to the rescue!

When you are the master of your own manicures, you don't have to worry about the conditions of the salon!  If you follow, I know you have seen Margaret Schindel's write ups on good nail health and the best tools to keep your nails looking good ( (  These are very important and if you have daughters, it's a great way to teach them how to take care of their hands and nails.  Good health involves taking care of all your body parts!  It's also a great way to have some fun and spend some quality time with your girls!  Make it a Saturday or Sunday night date to have those hands and nails looking lovely for the whole week to come!

Color Street Nail Strips are relatively new on the market.  They are NOT artificial nails that you paste on your own fingers, but rather they are fully cured nail polish strips that you place right on your own fingernails.  What makes these nail polish strips so nice is that they are dry immediately after application.  No time is needed to dry the polish before you can scratch your nose or ears or any other parts that could itch.  So no way to muck up the freshly applied color.

I have put these nail strips on my own fingers and after a few minutes, washed and dried dishes and then  gone for a swim!   Amazingly these nail strips stayed put, and lasted on my fingers for over two weeks without peeling, cracking or chipping.  They are incredibly strong and beautiful!

Margaret also does some amazing manicures using Color Street Nail Strips either in one set or sometimes mixing different sets to make something truly unique and lovely.  Just take a look at this manicure she did:

nice fingernails

I love the combination of these three different sets of  nail strips.  

Let me explain a little more about these strips:

  • each set contains 16 real nail polish strips  (sized for the average nail beds)
  • each set comes with an alcohol pad to make sure your nails are oil free pre application
  • a small emery board to help with removing the excess nail strip
This is what they look like when you receive them:

color street nails
And this is what is inside each package:
color street nail strips

When you open the package right up, you will find easy to follow instructions on how to apply these strips to your own nails.
instructions for applying color street nail strips

You can see for yourself that there are only 5 easy steps to applying these nail strips to your fingernails.  Once they are on, you don't have to wait for anything to dry.  You literally can get up and go!  

I know that this is one of the things my other half likes the best, no waiting 10 to 15 minutes for nail polish to dry before you can do anything else.  Those critical minutes when all of your efforts can go up in smoke!  It just doesn't happen with Color Street!

The other part I love is that there are so many choices.  I happen to love glitter and Color Street offers 17 different glitter strips and 4 Prism FX strips (holographic glitter).  There is even a "Glitter Dipped" overlay that makes your nails look like they are dripping with shiny sparks of color.  

But for my more tame days, I can choose from 30 different solid colors too!  Or two different French Manicures.  

Special occasions, no problem, there are 14 different nail art designs (it makes your nails look like someone did some fantastic paintings right there on your fingers).

That is a lot of choices!  Can you just imagine how many bottles of polish you would need to have in order to have all these choices?  

A friend of mine loves mermaids, so there is even an overlay for her and 5 other overlays that change up a plain color to something amazing. The combinations are endless.  Use your imagination and creativity to create something special that is yours and yours alone.

color street colors

color street nail strips

If you want to know more about Color Street, please feel free to leave me a message in the comments!  You can also see the whole catalogue of colors and styles available on my website!  I'd be pleased to be of any assistance to you!  Color Street is available through the website in the USA and Canada without any problems!

Here's to lovely hands and even prettier nails!  Believe it or not, little things like nice hands can make a difference in how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you!  It's a little thing, but, it is important to give that totally polished (no pun intended)  and put together look.

friends banner

Thank you Margaret Schindel for your permission to use your lovely manicure picture!

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  1. Amazing to see how many different looks you can achieve with these Color Street strips. It looks like the choices are endless. Thanks for the information, Olivia.

    1. You are so welcome Pat, yes the choices make it possible to be a real artist with your own manicure designs!

  2. The Color Street Nail Strips look like a lot of fun to wear and so easy to use! I was never very good at the "waiting" game required for nail polish, so being able to move to the next thing as soon as the strips are applied is rather important. Plus, I love that they last for up to 2 weeks. That is a huge plus in my opinion. There really are some fabulous and beautiful colors & designs with Color Street.

    1. Miss Mouse I could not believe it when the strips I put on lasted that long. Whenever I would "polish" my nails the old fashioned way, I was lucky if they weren't chipped after 2 days! It was not worth the trouble. Plus I would always muck up at least one nail. My husband hated having to help me undo that one that I mucked up. Now I don't need to bother him with this at all!

  3. Replies
    1. You are welcome Mary Beth. It really is an interesting and new way to get a nice manicure without spending BIG BUCKS!

  4. Thank you for all these wonderful tips on how to have lovely nails! I do not have great nails at the mo due to a lot of DIY projects going on, but I have a dream of beautiful nails one day. Love the Color Street strips, the colours and designs are lovely and how long they last is a real bonus.

    1. I agree Jasmine. The long lasting effects of these Nail Strips really makes them a winner in my books!

  5. Olivia, as you know, I am a huge fan of Color Street nail polish strips! Thanks so much for including one of my Color Street manicures in your post, as well as the links to my in-depth articles on the best nail care tools and how to grow long, strong, beautiful nails. I love the creative possibilities that Color Street nail polish strips provide, and designing manicures with different combinations of polish strips and overlays, as well as using decorative craft scissors and mini craft punches, has become a weekly hobby. Great introduction to this terrific line!

  6. Thank you Margaret for your permission to use your beautiful manicure idea in my post. I appreciated your reviews on taking care of our nails and growing them as well. They are full of really good information for everyone. Even the men in our lives could sometimes use help with their nails, although not many would need the Nail Strips. Good information is always a bonus. So thank you too!

  7. These are fantastic - the sample you sent looks amazing on my daughter-in-laws hands - I love these - my fingers and hands are something I've never fussed with (not my best feature!) - but I'm truly considering giving them a try at some point - thanks for sample, awesome!

    1. So happy that she enjoyed them. New moms need some love sometimes. Plus Barb, these are great gifts that would fit into an envelope or a Christmas stocking too!


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