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The Ace of Hearts: A Regency Romance - Larkhall Letters Book 1 Review

The Ace of Hearts
I've only read a few Regency romance novels and I don't remember ever recommending one in the past. While they are clearly romantic fiction, which is my preferred genre, there is no guarantee they will be clean and wholesome.  When I search for a new book, I have learned to use the term "clean and wholesome" and have had much greater success finding a romantic fiction book that doesn't include graphic sex.

I've seen Regency romance novels in the "clean and wholesome" search results, but past experience has made me hesitate to choose one again. However, when I saw "The Ace of Hearts" was included in my KindleUnlimited membership, I felt I had nothing to lose if I tried a Regency romance again.  After all, I could stop reading if it became too racy and know that I had not spent a dime on the novel.  I'm really glad I gave that genre another chance!

I love historical fiction and thanks to Pride and Prejudice, I am very fond of the British Regency era depicted in books, especially if the book includes a touch of humor. While I am fascinated by the aristocracy, I admit I am glad I don't live under their rigid rules and expectations for women.  The "Larkhall Letters" book series reminds me, once again, to be grateful that I was not subject to an arranged marriage because my family estate needed an infusion of cash, or because someone was in the right social class.

In "The Ace of Hearts", Alice Rosemeyer went to great lengths and engaged in socially unacceptable activity in order to avoid her stepfather's arrangement for her marriage and life.  Given her circumstances, I'm sure I would have been inclined to run away too.


The Ace of Hearts Book Synopsis

 The Ace of Hearts: A Regency Romance
(Larkhall Letters Book 1)
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Alice thought she had found a way out of having to marry her stepfather's choice when she and her step-brother, Isaac, colluded to help Isaac win the heart of a wealthy heiress, Diana Herring.  He had agreed to use some of Diana's dowry to setup a dowry for Alice that would attract a more desirable gentleman for her to wed.  Alice's hopes, along with her stepbrother's hopes, were dashed when his hopeful bride's brother refused Isaac as a suitor for Diana. 

While Thomas Herring may have made a very wise decision for his sister, Diana, that decision made Alice desperate to devise another way to gain her independence.  Without telling anyone, including her stepbrother, she made plans for her and her younger sister, Louisa, to visit a friend in another city for the summer.  Bridget Northcott was excited to have the two Rosemeyer sisters join her at Larkhall and was more than happy to introduce them to prospects, which happened to be her brothers friends and guests for the summer.  Surely the sisters would catch the eye of a more desirable suitor.  

But, Alice did not wish to be bound by matrimony. She much preferred the idea of being independent and able to provide for herself and her sister if necessary.  When she found a like-minded ally, as well as financial backing, in Diana's aunt, she was thrilled to consider a different future.  It was one, however, that would require careful planning and anonymity. Together, they made a plan.

Thus, the Ace of Hearts was established and open for business!


My Conclusion

I found this to be a delightful read that occasionally made me laugh. I could easily envision the characters as described by Ashtyn Newbold. Their actions, unusual, yet creative schemes, and antics were rather entertaining.  Plus, the parlor games were quite amusing! 

This is one Regency Romance Novel I can highly recommend! I look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series.

Larkhall Letters - A Regency Romance Series

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  1. It sounds like you have discovered the perfect romance novel series in this set of Regency Romances, Sylvestermouse. Thanks for your review.

  2. Being a maverick myself, I always enjoy characters who buck the norms. I would not have done well in such confining societies and times. Too independent! Sounds like a winning series. Always great to be able to sample books for free until you find just the right author and series. Well done!

  3. I really enjoy many Regency romance authors, although I much prefer those whose depictions of intimate scenes are suggestive, rather than graphic, and don’t put me in the position of unwilling voyeur (as so many of these novels seem to do).

    One of the reasons I enjoy Regency romances is that the authors I favor create strong, smart, plucky heroines who use their wits, courage and, sometimes, desperation to determine their own futures despite the apparent powerlessness of their positions in that male- and class-dominated society. The Ace of Hearts sounds like a book I would love.

    Thanks so much for the wonderful review and recommendation. I’m so glad it’s part of a series!

  4. Like you Miss Sylvestermouse, I don't go in for graphic, sexually explicit reading materials and I'm happy to know that there is a great series out there for me to enjoy. I also like books with great characters and this sounds like it has that too! Thank you for this recommendation and my list of reading material is growing yet again.

  5. Historical fiction is one of the number one topics in book categories right now. I can't believe how popular it is - actually I can - it's right up my alley. Sounds like a good book - and yes, graphic, nasty, explicit content is not my thing either.

  6. The Ace of Hearts sounds good - and I do love period dramas! Nice tip to search for 'clean and wholesome'.

  7. I love the sound of this book and would enjoy reading it. I appreciate your search tip. It sounds clean, wholesome, romantic, historical and Alice sounds like a courageous and determined lady. I do like a novel where there is good strong character development. Great as it is part of a series too :) Thank you for your recommendation!


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